A love spell on a cigarette

March 27, 2018 Magic

How many mankind exists, as much exists and magic. Magic rituals, accompanied by rock and natural drawings, spells, conspiracies, singing, dancing, ritual ceremonies, arose at the dawn of civilization, and on all continents and all nations, without exception. At all times there were shamans, sor...

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Top 10 most unusual libraries in the world

June 24, 2018 Top 10

The library is not always a quiet and boring place. Some similar institutions are so amazing that they should be told in detail. Top 10 most unusual libraries in the world: 1. "The Library Resort" is a hotel, but not quite normal. Here you can relax not only physically, but mentally, sp...

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Neurotoxicosis, symptoms and treatment

June 24, 2018 Disease Treatment

Neurotoxicosis is toxic encephalopathy, the most frequent variant of toxicosis in children, in which neurological disorders predominate against the background of progressive deficiencies in peripheral hemodynamics;the most typical;variant of the course of the generalized reaction period. Most oft...

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