Infertility, infertility treatment in women

May 23, 2018 Medicine

Since is one of the main etiological factors of female infertility are inflammatory diseases of the genitalia of different prescription, the treatment should be mainly aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process and its consequences. Methods for treating obstruction of the fallopian tub...

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Infertility in men

May 14, 2018 Medicine

Infertility in men manifests itself as an inability to fertilize, regardless of the possibility of sexual intercourse. Like female infertility, male infertility can be divided into absolute and relative .Absolute infertility - testicular aplasia, azoospermia( absence of spermatozoa), aspermia...

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Causes of female infertility

April 29, 2018 Medicine

Female infertility can be caused by diseases of the genital area, and extragenital: chronic infections and intoxication, industrial hazards, etc. The causes of infertility in women can also be metabolic disorders( diabetes, obesity, etc.), malnutrition and vitamin deficiency, a constant nervouste...

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