Proper care of your favorite robe

May 04, 2018 Linen

Attractive, practical, bath - it becomes your favorite clothes in the morning or late evening. But after a while, such clothes can lose an aesthetic appearance. How correctly to look after a dressing gown? What should I look for before buying? How to save the seasonal model? The answers ...

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Underwear: how to wear pajamas?

May 02, 2018 Linen

Women's pajamas can be the most diverse - strict and comfortable or sexy, smart and even provocative. So that you can with pleasure and comfort wear pajamas, you should know how to choose this underwear. This underwear, how to wear pajamas, so that it was as comfortable as possible, ...

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How to choose socks and socks

May 03, 2018 Linen

Stylists give useful advice on how to choose golfs so that they are ideally suited to their hostess. Choosing socks and golf for women and girls When choosing such hosiery, you need to consider the purpose of their purchase. It is known that there are classic, decorative, warm, t...

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