Masturbation in girls

May 29, 2018 Pediatrics

Some information about masturbation .Systematic implementation of the rules of personal hygiene serves as a background and a guarantee of successful sexual education. At all age stages, the girl should be protected from erotic experiences leading to impulsive attempts to induce such feelin...

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Genital inflammation in girls and adolescents

February 15, 2019 Pediatrics

Etiology of genital inflammation .Unlike adult women, in girls we rarely deal with the localization of inflammation in the internal genital organs;inflammatory process is localized mainly in the external genital parts. The occurrence of vulvitis and vaginitis due to a number of anatomical and ph...

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Genital genital infantilism, treatment

January 20, 2019 Pediatrics

Genital or genital infantilism, ascertained at the age of over 15 years in individuals with a female genotype, is characterized by anatomical and histological underdevelopment of the genital organs and their hypofunction. If sexual infantilism is accompanied by general infantilism( and this happe...

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The first months in girls, menarche

July 06, 2018 Pediatrics

First monthly - menarche .Special attention should be paid to the time of the onset of menarche, which, according to modern data, occurs usually at the age of 12-14. There is the concept of gynecological age , which is calculated after years of menarche;it, thus, can be considered one of th...

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