How to drive a guy crazy?

June 19, 2018 Relations

Since time immemorial, the opinion has been formed that hunters and conquerors of hearts are only males, but the girls are only victims and deserved prey. But, the modern pace of life brings in all its adjustments and already lovely, gentle and airy creatures - girls, go hunting and begin to fig...

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How to attract a man

June 15, 2018 Relations

Beautiful appearance, stylish clothes and fashionable hairstyle mean a lot for a woman. It's not for nothing that most people still believe that they meet people by their clothes. However, if a beautiful wrapper is all that a fair-sex woman has, it is unlikely that she will be able to draw a...

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How to make a man obey you

June 14, 2018 Relations

There are women whom men are ready to wear on their hands, fulfill any whims, give expensive gifts. It would seem that the main thing here is love: if it is, then for the beloved one can turn mountains. But the actions of some men are driven not only by the feeling of love -...

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What movie about love to watch - top 10

June 13, 2018 Relations

The wife of a time traveler. This is a kind love story, and even with an unbroken storyline. At the core is a dramatic love story, which by virtue of circumstances is sometimes happy or unhappy. And the circumstances are more than weighty - the protagonist travels in time, as he ...

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How to return the guy you love

June 12, 2018 Relations

Disorders, breaks in relationships are not uncommon. There can be many reasons for this. As a rule, awareness of the deed, analysis of actions and the detection of errors come after the break. If the bright feelings for the guy are still strong, you do not want to lose an ex...

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How to make a guy fall in love with you

June 10, 2018 Relations

What is love? The answer is simple and at the same time complicated, as life itself is a state of mind. And because the feeling of being in love is a "state", then it is possible to cause it artificially. How to make a guy fall in love with you, and is it possible? Yes, it is possible. In order ...

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How to put a suction

May 31, 2018 Relations

A suck can be called a kiss, after which a bruise remains on the body. Strictly speaking, this is not the one full of tenderness and love, a sign of attention from a partner, which is usually called a kiss. A bloody spot somewhere on the neck, which then will take all the colors of the rainbow, ...

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What should be the guy

May 27, 2018 Relations

Find the perfect guy - is not this the dream of every single lone woman, regardless of age? To meet a beautiful prince on a white horse everyone strives: someone has a clear list of requirements, someone dreams of a guy who looks like the ideals of childhood - father, grandfather or brother, and...

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On what topics you can talk to a guy

May 26, 2018 Relations

In life there are cases when you do not know how you can talk to a stranger. And it's very necessary to speak, because you liked this young man, but in a minute he will disappear in the crowd, and you will never see him again. In principle, just talking or asking any questio...

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If a man looks into the eyes

May 26, 2018 Relations

During the day we meet hundreds and thousands of times with other people: on the streets, in the metro, with sellers in the store, with family members and colleagues. .. This eye contact is often fleeting, diffused, not expressing certain emotions. A special, exciting case is if a...

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