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Sensitive and overly dried facial skin needs additional nourishment and hydration. Many women who are faced with similar problems are looking for different solutions and want to get noticeable improvements as soon as possible. What means are not given preference. The range is great: from medicinal herbs and other products, home-made products to modern creams, procedures in expensive beauty salons. But few people know that in the care of appearance can be used forgotten by the current generation of tools that were well known to our grandmothers. The mask with castor oil can work wonders with skin.

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Interesting facts about castor

Castor oil is obtained from a tall lush plant called castor ordinary, grown in Africa. On this continent, it is used to treat many skin diseases, including intractable( psoriasis and eczema).The peculiarity of the oil extracted from the plant is that it does not dry out and does not form films on its surface.

Thanks to these properties, cast

or oil is widely used in the food industry, medicine( for ointments and balms, as a laxative for the intestines and a firming agent for hair), everyday life( for the care of footwear and clothing, skin products), and also cosmetology.

Benefits of

If you apply castor oil in the care of your appearance, you can significantly improve the condition of the skin, prolong the youthfulness of the cells. As a cosmetic tool, castorca performs the following functions:

  • moisturizes;
  • feeds;
  • cleans;
  • softens;
  • eliminates toxins;
  • soothes;
  • removes inflammation;
  • disinfects.


All parts of castor bean are poisonous to humans and animals. Therefore, it is necessary to be extremely careful with it in order not to provoke extensive poisoning. Uncontrolled use of parts of the stem, leaves or seeds of a plant can even be fatal.

Often poisoning is accompanied by rapid heartbeat, severe dizziness, vomiting, and colic. That is why the use of castor oil should be literate. The product can not be used for too long. And if in the process of application there are any symptoms of general malaise, you should immediately stop the therapy and consult a specialist.

Small doses of oil in combination with other components are harmless and, of course, beneficial.

Cleansing the skin with castor

To clean the skin of the cheekbones, chin, forehead, a face mask with castor oil is used without any impurities. It is possible not only to give the skin additional nutrition, but also to moisten the deep layers of tissues. However, the following precautions should be taken:

  • should not be applied to open, inflamed wounds;
  • skin must be clean and dry;
  • must be clearly maintained with the prescribed dosage.

Multicomponent mask

If there is a need to do deep cleansing, you need to mix several types of oils at once: hemp, olive, castor and flax. The mixture is heated on low heat and warm applied to problem areas. Oil should be rubbed in until rolling lumps begin to form( this will remove dust and grease from the pores).After that, the agent should remain on the skin for about 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with contrasting water.

Salt solution

The following castor oil mask is very effective. The main ingredient remains the same, but sea salt or soda is added to it( after preheating)( only 3 grams will be needed).The resulting mass should be applied to the skin, then with the help of a sponge rub into the dermis. This will clean the pores well.

Honey Compound The following face mask with castor oil has proven itself well. In its composition there is flower honey. One spoon of golden nectar is heated in a water bath and mixed with two spoons of castor oil. The mixture is applied warm. It is important that the layer is dense and thick. Honey draws out good toxins and dead cells, but castor bean provides additional moisture. This mask must be kept for half an hour.

Face whitening

Castor oil extract perfectly whitens the skin, and in combination with some other components it can work wonders.

Castor oil mask with parsley and egg

For cooking, you will need two parts of fresh parsley juice, one part butter and one egg white. The mass should be heated to a pleasant temperature. In it the cut of gauze or bandage is moistened and superimposed on problem areas. The compress remains on the face for 40 minutes, after which it is gently washed off. Regular use of this mask from castor oil removes freckles, cleans pores and maintains tone during the cold season.

Fruit and Berry Vegetable Mix

Castorca, orange juice, strawberry puree and cucumber juice are taken in equal proportions. All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the face. After 20 minutes, the mixture is washed with warm water.

It is important to remember that castor oil extractor is an ideal moisturizer, so it can be successfully used not only to restore the life of the dermis, but also to treat hair, nails and even eyelashes, eyebrows. Good results gives a mask for eyelashes from castor oil, which nourishes the cells, stimulates their growth.

It is possible to correct cardinally appearance, but it will not work, but it will be possible to support the body, to give its natural data more expressiveness.

An interesting video recipe for a night mask with castor oil

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