Currant Face Mask: Effective Cosmetic from Your Own Garden

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It is not difficult to find currants on the backyards of the middle strip. An unpretentious, actively fruiting shrub pleases the entire second half of summer with ripe bunches of berries. The uses of this gift of nature are many - juices and fruit drinks, pastries, desserts. This is not counting the use of fresh. There will be a place for her and on the dressing table: a currant facial mask will perfectly tighten the skin and refresh the color at a penny cost for the preparation of the product.

  • Curly properties of currants
  • Currants in home cosmetology
  • Features of black currants
  • Advantages of red
  • White properties
  • Berry rules for homemade masks
  • Recipes for facial masks from currant

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  • Recipes for facial masks from currants
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  • Recipes for facial masks from currants
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  • Curtains for currantsred and white. Such varieties unlike each other differ in taste and chemical composition. Different types of currant facial masks solve different skin problems.

    Features of black currant

    A large opaque berry, reaching full ripeness, becomes almost black. It is in this state that it is ready for use. In black currants, compared with other varieties, the smallest amount of acids, it is easy to determine even the taste. Accordingly, this type of berry is perfect for skin, which in no case should be dried out:

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    • weathered and damaged;
    • prone to the formation of wrinkles;
    • dry.

    If you look at the chemical composition of this berry, it seems that it was specially created by nature to solve the problems of fading skin. The citrus content, even exceeding the vitamin C content in combination with other trace elements, makes black currant juice a unique anti-aging remedy. In addition, it reduces the brightness of pigment spots, disinfects and heals, helps to restore water circulation.

    Benefits of red

    A face mask with a red currant can be a daily remedy for owners of oily skin. This variety is rich in trace elements and minerals. Potassium, magnesium and iron, which the red currant contains more than any other berry, strengthens the surface of the epidermis, smoothing the friability visually and actually. Regular wiping of the face with a tampon dipped in red currant juice will even out the color and give a gentle healthy glow. The composition is effective for removing unhealthy redness of the nose in smokers and reduce the brightness of the venous network passing close to the skin surface.

    Properties of white

    White or slightly pinkish currant berries of this variety are sometimes mistaken for undemanding red. This is a mistake; white is an independent variety. In home cosmetology, a mask of berries of this color is used to normalize sweating and relieve swelling. The lack of risk to dye the skin when applying white currant juice on the face allows you to use this tool just before going to people.

    The lotions from the juice under the eyes for 5 minutes will remove the bags and visual signs of fatigue and lack of sleep. Masks are suitable for oily, combination and normal skin. There is no age limit, as the berry does not differ in excess acid.

    Rules for harvesting berries for home masks

    To prepare homemade cosmetics, currants are used fresh, frozen or dry. For summer, the first option is optimal, as the least time consuming. It is enough to sort out the collected berries, separating the fruits damaged or covered with bloom. Unfunished are also discarded as unfit. Easy rinsing is enough for the raw material to be ready for use.

    In order to have an effective face mask always available in the winter, the currant is pre-frozen. Before this procedure, the berries are sorted, as in the first case, separated from the stem, washed and dried in a napkin. It is better to freeze it in portions of several berries so that to prepare the mask you do not have to defrost the entire volume of the prepared raw materials. Frozen berries before adding to the mask are heated in a natural way: a microwave or the acceleration of thawing with hot water will reduce the content of useful substances.

    By the way, raw materials can not only be frozen, but also dried. Drying of berries that were moved and not separated from the branches should be natural. Brushes spread on paper require regular inspection and removal of rotting berries. But from the raw material prepared in this way, not only currant masks can be made, but also homemade scrubs, by grinding the dried berries in a coffee grinder.

    Currant Face Mask Recipes

    • Anti-inflammatory

    Currant anti-acne mask prepared from fresh or frozen berries. A minced or transferred black currant is mixed with a spoonful of liquid honey and a few drops of lemon. The slurry is applied to the inflamed area for 15 minutes, then rinsed with warm water.

    • Against freckles

    Pressed red currant juice is added to non-sweetened curd. For better application, you can dilute the mixture with cream or milk to a creamy consistency. Efficacy is visible after 2-3 treatments at weekly intervals.

    • Matting for oily skin

    Ingredients include cottage cheese, honey, and red or white currant juice in equal proportions. The mixture is diluted with three spoons of strong infusion of green leaf tea. The mask is applied at bedtime for 15-20 minutes.

    • Rejuvenating

    Black currant gruel mixed in equal proportions with olive or linseed oil. The mask is applied to the face and neck with massaging movements. After 20 minutes, the composition is washed off with warm water.

    Affordable and low price of currants allows you to enjoy its benefits all year round. Timely procurement of raw materials will allow you to always have on hand not only a delicious dessert, but also an effective cosmetic.

    By secret

    Our reader recommended a remedy that copes with wrinkles better than any “folk” mask and is not inferior in effective salon procedures: nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effect is noticeable after her third application.

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