Oatmeal face mask: the best formulations for acne and rejuvenation

January 12, 2019 09:45 | Face

Most of the products from which we prepare meals can be used to revitalize our hair and skin. After all, everything valuable in vegetables, fruits, cereals, benefits not only the stomach or waist, but can correct skin blemishes, improve the state of hair, etc. For example, oatmeal has such an ability. Even if you hate this mess, then the mask for the face of oatmeal, you will certainly appreciate the effectiveness and cleansing abilities.

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  • Strengthening hair “Hercules”
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Oats - the health of the body is a thing for a cardoatmeal masks recognize not only women who have tried on themselves various combinations of this tool, but even doctors. Not without reason, the leading cosmetic companies annually produce a series of various masks based on rolled oats, which means that its healing properties have been repeatedly tested
in the laboratory.

The main pride of oatmeal can be called β-glucan - a substance included in the list of the most powerful natural antioxidants. It is a mandatory component of anti-aging cosmetics, as it fights skin infections, blocks the path to UV light and enhances collagen synthesis. If you include masks of oatmeal in the face, then after a while the skin will tighten, the relief will become clearer and all sorts of spots and acne will disappear.

β-glucan contributes to the health of hair. It nourishes the hair follicles, restores the outer scaly layer, making it denser. From this hair becomes thicker, stops falling out and breakage.

In addition to β-glucan, oatmeal is rich in vitamin and mineral components. Among the most important are silicon, zinc, phosphorus, Vitamins E, B, Omega-6-fatty acids. Influencing the whole complex of biologically active substances, the mask of oatmeal heals the skin and hair not worse than the salon compositions, especially additional components that enhance the impact are added to it.

How to choose oatmeal for the mask

To make an oatmeal curative composition for the face, you need to pour it with hot water and leave it for 5-6 minutes for swelling. Next, add the rest of the ingredients.

When creating hair products, it is essential to grind oatmeal on a coffee grinder, since large flakes do not wash out well after the procedure.

Many sites recommend crushing oatmeal when creating masks for the skin, but this is not necessary. Just pasty mixture fits more closely to the face, rather than large particles.

It is best to buy oat-flakes without additional additives, since muesli contains components that are not used in masks( nuts, candied fruits, soaked with substances of chemical origin, etc.).If your skin is prone to allergies, then muesli can easily cause irritation. But pure oatmeal is absolutely anti-allergenic. It is suitable for people with any type of skin and hair.

Oatmeal Face Mask Options

Most often, oatmeal is used to correct face and neck skin. Before applying the composition of the skin is pre-cleaned and steamed using a hot compress. Heat expands the pores, contributing to better absorption of substances from the mask. The basis for a compress can be a terry towel or gauze. Moisten it in broth chamomile, calendula or boiled water. Pavda, to warm the face should not be those whose blood vessels are dilated and are close to the skin surface. It is recommended for such people to put the mask on just a cleansed face.

  • For inflammation and acne with soda

If your face is covered with red acne, acne, and your skin suffers from excessive fat, try normalizing it with a two-component mask, in which oatmeal is mixed with drinking soda. At 5 tbsp.spoons of rolled oats take a teaspoon of soda. Soda is introduced into oatmeal, which is already swollen with water, and immediately applied to the skin. Wait until the mixture is completely dry. Wash off without using soap.

  • Moisturizer for dry skin

If a person suffers from excessive dryness, try moistening it with the following mask: add a spoonful of natural honey and a spoonful of yogurt( without sugar) to 2 spoons of steamed oatmeal. You can add a couple of drops of essential oil to the composition penetrated deeper into the skin. Apply the mixture for half an hour or more, until finally absorbed.

Strengthening hair "Hercules"

Healing skin of the face, you can also pokoldovat over their own hair. With the help of oatmeal, the problems of fragility, tendency to loss, high fat content are solved. To create masks, you need to grind the oatmeal into flour, so that no large particles are left.

Vitamin A Restoring Mask To strengthen the hair follicles and stop the hair loss process, mix warm milk and oatmeal in equal proportions. Allow to swell, and then pour the retinol ampoule into it. It is sold in any pharmacy. Rub the mixture into the skin, wrap the hair in a bag and wrap it with a towel. An hour later, wash it off.

  • Means for the volume with yolks and rape

For thin, oily hair, oatmeal masks with the addition of yolks and rapeseed oil are recommended. Beat the yolks with a blender, inject oil there, stir well and add the last steamed flakes. If there is no rape, replace it with olive oil, but in the first one there are more polyunsaturated acids that strengthen the hair shafts.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for useful oatmeal masks. And if you want to look younger, in the morning take the oat-flakes inside, and in the evening - outside.

Video-recipe of cucumber and oatmeal masks

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