Masks to narrow pores on the face: how to prepare a mask at home

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According to cosmetologists, the most problematic for applying makeup is skin with dilated pores. You can mask the uneven complexion, cover up the spots and redness, but to smooth the holes on the nose and near it is very difficult. And the foundation, and powder, falling into the pores, as if falling through the inside, because of what the skin becomes like an old sponge. Special means are required here - masks for narrowing the pores on the face. They smooth the loose relief, tightening the skin and giving it elasticity.

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    Masks, which narrow the pores on the face, are one of the components of everyday care, whose effectiveness depends largely on the entire chain of procedures. If we neglect the elementary cleaning of the face, the mask's ingredients will not be able to break through the layer of dead cells, fat and dirt, and therefore, the effect of them will be minimal.

    Therefore, girls who dream of a

    beautiful face should learn a few rules for the care of porous skin:

    • Hot water for your pores is the enemy. It expands them even more.
    • No matter how tired you are - always wash your makeup before going to bed. And do it with special means, and not with soap and water.
    • In order not to clog the pores with dirt, which expands them even more, perform a soft peeling procedure every 2-3 days. Very effective and cheap is considered peeling of oatmeal. They are steamed, filled with boiling water, and after cooling they are mixed with the juice of 1 lemon.
    • Acne does not enlarge the pores, as they are a consequence, not a cause. On cleansed skin, the likelihood of acne is minimal. But if they still appear - do not squeeze.
    • Masks for narrowing the pores are applied only after cleansing the face, 3-4 times a week. On other days, they are replaced with tonic lotion and ice cubes.
    • Imposing cosmetics on uncleaned pores is the same as closing a tooth with tooth decay. Infection will develop from the inside, speeding up the aging process.

    Video budget review for narrowing the poresAt this time, the fruit is maximally saturated with fruit acids and does not contain harmful substances, with the help of which they prolong the shelf life. Shopping apples or oranges have a lesser effect, as they are torn off unripe, and after a couple of months, some of the beneficial vitamins are destroyed.

    Five of the most effective fruit formulations

    • Strawberry. Prepared in two versions: with egg white or starch. The berries are crushed with a fork and mixed with 1 tsp.starch or 1 fresh protein.
    • Grape. For it, use ripe berries of homemade grapes, transferred and mixed with egg white. You can use the juice, but in this case, add steamed oatmeal to the mask turned out viscous, not liquid.
    • Apple. A slurry of grated apples is applied immediately, until it is oxidized and darkened. Use sour varieties, as the percentage of fruit acid is higher.
    • Apricot. Apricots are suitable for its preparation, whose pulp is easily separated from the stone. Not recommended for girls with white skin, as it may give a shade of yellow.
    • Pear-Plum. The acid of the plum in combination with the cloying sweetness of a ripe pear gives an excellent mixture for restoring the relief of the face. To create one mask, narrowing the pores, enough halves of pears and 2-3 plums.

    Leveling agents with clay

    Compositions with the addition of different grades of clay are considered the second most popular masks for narrowing pores on the face. Usually, clay itself is not searched for in nature, but is bought ready-made at the pharmacy. The remaining components are added at home.

    Clay has a triple effect: cleans, tightens pores and whitens. So it can be called a universal cosmetic, prolonging the skin youth. Masks on the basis of clay offers each salon, but at home you can prepare a mixture not worse.

    Most often they mix with clay:

    • tomato flesh or juice just squeezed out of it;
    • decoction of linden flowers;
    • aloe juice;
    • green tea;
    • lemon juice.

    To achieve a good result, the mask should not have a very thick consistency. Optimally, if the mixture resembles toothpaste. More liquid will begin to drain from your face. Too thick - quickly dries out, not having time to give the skin useful components.

    Roughly masks of clay to narrow pores hold on the face for at least 20 minutes. At the same time control that the mixture is not dried. If necessary - sprinkle your face with water( use a spray gun!).You can also cover the mask on top with wet gauze or pieces of film.

    Making Masks at Home

    Most women struggle for the beauty of their face at home, without resorting to expensive cosmetologist services. If you intend to do it yourself, then remember a few conditions for the proper preparation of masks:

    • Ingredients should not be mixed in metal dishes, as they can react with the metal and form oxidation by-products. The best option - a clay cup and mortar. Can also be made of wood or porcelain.
    • Mask is prepared right before the procedure and does not store surplus. It is better to lay out a thick layer than to leave for later. Both fruit and clay lose a large percentage of useful substances during storage, and within a day the effect of the procedure will become half weaker.
    • Wash off the composition only with cool water to keep the skin in good shape.

    How to enhance the effect of

    If you have just begun to “feed” the skin of the face with healing masks that narrow the pores, do not expect an instant effect. For this you need to go through at least 5-6 procedures. True, you can speed up the process by adding a simple but effective means to the masks - fruit or grass ice.

    It is prepared simply: pour decoction of chamomile, calendula, linden, juice of various fruits and vegetables into ice molds and wait for this magnificence to harden. Then every day, in the morning and in the evening, wipe the skin with one of the ice cubes. The effect is amazing. No wonder such a tool used by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great.

    Rare girl has a naturally perfect skin, but it can be brought to an ideal state with the help of masks and constant care.

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