Mask of youth: how to return the face of beauty at home

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No matter how beautiful ladies try to hide the first signs of aging under makeup, the treacherous wrinkles still look through the layers of cream and powder. And the older the age, the more difficult it is to mask all the changes that appear on the face over the years. True, if you fight with wrinkles not from the outside, but from the inside, the effect will be much better. For example, the home mask of youth, which any woman outside the salon can do, hides years much more effectively than powder.

  • How do the youth mask
  • affect the skin? Face preparation
  • Two types of collagen mask templatesrelate to those cosmetic means that really fight age-related changes in the face, and not just hide them. After a series of home procedures, the face becomes younger and fresher, and this effect is noticeable without additional creams or serums.

    A similar result of the mask of youth is explained by its healing composition, in which there are certainly components containing collagen. It ha

    s long been established that it is collagen protein that is responsible for the firmness of the skin, its elasticity and a clear contour. In youth, the organism synthesizes it more than with its own, therefore all children and teenagers have such pink, glowing skin.

    But the older a person gets( especially after 30 years), the faster collagen fibers are destroyed. The body cannot develop the necessary amount of protein on its own, and if you do not start nourishing the skin from the outside, the age-related changes will not take long to wait. And if you consider that today's lifestyle does not contribute to health, the first wrinkles are already found in 20-year-old girls.

    Therefore, it is recommended to inject healing collagen masks for facial youth from the moment you find the first wrinkle on the forehead or in the nasolabial area.

    Face Preparation

    Regardless of whether you mix the composition yourself or buy a mask at the store, you need to prepare the skin for its application.

    • First, wash off all makeup and dirt using special cleansers or soap.
    • Secondly, stock up on a nourishing cream that you apply immediately after washing off the mask.
    • Thirdly, set aside at least half an hour for the procedure and at this time provide the person with complete rest.
    • Fourth, use only freshly prepared mixtures, and do not store them, but spread them on the face completely. If you have prepared too large portion - apply the remnants to the neck and decollete. They also lack collagen.
    • Fifth, use a special brush( and not hands!) For applying, and rinse it off with boiled warm water.

    Two types of collagen masks

    If you do not have the opportunity to acquire ready-made French masks of youth, as Ekaterina Andreeva and other media people do, then you can prepare a useful composition yourself. It will cost several times cheaper, although many folk remedies are not inferior to branded products in efficiency.

    At home, prepare 2 types of masks of youth. The first are based on collagen components purchased in pharmacies. At home, they are diluted with water or other substances before direct application. The latter are fully prepared by themselves, taking into account the type of skin and its problems. Consider the most effective formulations from both groups.

    From pharmacy drugs

    So, if you do not have time to buy all the necessary components for a mask, you just come to a pharmacy or a good cosmetics store and ask for collagen cloths or collagen powder.

    The easiest way to control napkins is to moisten them with warm water just before applying and apply on face. The frequency of procedures - 3 times a week.

    Important! You can not impose the same cloth twice, because in the first session all the nutrients will pass on the skin. Not only will the mask become useless, it can also harm your face. After the first session, there are particles of dirt and grease on your napkin that you couldn’t wash off before applying, and if you reapply, this garbage will return to the skin again. And if by this time a small wound appears on the face, then an infection can be obtained.

    Collagen powder differs from wipes by a more concentrated composition and additional ingredients. As a rule, except for the collagen itself, it includes vitamins. So the person simultaneously receives nourishment and restores the structure. Before use, the powder is diluted with water in the proportion indicated on the package. Just read carefully for what portion this volume of powder is calculated. Perhaps, for one time, a tenth of a package is enough for you. And once again - do not prepare the composition for the future. He has a very short shelf life!

    From natural components

    The second group of masks is renowned for its rich assortment, which includes such well-known "energizers and activators of youth", such as clay, algae, gelatin, essential oils, etc. Combining the components, you can create personal masks of youth at home that are betterjust affect your skin.

    Proven recipes

    Algae - a natural source of collagen

    Algae occupy the first place in the rate of rejuvenation of cells. If you read the composition of the finished brand masks, then very many of them will have in their composition extracts from kelp or other types of algae. So, brown algae restore facial turgor, normalize lipid metabolism, saturate the epidermis with omega-3 fatty acids. Red - softens the horny layer and contributes to its rapid exfoliation, allowing the skin to be renewed. Blue - saturate with protein and vitamin B-12.Greens - strengthen communication between cells and accelerate the circulation of fluids.

    So ideally, the composition of the masks for young skin should be all these types. It is better to alternate them instead of mixing, month use one type of algae, then another, etc.

    Preparing masks is simple: pour algae powder with warm water( 1: 1), for 15 minutes, insist in a sealed container and apply it on your face.

    Clay - rejuvenation in a short time

    Clay has a lifting effect, i.e.tightens the skin, giving it a beautiful contour. Thanks to clay masks for the face, you can return to the skin a young and healthy look. Like algae, clay can be of different varieties( white, red, blue, etc.), and each variety contains its own set of trace elements and active substances.

    Most often from clay they create monomasks, i.e.add nothing but water. But good reviews received and combined mask for the face, which uses green tea, vitamin A and clay. This option is easy to prepare at home and is ideal for middle-aged skin in need of powerful makeup. Tea reduces inflammation, retinol ampoules saturates with vitamin A, and clay tightens and refreshes the skin. The composition is prepared as follows: a spoon with a hill of dry clay + 1 ampoule of vitamin + 40 ml of freshly brewed green tea( without impurities and flavors).

    The struggle for youth cannot be temporary. And even the most powerful composition will not give the desired effect, if it is applied once or twice. Configure what beauty you have to do with your own hands. And the first step is the systematic use of anti-aging masks.

    By secret

    Our reader recommended a remedy that copes with wrinkles better than any “folk” mask and is not inferior in effective salon procedures: it nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effect is noticeable after her third application.

    We were pleasantly surprised by her history and the result we managed to achieve without botox and operations - our face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the post in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful for you Read more & gt; & gt;

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