Starch face mask: home rejuvenation

January 12, 2019 21:00 | Face

We all know about the beneficial properties of starch. But not everyone knows that this ordinary product is able to restore skin elasticity and is the best remedy for wrinkles. It is not surprising that the starch face mask takes a well-deserved place of honor in home cosmetics. We will tell you how you can independently improve their appearance.

  • ;Since starch is produced from various vegetable crops, a product obtained only from potatoes is used for cosmetic purposes.

    Its value for the skin of the face is based on the following:

    • The presence of a huge amount of nutrients and vitamins - iron, potassium, thiamine, carbohydrates, choline, folic acid, vitamins E, C, PP and pantothenic acid.
    • Ability to restore the affected cells of the epidermis and protect them, preventing further destruction.
    • Opportunities to influence the rate of redox processes occurring in skin tissues and enrich them with moisture and oxygen.
    • Ability to normalize the function of the sebaceous glan
      ds and saturate the cells with useful substances, giving a huge charge of energy.

    The properties possessed by such therapeutic compositions make them universal cosmetic products. They can be used by both girls and women, regardless of age and skin type.

    Indications for use

    Masks for the face of potato starch have a very mild effect and therefore, practically, have no contraindications. The only thing that needs to be remembered is not to treat the parts of the face that have wounds and other injuries. Otherwise, they can be considered absolutely safe means.

    It successfully copes with such problems:

    • Relieves peeling, redness and irritation of the skin, and also eliminates the feeling of tightness that is characteristic of excessively dry skin.
    • Protects hypersensitive skin from exposure to adverse environmental factors and other external irritants( eg chemicals).
    • For girls with oily and problem skin, starch face masks make it possible to eliminate the greasy luster, shrink and clean the pores, and even out the complexion.
    • Thanks to the therapeutic formulations containing this natural product, you can prolong your youth and slow down the aging process. They increase the tone and elasticity of the skin, contribute to smoothing small wrinkles, whiten age spots and smooth facial irregularities.

    The best recipes

    Pull-up with banana puree

    Peel a ripe banana, use a fork or blender to make a puree out of it. Add to it fatty cream( 20 ml) and starch( 1 tbsp. With a slide).The resulting homogeneous viscous mass must be applied to the face with a very thin layer. This is done in 3 stages - as the first layer dries, apply the second, and so on. After the third time, leave the face alone for 30 minutes and then wash using warm water or herbal decoction.

    As experience shows, such a firming starch face mask retains its effect for 3 months. This is on condition that you do it every 2 days for 2 weeks.

    From wrinkles with the effect of Botox

    To prepare this miraculous composition, you must first dilute 10g of starch in half a glass of cold water. Then pour it into the dishes, where there is 0.5 liters of warm water, and put it on fire. The contents should be simmered until it reaches a viscous consistency. Add 10 g of sour cream and 50 ml of carrot juice to cooked jelly. Liberally moisten a face with it and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

    This starch face mask can be used without restrictions, that is, every day. You can see the positive result of your efforts after three treatments.

    For sebaceous secretions

    Excessively oily skin can be cleaned with a very simple composition. First you need to prepare a starch paste from 1 tablespoon of starch, diluted with a small amount of warm water. Add to it whipped up to foam protein and apply the resulting mass on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes using plain water.

    Anti-inflammatory composition

    Facial mask of protein and starch helps to remove inflammation of the skin and get rid of acne.

    In this case, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal is added to the starch paste( chopped oatmeal can be used instead) and beaten egg white.

    For Fading Skin

    This composition perfectly tones up oily skin and fights against its fading. It consists of starch, warm milk and fine sea salt. All components take 1 teaspoon and quickly mix to get a homogeneous mass. It should immediately be applied to the face. After 20 minutes, the starch face mask is washed off with light massaging movements. At the end you should apply a moisturizer.

    Perhaps you have already outlined what recipe you will try soon. It's nice that all of them do not require large cash outlay and save your time. You will see that by the effectiveness of face masks with starch they can successfully compete with expensive salon procedures. We wish you success!

    Video-recipe of starch mask for fading skin

    In secret

    Our reader recommended a remedy that copes with wrinkles better than any “folk” mask and is not inferior in effective salon procedures: nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effectaccording to her words, already noticeable after the 3rd application

    We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result that was achieved without botox and operations - the face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the post in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful for you Read more & gt; & gt;

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