Banana face mask: cooking recipes and reviews

January 15, 2019 20:15 | Face

Banana is an exceptionally healthy tropical fruit rich in vitamins, bioflavonoids and minerals. Caring procedures based on it help to even out skin tone and smooth fine wrinkles. Banana facial mask moisturizes the epidermis, nourishes it with nutrients and acts as an effective anti-aging agent. Availability of the product is not the last plus, an inexpensive component for home beauty sessions can be bought at any store.

  • How is banana useful for skin?
  • Tips for cosmetologists: how to make a mask out of a bananaIt consists of:

    • vitamin C, which slows down all the processes associated with skin aging and acts as a natural, natural antioxidant;
    • vitamin B3, which allows the epidermis to breathe and receive the necessary amount of oxygen;
    • vitamin B6, which protects against the negative effects of the environment and provides full protection against ultraviolet radiation;
    • vitamin E, which has a bright rejuvenating effect;
    • potassium, which normalizes and maintains the req
      uired level of moisture in the cells;
    • magnesium, which makes the skin more elastic, smooth and attractive;
    • sodium, calming and relieving swelling.

    Beauty Tips: How to make a mask out of a banana

    Do not think that for a banana mask, it is enough to stretch the flesh and apply on the face. To get the maximum effect, you should follow a number of important rules and recommendations.

    Secrets of the effectiveness of a banana transformation

    1. Making a banana mask at home is only from fresh and ripe fruit. No need to use spoiled and moldy fruit. They can provoke a negative skin reaction and even cause redness or itching.
    2. The pulp can be crushed in a blender or kneaded with a regular fork into a soft, uniform gruel.
    3. Only glass, porcelain, ceramic or enamel ware is suitable for mixing natural ingredients. Metal containers are prone to oxidation, therefore, for the preparation of home cosmetics are not suitable.
    4. Before applying the mask, you must remove the makeup and thoroughly clean the face. With dry skin, natural impurities are removed by a gentle foam or tonic without alcohol, and from oily skin - a washing gel or lotion.
    5. The course of restorative banana procedures usually lasts from 1 to 1.5 months. Then cosmetologists advise to take a 2-3-week break so that the person does not get used to the same drugs.
    6. In recipes, as a rule, it is indicated how much you need to keep a banana mask on your face. If there is no such data, it is recommended not to exceed a period of 30 minutes.
    7. Flush home remedies preferably with plenty of water at a comfortable temperature. Upon completion of cosmetic procedures, the skin must be protected with a moisturizing or nourishing cream and for 40–60 minutes not to go outside.

    Banana Masks: the best recipes

    Home Banana Mask for dry skin of the face acts very delicately and has a pronounced rejuvenating effect. Due to its delicate structure, suitable for use every other day. For the preparation of the mature banana knead with a fork in a soft gruel and pour rich cream( 50 ml).If the composition is too liquid, add potato flour and bring to a state of thick homemade cream.

    Mass applied to the forehead, chin and cheeks, be sure to avoid the area around the eyes. When the first layer is completely dry, apply a second layer, and cover the face with gauze fabric from above. After 25 minutes, remove the mask with a cotton pad dipped in lukewarm water. After the procedure, the skin becomes smoother, more radiant, silky and healthy.

    A lemon-banana face mask removes excess sebum and provides the epidermis with complete nutrition. This combination of ingredients is ideal for owners of normal, combination and oily skin. Make a means of half an average banana, whipped in a blender into a uniform mashed potatoes. Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice are added to the fruit mass and mixed very well. Apply on a thin layer of skin and incubate for 15-17 minutes. Then wash your face with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

    Banana mask with starch for the face perfectly tones, tightens and refreshes the skin. It is made from ripe banana, crushed into soft mush( 50 g) and potato starch( 50 g).Both ingredients are combined and thoroughly mixed in a separate container until the mass becomes homogeneous. Then the composition is covered with cling film and allowed to infuse for 10 minutes.

    The prepared mass is gently applied to the face, and after 23-25 ​​minutes, rinse with warm water. The remains are removed with a cosmetic cotton pad and the skin is rubbed with fresh juice from young aloe leaves. The recipe promises a visible result a week after application.


    Banana masks have almost no contraindications and are suitable for all skin types. However, in the preparation of home cosmetics should pay close attention to the additional ingredients included in the recipe. It is among them that active allergens and aggressive irritants that can provoke a negative skin reaction can occur. To avoid these unpleasant moments, you should visit a practicing cosmetologist and consult him about the use of certain home remedies.

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