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Over the years, our crazy rhythm of life inevitably affects our appearance. Even the use of high-quality, expensive decorative cosmetics does not save. The skin fades, becomes dry, loses its tone. If you do not take care of yourself, the age will begin to give out not only wrinkles, but also noticeable pores, pigment spots, bags under the eyes. Aging can be delayed for a long time by visiting beauty salons. But, a face mask nourishing at home will bring no less benefit. Moreover, it is very simple and inexpensive to carry out caring procedures on your own.

  • Choosing the right product
  • Application rules for feeding compounds
  • Simplest makeup options
  • Recipes for the compositions of several components
  • For dry skin
  • For normal skin
  • For oily skin
  • For hands

Choosing the right thing for your own means of using the means of your own drawing
  • for using
  • for oily skin. She may lack certain substances or just moisture. Wrongly choosing a care option, do no
    t achieve the desired results. In some cases, the necessary means of deep cleansing or treating the epidermis. When dryness and tendency to wrinkles appear, effective face masks are nourishing. To narrow pores, you need to use other components. A fresh look cheeks return special toning compositions.

    There are many positive moments for the skin in interaction with natural products. They do not contain harsh chemicals. You can make nourishing face masks at home more often than recommended to apply purchased cosmetics. It is believed that self-made products are suitable for daily use. Whereas store feeding masks are usually not used more often, 3-4 times a week. Most of the natural formulations feed the skin cells in parallel with the performance of the main function( cleansing, lifting, moisturizing, etc.).

    As an accompanying care mask, nutrients are advised to apply after cleansing procedures. This is a useful addition to daily used creams. There are many ingredients that you can use. There are optimal formulations for all skin types. You can pick up the compounds that provide cells with vitamins, important macro-and micronutrients.

    Care and attention also require such visible areas of the body as the neck, neck and hands. They give the age often even more clearly than the face. For gentle areas of the neck and chest, there are also care options. And nutritious masks for hands at home should be done regularly.

    The rules for applying

    nourishing formulations. The caring mixtures for any purpose are always applied only to perfectly cleansed skin. They will work even more effectively if you initially steam your face over a steam of an herbal bath. Or make a warm two-minute compress with infusion of medicinal plants.

    In order not to overly stretch the skin, the application of the product is carried out along the massage lines. You can use either finger pads, or a cotton swab, brush, sponge, or other convenient device. It is recommended to cover the affected area with a warm cloth or gauze for the duration of the session. You can use for this food aluminum foil.

    Remains of funds are cleaned with a cotton swab. Thick substances, like cottage cheese or fruit pulp, can be carefully removed with the edge of a spoon, a special spatula. If plant oils or animal fats were used, they can be wiped off with a cosmetic tissue or cotton wool. In any case, it is necessary to avoid pressure or stretching movements.

    Depending on the skin type and the components that the face mask contained, the nutritional mixture is washed off in different ways. For normal or dry epidermis, it is better to use herbal infusions, milk, rosehip decoction, weakly brewed tea, or slightly salted cool water. For oily skin, flush with warm boiled water. Lemon juice is added there to enhance the effect( 1 teaspoon per glass).Or apple cider vinegar in the same volume.

    When a mask is removed from the face( for nutritional or other purposes), the affected area should be wiped with lotion. You can use herbal or tea infusion. And then apply a suitable nourishing cream.

    Simplest make-up options

    Excellent fortified skin-nourishing blends are obtained from various fruits, berries, and vegetables. Just grinding the fruit, from its pulp can make an effective mask. It will provide skin tissue with substances that are useful for cell activity. The skin will acquire a more healthy color, tone and elasticity. No less effective are recipes using dairy products, honey, propolis, vegetable oils, egg yolks, etc.

    The methods for preparing fruit, berry, or vegetable masks are usually similar. The pulp obtained from the pulp is applied to the face in its original form. If its consistency is too thin, cereal flour( wheat, oatmeal or other), oatmeal, flakes, and bran may be added. An excessively thick product can be diluted with milk, juice or water.

    Some people prefer to put just pieces of fruit on their skin. So often do with citrus, strawberries, kiwi, bananas, cucumber. Freshly squeezed juice is used. Liberally lubricate their skin, leave for 15-20 minutes. This liquid can be impregnated with a mask of folded gauze, with cutouts for the eyes, nostrils and lips. Cover plate is used for the face, neck, neckline.

    In the cold season, formulations based on oils( coconut, olive, flax and others), as well as petroleum jelly, are beneficial. Apply them better with a thick layer - this will increase the absorption of the desired elements.

    Recipes compositions of several components

    Here are a few options for a little more complex in composition of nutritional formulations, suitable for different skin types.

    For dry skin

    • Sour cream and new potatoes

    A pair of young potatoes is boiled( preferably for a couple).Warm up well in mashed potatoes. While the mass is still warm, half a glass of fat market sour cream is introduced into it. In the form of a warm composition is applied to the face. Aged for 20-25 minutes. Then washed off with water.

    • Onion and Olive Oil

    A small onion, unpeeled from the husk, baked to the softness in the oven. Cleaned, pounded into mush. To it is added 1 teaspoon of honey and olive oil. The composition is mixed. On the face is aged for 20 minutes.

    For normal skin

    • Honey, egg yolk, sour cream, oatmeal

    Half a glass of low-fat sour cream mixed with 2 tbsp.spoons of cereal. For 20 minutes, the mass is placed in a warm place. Then 1 teaspoon of honey and yolk are introduced into it, mixed. Action time - 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

    • Cottage cheese, olive oil, parsley juice

    In 1 teaspoon of low-fat cottage cheese pour in 0.5 teaspoons of parsley juice and high-quality olive oil. The mass is well pounded. On the face is aged 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

    For oily skin

    • Honey, egg white, flour

    Wheat flour, whole grain and honey are mixed - 2 tbsp.spoons, 1 egg white. The composition is aged on the face, while a little dry. Then it is washed off with cool water. Contributes to the narrowing of pores and dullness.

    • Porridge, lemon

    It will take 2 tbsp.spoons of warm oatmeal cooked in milk. It mixes 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Keep the composition should be 15 minutes. It is washed off with cool water.

    • Universal Mask

    Improves the condition of the skin of any type of nourishing face mask with honey, tea leaves and oatmeal.

    The mixture is made from liquid honey( 2 tsp.), Fresh tea brewing( 1 tsp.), Ground oatmeal( 2 tsp.).To bring the mass to a pasty state, warm boiled water is used. It is superimposed with neat massaging movements. Aged for 15 minutes. It has a nourishing, cleansing and toning effect.

    For hands

    And this can be a nourishing mask for hands at home:

    Warm boiled water( 2 tsp) mixed with liquid honey and pharmacy glycerin( 1 tsp each), wheat or oatmeal flour( 1 tsp)spoon).The composition is left for 20-25 minutes. Wash off with warm water. The treatment eliminates flaking, softens, moisturizes and nourishes.

    In the use of masks, it is important to observe regularity. Therefore, it is better to choose recipes for which ingredients are always easy to get. A one-time procedure with the use of exotic remedies will not give a lasting effect. Daily use of a home remedy consisting of the usual products in the refrigerator brings more benefits.

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