The mask of acne at home: the types and wisdom of the procedure

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Acne disease spoils not only mood, but also human fates. Ugly acne makes it difficult to communicate, like men, feel irresistible, and sometimes cause tears and ruin your personal life. Nasty bumps are dangerous for health, because of the possible threat of the spread of infection such a story can turn into a blood infection. Meanwhile, a properly and timely made mask of acne can save you from all the above troubles. Choose a recipe for "your taste" and declare war on acne.

Contentsacne masks at home? Why are they better than purchased products? First, home procedures are completely harmless and do not cause side effects, unlike mixtures in beautiful jars. Secondly, they are advantageous in price, since they are prepared mainly from the most affordable products available in the kitchen of every hostess. Even if you have to buy some new ingredients, then their price will still be tolerable compared to the new-fashioned pots. Thirdly, the effect of natural mixtures is truly magical.

Check out the list of features of household formulations for acne:

  • cover disinfection;
  • elimination of inflammation, irritation;
  • deep cleansing;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • wound healing effect;
  • infection control.

In addition, some of the homemade face masks for acne also have a lifting effect, fight against signs of aging of the skin and pigmentation, but in order.

Rules for the

procedure Remember: effective face masks for acne and blackheads are only if they are applied correctly.

So study the basics and free your skin from the ugly "decorations":

  • mixture, regardless of the recipe, be sure to check for compatibility with your body by putting a drop of mask on the wrist area;if after a quarter of an hour there are no allergic reactions, you can continue;
  • before applying the composition free the skin from cosmetics, and from dirt or excess fat;
  • for application, use a brush, so you reduce the risk of deformation of acne, and, possibly, the future spread of infection;
  • delay the procedure if acne bleeds;
  • during the action of the mask, try to limit movement, less strain the muscles of the face, do not laugh and do not talk;best of all - just lie down, relax, give the mixture to calmly fight off acne;The
  • course for getting rid of acne must be accompanied by a strict diet, otherwise the result may not be, since consuming food that provokes the development of acne will eliminate all your efforts.

This is important to know! If due to acne there are large lesions, the face is bleeding, it is better to contact a specialized doctor - a dermatologist.

Collection of recipes

It's time to go to the section of practical training. Meet the best of recipes for acne-fighting formulations.

Protein Mask

Victims of insidious disease claim that the protein mask against acne is the best. Well, nothing prevents you from checking out this statement. What is needed for the recipe?

  • egg;
  • lemon fresh juice;
  • bowl or bowl( glass or enameled);
  • whisk;
  • cotton pads;
  • cosmetic brush;
  • cold and warm( bleach free) water;
  • towel.

So, separate the protein( only he will need it), pour a small spoonful of lemon juice into the protein container and beat the contents of the plate until a cool foam is formed. Then, we promptly apply it to the face with a cotton pad, and, layer by layer, waiting for the previous layer to dry. There should be at least 4 layers with a drying interval of about 5 minutes. You can rejoice, do not have to sit with a sandwich. As soon as the extreme layer dries, rinse first with warm, then cold water.

Worth paying attention! Not found a lemon at home, and acne multiply literally by the hour? Do not be discouraged, squirrel and alone, contrary to the saying, in the field of a warrior. Beat it and apply with a thick layer, wait about 15 minutes and wash off, as indicated in the previous recipe.

In the form of an unexpected bonus from the protein mask, you will receive a cleansing of the face, not only from acne, but also from age spots. Protein is different in that it closes the pores, thereby depriving life of the hated acne.

Bodyaga against acne

Bodyaga - what a mysterious name, is not it? In fact, this substance - the inhabitant of the underwater depths, freshwater sponge, which is the weapon number 1 in the fight with the insidious acne. You can buy a wonderful tool in any of the pharmacies. Memorize the recipe. You take a soup spoon of bodyagi, mix it with twice as large portion of white clay, which can also be found in the pharmacy chain and fill it with a couple-three soup spoons of water( any, but not containing chlorine).You mix the composition and process the skin for half an hour. Then wash off the remnants of gruel from the freshwater sponge.

Bodyagu can also be mixed with conventional pharmacy hydrogen peroxide. Put a little sponge in a bowl and drip peroxide on it. When the mass brightens and becomes covered with abundant foam, it's time to start. Take a creamy tool and rub in the area of ​​the settlement of acne, and so a couple of times.

This is important to know! Putting on a face a bodyaga, avoid zones around a century, under eyes and about a mouth. The freshwater sponge contains silica, which causes skin irritation.

By the way, bodyaga is good not only in the fight against acne, it is an excellent anti-aging remedy, so cosmetologists recommend using a “weapon” mask with a useful sponge for anyone close to middle age.

Aspirin Mask

This recipe, though popular, is fairly new. The whole secret of this technique in the presence of salicylic acid - means to combat irritation and redness of the cover, swelling and inflammation of the tissues. Making a face mask for acne from aspirin is very simple.

First prepare the ingredients:

  • aspirin tablets( 3 pcs.);
  • jojoba oil( half a small spoon);
  • homemade honey( soup spoon);
  • water, preferably boiled( half a small spoon).

You mix the oil, honey and water in a glass container and heat it( ideally by means of a water bath).While the composition is heated, do aspirin. The tablets must be crushed, to do this, move them to the bottom of the plate and press on top with a spoon. Pour the powder into a warm gruel. Everything, for 15 minutes with this sweet and fragrant mixture, treat the cover, wash it off. Repeat the procedure once a week until the hated acne leaves your beautiful face.

Baking soda on guard of the beauty of the face

And for dessert - the simplest mask at home from acne. For its preparation, you probably will not have to make any purchases, since the components of the cleansing agent are soda and water. The production of the mixture will not take even a minute. Notice! Pour a couple of spoons of soda into a glass cup, pour a little water - until a slurry forms. That's ready, you can apply. Soak the soda solution on your face for about half an hour, then wash off the grains with plain water and dry your face with a napkin. Repeat the procedure every other day, and in a week there will be no trace of the nasty pimples.

Cinnamon Acne Mask Video Recipe

Admit it, what kind of acne mask from the top five did you like?

By secret

Our reader recommended a remedy that copes with wrinkles better than any “folk” mask and is not inferior in effective salon procedures: it nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effect is noticeable after her third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result that we managed to achieve without botox and operations - our face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the post in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful for you Read more & gt; & gt;

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