Collagen Facial Mask - quick-acting recipes for skin elasticity

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Having crossed the line at 30, women more meticulously view themselves in the mirror. And there is a reason: the amount of fibrillar protein in the epidermis decreases, and after it its elasticity and elasticity decrease, the complexion becomes dull, wrinkles appear. Collagen facial mask is needed for women who do not want to see signs of wilting and aging on their face.

  • Collagen - Building Material of
  • Cells How to Use
  • Masks
  • Protein Rejuvenating Properties
  • Mask Types Interesting Facts about Collagen

Collagen - the building material of

cells As a matter of fact, it is a structural protein, it constitutes 70% of the entire skin, your pattern is the main body of your heart, as a constituent of

.Without it, the ligaments and joints would not be so strong and elastic. Collagen can enter the body from the inside - with food, from the outside - from cosmetics, a person can also synthesize it himself.

Collagen, which is contained in various cosmetics, can be

obtained in three ways:

  1. From the skin of sheep, cows and other animals( collagen molecules of this type are too large, they cannot penetrate the human skin barrier; the benefits of this cream or mask are largedoubt).
  2. From plants( wheat protein is highly compatible with human skin, cosmetics with this ingredient has a pronounced effect).
  3. From the skin of fish( products with this component are perfectly absorbed by the skin, the mask molecules can imitate the skin in places where there are microdamages).

How will

masks help? Collagen facial masks solve a number of tasks:

  • maintain elasticity and smoothness, create a tightening effect;
  • accelerates cellular metabolism;stimulate cells to produce their own collagen;
  • smooth wrinkles, eliminate fatigue, relax and soothe the skin;
  • collagen strengthens the cell walls, makes the facial contour more clear, evens out its color.

Collagen face masks at home can use any woman. But most of all, they are suitable for owners of dry skin. Take 2 tbsp gelatin or agar-agar, the same amount of glycerin and honey. Mix all ingredients and add 2 tbsp.spoons of water. This mask moisturizes and nourishes. Wash and remove residues 15 minutes after application.

The anti-aging properties of the protein

  • It has the property of stretching. It is easy to be convinced of it, having tried to delay slightly a skin, having seized it with fingers. If it quickly returns to its original position - there is no cause for concern, your skin is elastic.
  • Over time, the protein structure loses water, especially in the eyes and nasolabial triangle. Collagen masks for the eyes and the area around the mouth perfectly solve this problem.
  • Structural protein binds water well. Remember what happens to gelatin if you pour it with water? It swells, absorbing the liquid completely. When the active substances of the mask penetrate deep into the epidermis, they begin to transport water and nutrients. Thus, masks with collagen can prevent flabbiness and sagging of the skin.

Do not use a mask if the face has inflamed areas. For best results, experts recommend a course in 10 procedures.

Mask Versions

A collagen modeling lifting mask contains substances that are not only involved in the cell renewal process, but also help them to be faster in its upper layers.

New skin cells are formed in the deeper layer of the epidermis and gradually move “closer to the surface”.

Silk mask with collagen contains natural fibers. This component retains the useful properties of the mask during its storage. When interacting with the skin, microcapillaries of the tissue transport beneficial ingredients. Silk also absorbs toxins and free radicals from the surface of the epidermis.

A hair mask with collagen creates a protective film on the surface of each hair, while the hair does not become heavier, but remains fluffy and light.

Gold Collagen Mask contains hyaluronic acid, gold ions, seaweed, bearberry and grape extracts. The tool not only improves blood circulation, but also normalizes metabolism in the epidermis, relieves stress symptoms.

Collagen mask from the skin of marine fish has a bleaching, surrogative, regenerating effect. This mask can be used from the age of 25, especially if there is peeling on the skin. Before applying the mask, the skin should be stimulated with massage and peeling( fruit or glycolic).

Interesting facts about collagen

  • When collagen is boiled in water, its structure is broken, gelatin is formed.
  • Collagen absorbs moisture 30 times its own weight.
  • Another source of collagen is agar-agar. The substance is a vegetable substitute for gelatin, it is obtained from red and brown Pacific algae.
  • Collagen, derived from green plants, is more expensive than an animal, but it is better and faster to digest.
  • Under normal conditions, our body synthesizes collagen itself. But with a lack of minerals and vitamins( in particular vitamin B), as well as with age, the need for this protein increases. Peaches, red pepper, carrots, bananas, dates, buckwheat, oatmeal, fish( fat varieties), pumpkin seeds, blueberries enhance the synthesis of their own collagen. The condition of ligaments and joints depends on the availability of collagen in the diet.
  • 9 years ago, in 2005, collagen samples were isolated from the tissues of a tyrannosaur. Thus, scientists have yet another proof of the kinship of modern birds and prehistoric animals.
  • Collagen structure - a large molecule, many times larger than the pores of the skin. Therefore, collagen in masks is presented in the form of special structures of a colloidal solution. The components of the mask create a film on the surface of the skin, thanks to which the skin gets moisturizing, nourishing and lifting effect.

Collagen facial mask is an important component of comprehensive skin care in adulthood. We will not deny the rejuvenating effect to which it is capable. Such a mask is needed to the same extent as vitamin-mineral and oxygen-containing. But do not overestimate her opportunities, the sixteen-year-old lady of you, alas, will not.

By secret

Our reader recommended a remedy that copes with wrinkles better than any “folk” mask and is not inferior in effective salon procedures: nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effect is noticeable after her third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result that was achieved without botox and operations - the face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the post in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful for you Read more & gt; & gt;

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