Green clay face mask: expectations from the procedure and a collection of recipes

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Is it possible to keep intact not only beauty, but also the contents of the wallet in pursuit of it? If you do not regret time and take Mother Nature as an ally, then all the capital will remain with you, so you can spend it on pleasant female things. What procedure is able to preserve the beauty of the skin, without introducing costs? And here, for example, a face mask of green clay - one of the most useful substances on the planet.

  • Introducing Green Clay
  • About the Color and Composition of
  • Useful Properties
  • Procedure Rules TOP-5 Recipes
  • Mask-based video of the green clay

Introducing the

green clay mask, using the green clay mask, using the green clay

  • Introducing the green clay
  • that it is very useful for the preservation of beauty and health. But why the main heroine of the article was precisely its green variety? What, as they say, "chip"?It's simple: among the abundance of clay species, which include kaolin, red, blue, black, pink and green, t
    he latter is the most healing, the most effective in the fight with old age and pollution of the cover.

    About the color and composition of

    Why are green clay face masks so useful? What is the name of the members of the friendly "team" working for the benefit of female beauty? Meet the full composition of the wonderful powder:

    • iron oxide;
    • Calcium;
    • phosphorus;
    • molybdenum;
    • zinc;
    • silicon;
    • cobalt;
    • selenium;
    • magnesium;
    • potassium;
    • manganese;
    • aluminum;
    • silver.

    As you know, the color of clay depends on the composition of the variety. The green variety owes its shade to iron oxide and magnesium.

    Useful properties of

    The therapeutic face mask with green clay resembles an ambulance in effect. Thanks to the “bouquet” of ultra beneficial ingredients with a biostimulating effect, the powder can be called modern “living water”.What exactly can be achieved by doing a full cycle of procedures?

    • to restore the water balance of the skin;
    • normalize cell metabolism;
    • to intensify cover regeneration;
    • prevent aging;
    • get rid of edema;
    • clean face;
    • relieve irritation;
    • soften skin;
    • dry problem areas;
    • rid of acne;
    • to get rid of toxins;
    • to narrow pores;
    • normalize the sebaceous glands;
    • improve tone;
    • eliminate greasy shine;
    • smooth out creases, wrinkles and wrinkles.

    Rules of the

    procedure Do they have any peculiarities of using a green clay mask? Yes, there is some wisdom. Meet them:

    • for the manufacture of compounds of this type of powder can not use metal utensils or appliances;
    • thoroughly clean the face before applying the mixture;
    • to treat the area around the eyes and lips is prohibited;
    • components of the mask should be bought in a proven place, paying time for the reputation of the manufacturer;
    • before making the mass, it is imperative to check the shelf life of each of the components;The
    • allergy test is an integral part of each of the procedures for an unfamiliar prescription.

    This is important to know! How to make a compatibility test of the selected composition with your skin? Apply a drop of the finished mixture to a tender area of ​​skin on the inside of the wrist or elbow, wait at least 10 minutes and study the response of the skin. Redness, burn, irritation do not observe? The treated place does not itch, does not hurt, does not bake? So feel free to handle the face.

    TOP-5 recipes

    If you studied the properties of the healing clay and learned the rules, you can proceed to the recipes.

    • Anti-acne mask

    As you remember, the miracle powder proved to be excellent in the fight against acne. Those who suffer from these ornaments will confirm that such a disease is a terrible punishment. Therefore, the first in the list of recipes is a mask of green clay and rosemary oil. Cooking is relatively simple. You combine a spoonful of powder with water( the volume of the latter depends on the consistency of the mass, the result should be a creamy mixture) and a few drops of rosemary oil. The composition is applied only on the places "occupied" by eels. Healthy skin should not be treated. Wait 15 minutes, wash.

    • Purification.

    . For the recipe, you need one fresh cucumber, moreover, it is pre-cooled. Grate it on the finest grater and combine it with two small spoons of green clay and one such spoon of fresh yeast. The composition is applied on the face for about 20 minutes.

    • Eternal youth

    A mask with such a promising name is a mix of green and white clay, as well as peach oil( in a 2: 1: 1 ratio).Naturally, the powder should be dissolved in water before mixing with the oil. By the volume of the latter, be guided by the consistency of sour cream already familiar to you. Massage the skin and wait for 20 minutes.

    • Anti-Fatigue Mask

    Place the cabbage leaf in a container, fill it with 50 ml of boiling milk or cream. After cooling, the softened cabbage pound to the consistency of mashed potatoes. Add fresh protein and a small spoonful of green clay to the mixture. Stir and apply to skin. After 12 minutes, wash.

    • A recipe for victims of oily skin.

    Tired of fighting acne, oily sheen and black spots? Take on the "weapons" such a mask. Add half a small spoonful of mineral water and a whole spoonful of hazelnut oil to a spoon( soup) of green clay. Stir the composition and treat them cover. After 20 minutes, rinse.

    Do you agree that green clay masks are a quick and natural way to restore face beauty? !

    Video-recipe for a mask based on green clayHer words are noticeable after the 3rd application.

    We were pleasantly surprised by her history and the result that we managed to achieve without botox and operations - our face became 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the post in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful for you Read more & gt; & gt;

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