Masks for pigmentation on the face at home: recipes and tips

January 17, 2019 21:00 | Face

The sun is warm, cozy, vacation, fun. The sun - it's revealing outfits and sexy sandals. But the sun, alas, is also an activator of the appearance of brown specks on the face, spoiling the image of seductive Amazons. Meanwhile, with such a disaster to fight and their efforts, without expensive procedures in the offices of cosmetology. Do not know how? It's never too late to learn. Meet: masks from pigmentation on the face at home - down with bouts of bad mood.

  • The nature of the appearance of pigment spots
  • Why home masks are better than using the cost of using the software?

The nature of the appearance of pigment spotsAsheny. Check out the full list:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • age-related changes in the body;
  • excessive solar tanning interest;
  • metabolic problems;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • gestation period;
  • disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

Why home masks are better than purchased

products It would seem that modern beauties would be foolish to spe

nd their time on an independent fight against pigmentation. At every corner, beauty salons, pharmacies and shops with new products from the world of cosmetology, guaranteeing a professional approach to the problem and the achievement of literally instant results - all this, of course, impresses. Meanwhile, few people realize that such fast-acting and easy ways of dealing with brown specks have a “reverse side of the coin”.

The smallest evil that can be inflicted on you by purchased funds or paid services in cosmetology offices is a sharp decrease in the volume of the wallet. In the worst cases, such side effects as burns after the intervention of the hands of inexperienced cosmetologists can upset you - imagine this happens. However, your own hands can also become "enemies."Purchased products based on acids( albeit natural) require a scrupulous attitude. In inexperienced hands, miracle mixtures can turn into skin poison, cause harm, causing burns, irritation, melanoma.

Now you understand that natural masks for pigmentation at home are a whole science, but now you will comprehend it.

The best three recipes for pigmentation on the face

Meet the best TOP-3 recipes for facial masks for pigmentation. Let's start with the most complex recipe, if you overcome it, others may not read it. However, sometimes you want diversity and experimentation, so learn workshops and make your skin perfect.

Thai mask against blemishes

As a bonus, besides lightening and cleansing the skin, using this combined recipe you will achieve a face lifting effect, get rid of skin laxity, improve its tone and turgor, return a healthy color and blush.

So, what should be reserved for the procedure?

  • water;
  • nuts( walnuts);
  • banana( very ripe);
  • rice( white);
  • oatmeal( without additives).

From dishes and tools you will need the following:

  • coffee grinder;
  • glass or ceramic deep dish;
  • saucepan or enamel mug for brewing herbs;
  • cosmetic brush for applying the finished composition;
  • kitchen scales;
  • cotton pads.

If the products are purchased, the dishes are prepared, then you can begin to “conjure”.To start, prepare a decoction of chamomile. To do this, pour a couple of tablespoons of flowers into an enamel container, fill the healthy grass with a cup of boiling water, wait for the first bubbles on the fire for the first boiling bubbles. Then cover the tea with a lid and let it brew - before cooling, in a natural way.

Worth paying attention! Chamomile infusion - the best way to wash. If you wash with chamomile, forget about what is irritation, inflammation, dry skin. Do not like to wash? Freeze chamomile tea in the form of cubes and wipe their face with them, at the same time get rid of the "bags" or bruises that "settle" under the eyes.

Next, chop the rice in the amount of 70 g. Just do not try to wash it, otherwise you will get a nasty paste instead of the powder necessary for the mask. You can add to rice immediately or chop separately( as you like) 15 grams of oatmeal and the core of one nut. Combine all powders, mix. Now the banana enters the “game”.You peel an exotic fruit and cut off four flesh from a centimeter fruit. With the help of a fork, make a piece of banana puree.

Combine powder and gruel, drip a little water - at your discretion, so that the composition of the consistency becomes like thick cream. Too liquid mixture should not be, otherwise it simply flows down the face on the chin. When you reach the appropriate thickness, mix the agent again, make sure that the lumps are dissolved and leave it to infuse for 10 minutes. And devote this time to cleansing your face - dip a cotton pad in a decoction of chamomile and remove the remnants of fat and dirt from your face, or just wash yourself with fragrant tea. But best of all, if you have time, heat the infusion, moisten a napkin with it and rumple your face.

After that, you can clean the skin with your favorite peeling, but this step is at your discretion. Next, apply the basic composition. Hold for about 20 minutes. The final stage of the mask from pigmentation is alternate washing with cold and warm water, but it is prohibited to take it from the tap, otherwise the destructive properties of bleach will reduce all your efforts to “no”.

After the procedure, you may feel that your skin is a bit tight, this is normal, just remember to apply a moisturizer on your face.

Why such a mask on the pigmentation on the face is called Thai? It's simple: her homeland is Thailand. They say that this procedure was invented by ancient cosmetologists. This mask is a kind of magic wand. Thai people take it to the "arms" from his youth. When you got up in the morning, you found that your face was swollen, ugly “bags” appeared under your eyes, and at the upcoming meeting in a couple of hours you need to look like a needle? In the evening you were invited to a date, and did your workday make your face tired? Make a Thai mask and you will be irresistible.

Parsley Mask

Cosmetologists say that parsley is the best bleaching agent. Want to check it out?

The easiest recipe: pound roots or leaves or parsley in a mortar or wooden bowl to choose from. Apply the composition for half an hour on the whole face. After the expiration date, rinse with water and moisturize the skin with a good and proven cream.

A more complex recipe includes the same mush, flavored with homemade honey( in a 1: 1 ratio).Apply according to the scenario of the previous recipe.

If the first two options did not help you get rid of all pigment spots, then connect the "heavy artillery" - lemon. Mix in equal shares chopped parsley leaves, homemade honey( slightly warmed up in a water bath) and lemon juice. They say that such a "trio" works more efficiently than a laser.

Magic patch

Another procedure aimed at combating brown spots is a combination of a mask and the use of adhesive plaster. For the mask, mix the soup spoon of castor oil and a little soda - enough to make gruel. Apply the composition to the areas of the face “occupied” with pigment spots, and apply adhesive tape on top. Walk for an hour, then remove the plaster, wash with warm water and moisturize the face with a cream.

The described pigmentation masks on the face will help you to make your appearance flawless.

Video-recipe for Chinese mask from pigment spots from an expert in cosmetics from natural products


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