Diet for 7 days: a menu for weight loss for every taste

January 19, 2019 13:00 | Diets

Want to lose 5-6 pounds per week? No problem. The main thing is to have a desire. The diet for 7 days is described by many nutritionists and in a large number of options. Which one to choose, decide for yourself. Just remember the most important rule of losing weight: it must be healthy and not harm the body. Therefore, first read the conditions of different diets, and only then draw conclusions.

  • Option # 1: a diet from Larisa Dolina
  • Option # 2: a buckwheat diet
  • Option # 3: rice menu
  • Option # 4: a mixed dietYour diet should be strict, it depends on what number on the scale you want to see. For example, if you need to get rid of only 3-4 kilograms, then you will not have to go for big sacrifices. Enough to exclude from the diet fatty sauces such as mayonnaise, flour and sweet. Also try not to overeat after six in the evening and drink enough non-carbonated liquid.

    Those who want to lose more than four kilograms will have to strain a little and limit themselves from high

    -calorie food, replacing it with low-calorie food. You will have to forget about some of your favorite products for a while, but all this will pay off with a beautiful and slim figure. When you really want to eat - drink water, mint tea and a decoction of dried fruit. In this way, you can kill two birds with one stone: kill the appetite and protect the body from dehydration. This recommendation applies to any diet below.

    Option number 1: a diet from Larisa Dolina

    This way of losing weight from a famous singer at one time made a lot of noise and is still considered one of the most effective. The diet can not be called very diverse, but it also does not belong to the category of meager. During the diet it is allowed to eat potatoes, meat, fruits and dairy products. Spicy spices and salt is prohibited. It is better to eat in small portions, the number of meals is not limited. In the morning you can drink a cup of savory coffee.

    This diet for 7 days does not share the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Losing weight offers certain products that need to be divided by themselves and eaten during the daytime. Also, every day you need to drink 500 grams of nonfat kefir.

    • First day: baked potatoes - 400 g.
    • Second day: low-fat cottage cheese - 400 g.
    • Third day: any fruit except bananas and grapes - 400 g.
    • Fourth day: chicken fillet( steamed) - 400 g
    • DayFifth: fruit - 400 g.
    • . Sixth day: only mineral water, on this day you should not drink kefir.
    • Seventh Day: second and fifth day menus.

    From the eighth day you should not immediately rush to fat and sweet food. This has a negative effect on digestion and dropped pounds are more than returning to their place. To keep the result obtained, it is necessary to abstain from very fatty and sweet food for several weeks. This does not mean that you cannot eat it at all, but try to minimize it.

    Option number 2: buckwheat diet

    This option applies to mono diets. To withstand a strict seven-day period, you need to either love buckwheat very much, or really want to lose weight. After all, you have a whole week to eat the same. A meager diet immediately scares off a little, but at the same time you have a unique opportunity to provide the body with vitamin B, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. No wonder that buckwheat is one of the most useful cereals.

    Of all mono-diet, buckwheat is considered the most beneficial for the body. The main condition is the proper preparation of cereals and the preservation of all useful substances in it. And you need to cook as follows. Dip the buckwheat with boiling water, drain the water, pour boiling water over and wrap up again. For twelve hours, the porridge will infuse and the daily portion of food is ready. It is better to do this in the evening, so that by morning there was something to eat. How much to cook - your business, this product can be eaten without restrictions. The proportions of buckwheat and boiling water are two to three. Salt is forbidden for seven days.

    Schedules menu by day does not exist. After all, every day you can only eat buckwheat in any quantity, a liter of kefir and drink non-carbonated water. You can also use unsweetened green tea with lemon, but not more than three cups a day.

    Option number 3: rice menu

    The usual rice you use to make pilaf is not suitable for this diet. All seven days will have to eat unpolished rice. But don't let that frighten you, it’s quite edible and very useful. This is exactly the product that will cleanse your body of toxins and improve the bowels. In addition to rice, it is allowed to eat fruits, vegetables and water. Salads are not salted, but they are filled with fruit vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil( the latter without fanaticism).The rice itself can also be filled with juice and vinegar. Below is a sample menu.


    • Breakfast - a portion of rice and one apple.
    • Lunch - vegetable broth, rice and green salad.
    • Dinner - a portion of rice and stewed beets.


    • Breakfast - rice and one orange.
    • Lunch - vegetable broth, a portion of rice and one tomato.
    • Dinner - steamed broccoli, a portion of rice.


    • Breakfast - rice with cinnamon and baked pear.
    • Lunch - vegetable broth, rice and cabbage salad.
    • Dinner - stewed or baked zucchini and rice.


    • Breakfast - rice and fruit salad.
    • Lunch - vegetable broth, rice and radish salad with greens.
    • Dinner - rice with parsley or cilantro.


    • Breakfast - rice with raisins, almonds and fruit salad.
    • Lunch - vegetable soup, a portion of rice.
    • Dinner - rice, celery root salad, spinach leaves, steamed or in the microwave.


    • Breakfast - rice with a baked apple and two dates.
    • Lunch - vegetable broth, rice, salad of green olives with basil.
    • Dinner - rice and lettuce with lemon juice.


    • Breakfast - rice and any fruit.
    • Lunch - vegetable soup, rice with your favorite greens.
    • Dinner - a portion of rice and a fruit salad with honey.

    Option number 4: a mixed diet

    This is a very simple and effective diet. At least, so say those who sat on it repeatedly. During weight loss does not have to exert the willpower, although the permitted products are not so much. Salt and sugar under the ban, water, as in other diets, you need to drink a lot.

    You can eat chicken, vegetables and oatmeal. Only not all together, but by the day. In general, seven days of different monodiets will make you the owner of a thin waist and good mood.

    The first two days you need to eat chicken, no more than a kilogram per day. How do you cook it - your business, most importantly, do not fry in butter.

    The next two days - cereal. Eating porridge without sauces and butter is not very easy, but it's better than nothing.

    The fifth and sixth day will be vegetable. Any fruit can be stewed, hover, boil or eat raw. Instead of seasoning, use greens.

    The seventh day is unloading. You can eat any fruit except avocados and bananas.

    Option number 5: Onion diet

    Vegetable diet soup, consisting mainly of onions - these are the main foods of this diet. This way of losing weight is very strict and forcing to make sacrifices for the sake of beauty. Not everyone can withstand such a test, but the fact that during the diet you lose more than six kilograms can become an incentive.

    The main principle of the onion diet is that the more soup you eat, the more kilograms you lose. So as not to injure your body, you need to drink liquid in large quantities. From the second day of the diet, certain foods are introduced into the diet, but in very small portions. The soup itself is prepared simply.

    Essential ingredients for making fat burning soup:

    • 6 onions;
    • 4 tomatoes;
    • 2 bell peppers;
    • 250-300 g of cabbage;
    • salt( added only if you cannot eat without it).

    Preparation: cut vegetables as you like, even with diamonds, boil the onions until transparent, add the rest of the ingredients and cook until ready. The thickness of the soup does not matter, therefore, how much water to pour - decide for yourself. So that the menu every day seemed varied, you can add different herbs to the soup. For example, today add celery, tomorrow - dill, the day after tomorrow - basil.

    On the first day you need to eat one soup, the more the better. You have to eat it all week with the same enthusiasm, only on the second day add to the menu a baked potato with a drop of oil. The third day, add a hundred grams of cottage cheese. On the fourth - eat 100 g of unpolished rice, and on the fifth - 150 g of boiled chicken breast. On the sixth day, in addition to the soup, you can drink 400 grams of low-fat yogurt. On the seventh day, you can eat a plate of fruit salad.

    Doing sports during onion slimming is strictly prohibited. Alcohol is contraindicated. You need to move to normal food gradually so as not to provoke a violation of digestion. You can repeat the diet once every six months.

    Nutritionist Ionova about the rice diet

    It is very important to remember that if you do not cope with the diet, you need to be able to stop in time. Just do not get bogged down and overeat, and smoothly switch to normal mode. To bring yourself to the hungry fainting is not worth it. This can be bad for health. A diet for 7 days is most often strict, so before you sit on it, consult your doctor. Good luck and beauty!


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