Three-day diet: a menu for express weight loss

January 19, 2019 19:15 | Diets

One of the most effective short-term weight loss methods is a three-day diet. Despite the fact that there is not much time to bring oneself up, one can still achieve a result that is noticeable to the eye. The main "minus" of such weight loss - a strict diet should not become a system. Before you repeat the course, be sure to take a break for several weeks or days, it all depends on the diet scheme, as well as the goal.

. Contents;in that you need to drink as much water as possible during the day and gradually reduce the total number of calories consumed to 900. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be taken at a strictly prescribed time. Strict adherence to all the recommendations, which provides a 3-day diet, will be the key to losing excess weight( up to four kilograms) and cleansing the body. To consolidate the results achieved, the diet must be repeated after five days. Changing your diet in this way, you can stimulate the start of metabolic processes, due to which the body begins to break down fat

Variants of the menu for the diet

Diet sparing

First day:

  • For breakfast: one grapefruit( medium size) + tea with the addition of sugar substitute.
  • For lunch: small toast + steamed fish.
  • For afternoon tea: green tea, and an hour later - one glass of mineral water, to which a little lemon juice is added.
  • For dinner: boiled chicken fillet + carrot salad( carrot is grated and dressed with low-fat sour cream).

Second day:

  • For breakfast: one boiled egg + toast + one banana + cup of coffee.
  • For lunch: cottage cheese + diet bread + green tea or juice.
  • For dinner: low-fat beef( 200 g) + grated carrots and steamed broccoli, a glass of water.

Day Three:

  • For breakfast: green apple + hard cheese( 30 g) + coffee.
  • For lunch: one toast + one egg + a glass of water or coffee without sugar.
  • For dinner: steamed fish and cauliflower + low-fat sour cream with berries.

Such a three-day diet for losing weight is great in order to put yourself in order on the eve of the beach season or on the eve of an important celebration. Due to the fact that excess fluid is excreted from the body, the puffiness will leave, the intestines will be cleaned, and the figure will look more toned.

Diet tough

If you are okay with strength of will and patience, you can spend fasting days in a row. Only they must be necessarily different.

First version:

  • Day 1 - carbohydrate.
  • Day 2 - protein.
  • Day 3rd - fruit or vegetable.

The second option:

  • Day 1 - kefir.
  • Day 2 - fruit / vegetable.
  • Day 3 - protein.

This scheme will give a good weight loss.

Diet “From the Bigger to the Lesser”

This 3-day diet for weight loss includes the preparation of a special nutrition program in two stages.

At the first stage, you should study your daily habitual diet well and find out how many “empty” calories your body consumes, much fat is eaten, sweets, fast food types of food( sweet sodas also belong here).

At the second stage, product replacement should occur. For example, cheese is replaced by low-fat cottage cheese, potatoes by cabbage, roasted meat by baked or stewed meat, and banana by apple.

This technique requires care and some knowledge. It is important to understand the products. Then the preparation of the program will not cause additional difficulties.

Egg-citrus diet

This option is well suited to those who are not allergic, since all three days you need to eat only egg whites, oranges and grapefruits.

The diet plan is simple: in the morning you need to eat an orange, in an hour - the protein of one egg, in another hour - a grapefruit. The cycle is repeated throughout the day until 18:00( the total number of meals is not more than 6).

As regards drinking, this is 2.5 liters of water or slightly sweetened green tea.

Cons Express-Slimming

Abuse such a limited diet can not be, because you can disrupt the metabolic processes, provoke deterioration of hair, nails and skin. And this effect is very few people will like.

For such a small period of time, it would seem difficult to cause any significant harm to your body. However, in any case, the body is in a state of stress, which means that there may be pain in the stomach, noticeable inflammation on the skin, peeling. As a result, general well-being will worsen and immunity may even decrease.

Many nutritionists still do not recommend choosing a diet for themselves, the principle of which nutrition is based only on the consumption of a single product with a caloric content below 800 kcal.

Any 3-day diet should not be built on extremes — restricting some foods and abundant others. According to experts, mono-diets for three days will bring much more harm than good. Everything should be in moderation.

Special attention should also be paid to the fact that the consumption of diuretic and laxative drugs during the period of weight loss should be prohibited. If you ignore this warning, you can seriously disrupt the intestinal microflora, dehydrate the body and lose valuable useful vitamins and minerals.

Fasting, the use of dietary supplements is also discouraged.

Valuable tips for losing weight

In order to quickly lose weight in 3 days, dietitians strongly recommend introducing multivitamins into your diet, focusing on clean water or herbal teas.

The body should also not be deprived of fruits, vegetables and protein.

Fat and complex carbohydrates cannot be completely excluded. If the menu has a few teaspoons of olive or vegetable oil, a small slice of grain bread, it does not affect the figure.

Do not forget about the priceless gifts of nature, which do not contain large amounts of starch. And these are all citrus fruits, pears, apples, kiwi, peaches, sweet peppers, cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, tomatoes, radishes.

Recommendations for weight loss from a nutritionist

Sour milk products will improve digestion, remove puffiness and refresh complexion. They perfectly nourish the skin and the body as a whole, as they are very useful and, besides, low-calorie. And the last rule: you want to lose weight without harm to health - eat. Small portions and often - up to 6 times a day.


Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, but going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacking time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode, there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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