Badyagi face mask: how to cook and apply

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"I rub them, I take them, I go crazy about them. .." One can not help remembering this nursery rhyme, looking in the mirror annoying freckles, with the onset of the first warm days, "chosen" nose and cheeks. And then there's nasty acne, which never pass without a trace, trying to leave behind a reddish uneven spot. Yes, it is necessary to dream of smooth porcelain skin only. I wonder how our great-grandmothers coped with these problems, in the era of complete lack of cosmetic clinics and beauty salons? Imagine, and in those days a miraculous method was found - a face mask from a badyagi. A couple of applications and - voila!- struck with unearthly beauty, fans stacked in stacks at the door of the boudoir.

  • The main component of the
  • miracle remedy Face mask with home remedies
  • Preparation and testing
  • Application rules
  • Professional homemade cream-masks
  • Badyaga and peroxide
  • “Tug-of-forte” at-a-day ”on the application of badyi for removing pigment spots

The main component of the miracle remedy

Badyaga is a traditional Russian medicine traditional for Russia. Dried and then powdered to a powdery state, the freshwater sponges of the Spongillidae family have long been healing bruises and bruises, relieving rheumatic pains and eliminating stagnation. As for the cosmetic effect, the healers themselves noted it: at the place of application of the powder from the lake sponge, redness was first observed, which was then replaced by the renewal of the skin.

The reason is that the skeleton of the mentioned intestinal-cavity animal is “built” from a variety of spicules — silicon micro-needles, which have a local irritant effect. Applying a mask of badyi in a mixture with animal fat or water activated the metabolic processes in the upper layer of the epidermis and, ultimately, led to intense exfoliation. As an unexpected but pleasant addition, the patient received a smooth and renewed skin.

Another natural “bonus” is the sponginin protein that is part of the Spongillidae protein. It is thanks to its absorbing and anti-inflammatory action that the badyaga is so effective in treating advanced acne.

Face Mask with Badger at Home

Preparation and Testing

To prepare the above-mentioned cosmetic product at home, we use ready-made pharmaceutical powder packaged in 2.5, 5, or 10 grams packages. A single application is about 5 g, that is, one medium bag. We also need non-carbonated and necessarily warm( a little more than 30 degrees) mineral water or just pure boiled water.

Before you mix the prepared ingredients, make sure that you are not allergic to the bunker. Use the rapid test, similar to that which is carried out when dyeing hair. Having mixed a small amount of powder in water, put mix on an internal part of an elbow bend. If after a quarter of an hour, the consequences in the form of an intolerable itch or, moreover, blisters, did not happen - everything is in order, you can apply the mask on the face and neck. Recall that a slight tingling and hyperemia of the skin( redness) is the norm, silicon needles “work”.

Application rules

  1. Tara, in which you are planning to "breed a badyag"( here and the familiar phraseology came to the place) should not be metal, it is better to take a container made from food-grade plastic or ceramics.
  2. Before mixing the elements of the drug, pull on thin rubber gloves( remember about redness).
  3. When applying the mask, leave the “area” around the lips and eyes unaffected.
  4. Protect mucous membranes from getting on them mixture. If it happened, run with warm water.
  5. Apply the mask on an absolutely clean skin with a uniformly thin layer.
  6. Do not overdo it! If you leave it on your skin for more than 20 minutes, you risk making a serious burn.

The ready-made mixture does not smell too appetizing - immediately an association with dry food for the inhabitants of the aquarium arises. If this is unbearable for you, insert a cotton swab into each nasal passage.

Professional cream masks at home

Badies and peroxide

This version of the mask with badagia, believe me, is fully capable of replacing the expensive salon procedure of chemical peeling. The only "but" - you need to try it on yourself with the utmost care.

Slowly adding a slightly heated 3% peroxide, mix it with the powder of our medicinal and cosmetic sponge. As soon as the mixture begins to resemble sour cream, you can apply it in massage directions on the skin of the face, as always, eliminating sensitive areas - around the eyes and near the lips. When the composition dries( after 10-15 minutes), gently, without rubbing the skin, wash it off with warm running water. The cream does not need to be applied - let them breathe pores.

This mask rejuvenates, smoothes post-acne spots and fine wrinkles, tones the skin and significantly lightens freckles. Ideal for oily skin. The frequency of its use is 2-3 times a week to achieve the expected result.

"Badyaga-forte" with Indian cress

For those who do not want to mess with the bowls, fill-stir, there is a ready-made version. In it, the badyagi effect is enhanced by additional components: citrus essential oils, extract of Indian cress( nasturtium) and wheat germ. First of all, this cream mask is used for hyperpigmentation resulting from age-related changes, during pregnancy, or due to sun exposure( freckles).

Along the way, the cream mask “Badyaga-forte” with Indian cress resolves the infiltrates, smoothing the skin relief and generally refreshes the complexion. The tool is not as aggressive as pure powder, but it also smells quite nicely. Relieves itching, regenerates and, at the same time, nourishes the skin. Apply the cream for 20 minutes, use from 1 to 3 times a week.


You are contraindicated in mask with badagi, if:

  • skin on your face is excessively dry and / or irritated;
  • has hirsutism( excessive hairiness of the skin);
  • observed pronounced couperosis( red vascular "veins");
  • has unhealed eels, ulcers and open sores;The
  • test showed an allergic reaction to the bastard.

There is one more limitation: the treatment with Spongillidae is not carried out in the summer, when the sun is especially active, otherwise, instead of an even tone of the face, you will receive monstrous pigmentation. To protect the "new" skin, regardless of seasonality, a few days will need to apply SPF-cream with high photoprotection.

Video consultation on the application of badyagi to remove pigment spots

And the last thing: do not overdo it in the pursuit of perfect, infant-tender skin. All the same, this is a fairly aggressive, albeit natural, substance. Only a strict observance of all the above-mentioned rules will help you achieve a brilliant result and at the same time do not harm yourself.

By secret

Our reader recommended a remedy that copes with wrinkles better than any “folk” mask and is not inferior in effective salon procedures: it nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effect is noticeable after her third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result that we managed to achieve without botox and operations - our face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the post in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful for you Read more & gt; & gt;

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