Pore ​​Tightening Mask: Five Best Recipes

January 20, 2019 04:00 | Face

Oily skin, unlike dry skin, keeps youth longer and even after forty years it looks supple and fresh. This is possible due to the active work of the sebaceous glands, which often turn this advantage into a real problem. A large amount of fat causes the appearance of enlarged pores, and after them - acne, acne, acne. Only daily care will make the skin attractive, and one of the most effective means is a mask for narrowing the pores, which can be made independently from the available products.

  • How to deal with enlarged pores
  • Video review of various means for narrowing pores
  • Causes of defect
  • Rules for using masks
  • The best recipes for masks for narrowing pores
  • Video recipe for facial scrub mask

How to deal with enlarged pores

How to deal with enlarged pores

Tightening Pores Causes Defect

Human skin is complex in structure and is able to function correctly only in ideal conditions. Unfortunately, there are several reasons for which there

are violations in the work of the sebaceous glands:

  • unbalanced diet( preference for sweet, flour, fatty foods);
  • wrong selection of care products for problem areas;
  • hereditary or acquired diseases;
  • hormonal failure;
  • negative impact of the environment - dry air, ultraviolet radiation, etc.

There are not enough home remedies in the form of a mask for narrowing and cleansing pores to eliminate some of the causes. The source of acne lies more deeply, and to identify it you need to contact a specialist - beautician, endocrinologist or dermatologist.

Painful manifestations deserve particular attention, for example, extensive acne with redness. In this case, porosuzhivayuschie masks can cause harm instead of benefit, therefore before their application it is necessary to visit the cosmetologist and undergo a course of treatment.

Rules for the application of masks

A few simple tips will make caring for problem areas more effective. If you take into account all the rules, you get a complex of cleansing procedures, with which you can achieve these results. Random, disposable, irregular masks for narrowing the pores are absolutely useless. They are able to refresh the skin only for the next two hours.

So, remember the important rules:

  1. Preliminary preparation. Before applying any composition it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin from dirt and greasy secretions. To do this, use special medical solutions, cosmetic lotions or lighter means, such as steaming and rubbing cucumber water. Serious peels or professional cleansing before direct application of the mask is best not to carry out
  2. Verification Tool. Be sure to check if there is an allergy to the ingredients - berries, honey, herbal infusions.
  3. Duration of the procedure. Usually, a pore-narrowing mask is used for 15–20 minutes, less often up to half an hour.
  4. Flushing means. For removal it is better to use pure warm water without additives.
  5. Extra Care. Along with the use of masks, it is recommended to use tonic or light creams for oily skin, which include zinc, salicylic acid, witch hazel, copper or lemon extract.

Traditionally, cleansing is carried out twice a day - before going to bed and after waking up, therefore it is better to use the narrowing pores of the mask immediately after the cleansing procedure.

The best recipes for pore-narrowing masks

The choice of product depends on the condition of the skin and its type, therefore, a personal cosmetologist will recommend to determine which composition really helps.

  • Matting Egg White

Protein Mask will help to remove oily shine and improve skin color. Beat up egg white in thick foam and mix with a spoon of lemon juice or aloe juice. Gently apply the resulting mass to the problem areas and hold for about 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Do not forget that a lemon not only tones, but also whitens.

  • Nutritious oatmeal

Add lemon juice or kefir to steamed oatmeal, grind everything in a blender. Mass, gentle and safe, can be used twice a week instead of one. The substances in the oats, have antimicrobial action, so the composition is great for combating acne.

  • Cosmetic clay

We choose the most suitable variety( white, red, blue) and dilute it in the required proportions with clean water. Mix with carrot, tomato juice or chopped sauerkraut. For better consistency, juice can be replaced with gruel. Keep on face for about 20 minutes, wash off. Caution: carrot juice pigments the skin.

  • Refreshing cucumber juice

Cucumber and squeezed juice from it is a real find for mature porous skin. The product is so safe and soft that it can be used daily. The cucumber slices wipe fat areas at every opportunity, and gruel from its pulp perfectly soothes the skin of the face before going to bed.

  • Activated carbon

Mix pre-soaked gelatin( half tbsp) with crushed activated carbon( 1 tablet) and pour in the Art.a spoon of milk. For complete dissolution, place in a steam bath and heat up. After cooling a little, apply the resulting mass evenly onto your face and let it cool. Take off after 20 minutes.

Regular facial skin care is necessary for all women over 20 years old, and pore-tightening masks are an excellent home remedy for women with oily and problem skin.

Video recipe for scrubbing face mask


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