Acne Oatmeal Mask: Recommendations for Skin Cleansing

January 20, 2019 07:45 | Face

If you want to get a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day, start it with oatmeal. It is perfectly absorbed by the body and is a treasure trove of useful substances. This product helps to preserve the health, as well as the beauty and youthfulness of the face. All you need is an oatmeal mask for acne. It may contain different components, united by a common goal - to positively affect oily, dry or sensitive skin. Such procedures give excellent results and help in the fight against various rashes. Our article will explain how to prepare effective therapeutic compositions at home.

  • General Recommendations
  • Oatmeal for Acne Face Masks
  • Soft Herbal Scrub
  • Royal Porridge
  • Video Acne Mask Instructions

for Acne Mask General Recommendations

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    1. Before starting the procedure, you need to prepare a face. To do this, steam it by holding it over hot water for several minutes.
    2. The formulations should be applied only to clean skin with washed hands. It is better to use for this brush or a soft sponge, which must be pre-disinfected.
    3. It is advised not to expose the face mask around the eyes and lips to therapeutic mask. The skin in these areas is the most delicate and sensitive, and therefore requires special gentle care.
    4. When using fruit masks, be sure to test your skin for allergies. Lubricate the earlobe or wrist with fruit juice. If after 10 minutes in these areas does not appear redness or itching, then you can apply such a composition for the face.
    5. In the presence of purulent rashes, deep cuts and scratches with cosmetic procedures should be delayed.

    And now we offer you a choice of recipes for some masks. We hope that you find one that will become your favorite.

    Oatmeal for Acne Face Masks

    • Cleansing

    To make it, you need to take 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, lemon juice and sour cream. All components should be well mixed, and then apply the resulting mass on the face. After 15 minutes, it is removed with a cotton pad.

    • Antiseptic

    This cosmetic product includes 5 components - oatmeal, lemon juice, iodized salt, aloe juice and honey( they are all taken in the same proportion).Hold the mixture for 15 minutes on the face, and then wipe off with a damp cotton swab. It has a drying effect, well heals small wounds, and also contributes to the rapid disappearance of acne. After this procedure, the skin will become smooth and shiny.

    • Antibacterial

    Prepare the infusion by pouring boiling water( 250 ml) on chamomile flowers and mint leaves( 1 tablespoon each).Strain it, add a handful of milled rolled oats, and boil it for 5 minutes on low heat. The resulting mass is applied to the face in a warm form and covered with a napkin on top. After 20 minutes, remove the mask with a cotton pad dipped in a herbal infusion. This oatmeal mask for acne acts in 3 directions - chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect, mint - soothing, and oats - cleansing.

    • Moisturizing

    Take a handful of rolled oats, fill it with 0.5 cups of very hot water, and then add 1 tbsp to it.a spoonful of good olive oil. The mixture is left on the face for 20 minutes, then rinsed with water. If you add egg yolk to its composition, its moisturizing properties will be supplemented with nourishing ones.

    • Refreshing

    Hercules needs to be crushed with a blender, and then add fresh orange juice and honey. All ingredients are taken in equal amounts and thoroughly mixed. The resulting mass in the massage lines is distributed over the face, and after 10 minutes, washed off. Such a mask with oatmeal for acne is contraindicated for those who are allergic to citrus fruits.

    • For sensitive skin

    Cook ordinary oatmeal porridge without adding salt. Allow it to cool and then apply to cleansed face. After 30 minutes, it should be washed off with water. This mask is called delicate, because it is hypoallergenic and can be safely applied by women with very sensitive skin.

    Soft scrub of rolled oats

    Dry oatmeal can be used as a scrub. They need to grind on a coffee grinder, and then pour on for 5 minutes with warm water. The mixture is pounded on the face with light massage movements. For a softer effect, steamed oatmeal can be kneaded in your hands until foam is obtained.

    You can treat not only the face, but also the neck and décolleté with it. This washing is best done in the morning and evening. It helps cleanse the skin of blackheads and black spots, as well as narrow pores. True, to get a visible result, you will have to carry out such a procedure regularly for 1-2 months.

    Royal porridge

    Certainly, masks with oatmeal for acne give excellent results. But to improve the complexion and condition of the skin, you need to enter this rump into the daily diet. It perfectly cleans the liver and removes toxins, and in fact it is harmful toxins that cause rashes and acne. That is why almost all diets recommend starting the day with oatmeal.

    Vitamins of group B, which are contained in this dish, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improve metabolic processes and have anti-inflammatory effects. A large percentage of fiber cleanses the intestines and normalizes the work of housing and utilities, as a result of which rashes and acne disappear.

    We are sure that with this information you can make your face clean and beautiful. We wish you good health!

    Video instruction for acne mask on the basis of oatmeal and cucumberand the effect according to her is noticeable after the 3rd application.

    We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result that was achieved without botox and operations - the face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the post in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful for you Read more & gt; & gt;

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