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Do you want to preserve beauty in harmony with nature? Tired of the purchased formulations, afraid of "chemistry", I had to cut the budget for cosmetic procedures, but you still need to follow the face? Try to organize a home beauty parlor, learn how to make face masks out of clay - a natural remedy for the preservation of beauty, presented to us by Mother Nature. The first 8 months of lifeClay

Familiarity with the composition of

Many people underestimate the clay, believing that it is something between the dirt and the ground. Therefore, a small thematic excursion in any case does not hurt.

The history of

's birth Clay is the final stage of the life of stones, which is a kaleidoscope of various minerals in the form of the smallest crystals. This powder is not only ultra useful, but also amazing in its color range. The hue of the product depends on its composition.

In ancient Egypt, clay fulfilled the mission of a peculiar refrigerator-conservative, washing machine and universal medici

ne. Women, dipping pieces of meat into it, kept the product fresh for a long time. Powder-sprinkled fabrics were not only perfectly washed, but also became whiter. Ancient healers treated a lot of ailments with clay: when poisoning, they took it inside, in case of open wounds and burns miraculous powder sprinkled lesions so that the skin recovered faster.

On the composition of

As you understand, the composition of clay varies depending on the hue of the powder. For example, the blue species is rich in radium - a metabolic activator that helps cells renew, maintain youth, healthy color and elasticity. Silicon contained in the powder promotes the formation of collagen, improves metabolism and flexibility of blood vessels, and also stimulates the growth of hair and takes care of bone tissue. Manganese is an excellent deodorant that dries the skin. Useful for the skin and aluminum, which has astringent and whitening properties. Any type of gift of nature is an excellent cleaner.

Nuances of making masks from clay

How to make a face mask from clay to extract the maximum effect from the miracle powder? Remember the basic rules of the procedures: Prepare the

  • immediately before the beginning of the session;
  • product before application is better to sift, then there will be no lumps;
  • observe the ratio of powder and water( 1: 2), too liquid, as well as a very thick mixture will not have an adequate effect on the skin;
  • do not forget to clean the cover before applying the mass;
  • put on a clay face mask delicately, without pressure, strictly along the massage lines;
  • delicate areas around the eyes and mouth should not be treated;
  • layer must be thick - do not feel sorry for the powder;
  • during the action of the mixture, try not to strain the muscles - do not smile, do not talk;
  • If the composition on the face has become dry ahead of time, moisten it with a spray bottle;
  • remove mask residue with cotton pads moistened with cool water or milk, do not use soap solutions for such purposes;
  • after the procedure will certainly moisten the cover.

Clay recipes

White clay

This type is good for masks for problem skin that is oily, prone to inflammation, pore pollution, pigmentation and other problems that cross out the beauty of the face. Cosmetologists say that the mask for oily skin of white clay is the best solution, because kaolin perfectly cleans, dries the skin, absorbing excess fat, and also visibly tightens the pores. In addition, the white variety is good against bacteria, inflammation, and therefore helps to get rid of acne.

  • Curd Mask with Kaolin

Take a small spoonful of white clay, orange juice and 2 of the same - home-made cottage cheese, pounded to the store consistency. Stir the ingredients and apply a mass on the skin. After 20 minutes, rinse off the residue with warm water.

Red Clay

This variety is a “medicine” for owners of allergic, sensitive, irritated skin. Also, a red clay face mask is recommended for victims of wrinkles and women with dull skin.

  • The easiest recipe

Dilute with water red clay to a creamy state, mix well. Handle the resulting mass with a brush. Soak for 10 minutes and wash with warm water.

  • Option for dry skin

Owners of dry cover should be “armed” with this recipe. Mix the red powder in equal proportions with any cosmetic oil or homemade sour cream or yolk. It does not hurt a couple of drops of essential orange oil. All mix thoroughly and process the composition of the cover. Soak for 10 minutes and wash with warm, chlorine-free water.

Pink Clay

Pink clay treatment facial masks - a kind of mix of the two types of powder described above - an excellent disinfectant and wrinkles and wrinkles smoothing skin.

  • Anti-Aging Mask

Mix a spoonful of pink powder with milk, based on the amount of liquid, be guided by the consistency of sour cream. Make up the face, and if desired, and the neck and wait until the mask is completely dry. The final stage is a contrast washing: first with warm, then with cool water that does not contain chlorine.

Yellow clay

Who is shown yellow clay face masks? Primarily for acne owners, because yellow powder is a kind of “first aid” for inflammatory processes, when the skin needs an improved supply of oxygen to tissues.

  • Basic recipe

Dissolve a pinch of yellow powder with cold, but boiled water to the consistency of yogurt. Stir, make sure there are no lumps. Make up the face and neck, lie down for 10 minutes and wash.

  • Composition against acne

In the struggle with acne, the mask for the face made of clay and honey, flavored with acidic ingredients, was excellently recommended. One spoon of homemade honey, apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice combine with two spoons of yellow clay. Apply the mixture for 10 minutes on your face. Wash your face with cool water.

  • Treatment with yellow clay of fading skin

If the face shows signs of old age, do not delay, take such a mask on the “arms”.Combine one dessert spoon of clay and milk with yolk, mix. Crush a few leaves of green mint, add to the mixture. Pound and apply a lot. After 10 minutes, wash.

Blue Clay

This variety is from Bulgaria, where the mountains are teeming with silver. Hence the unusual color of the healing powder. Due to its silver content, blue clay is an excellent remedy to combat pigmentation, acne, skin wrinkles, manifestations of old age and an orange peel. In addition, this kind of excellent tones, softens and moisturizes the skin.

  • A classic recipe

Mix the blue powder with water in a ratio of 1: 2 and leave the gruel in a bright place for 10 hours. Then mix the mixture again and, avoiding the mouth and eyes, apply with a brush to the skin for 20 minutes. Remove the residue with a cotton padmoistened with milk.

  • Anti-acne agent

To get rid of acne from your face, use the badyagi and clay face mask. Take in equal parts these substances and water, mix and apply an even layer on the areas of "settlement" of acne. Remove the remnants need after complete drying of the composition.

Video: blue clay mask

Black clay video mask

As you can see, clay face masks can help solve a lot of problems. Bring such procedures in your schedule, and your face will be impeccable.


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