The diet of Elena Malysheva: a set of products and their composition

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The question - “What would it be to eat to lose weight?” - no longer makes anyone laugh. In this regard, Elena Malysheva's diet is very popular - the set of products and diet in this diet is designed in such a way that people lose weight without feeling hunger. In this article we will reveal the secrets and peculiarities of cooking meals on your own. Want to know what rules to follow when losing weight? Then read on!

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  • Composition of the Elena Malysheva Diet
  • Malysheva Diet - the composition of products and their approximate calories.
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Menu for weight loss from Elena Malysheva: pros and cons

The branded diet Malysheva is a set of products for 28 days and not requiring long preparation. The finished kit can be bought without leaving home( online).From this point of view, it is very good for people who are busy or simply lazy, who do not

want to burden themselves with the hassle of finding and preparing "healthy food."

In addition, a big plus is that the menu of the complex is developed in several versions, taking into account the gender and physical health of the participants:

  • for healthy men and women( separate diets) who want to lose weight or keep weight;
  • for people with chronic diseases( hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure).

The main disadvantage is the cost of 12,000 rubles. This, you see, is almost twice as large as the size of the consumer basket in Russia. Of course, not everyone is willing to spend so much money on food. And if you need to diet not a month, but two or more? We will try to find the answer to this financial and aesthetic problem together, here and now. But first, let's look at the menu.

Composition of the diet of Helen Malysheva

Products for the Malysheva diet accurately calculated on the energy value. Each portion corresponds to one meal and is packaged in separate packaging. All packages have a cooking method.

The daily ration for convenience is assembled in 4 multi-colored packages:

  • breakfast( green);
  • lunch( yellow);
  • afternoon snack( blue);
  • dinner( red).

Some products are dry. Before use, they need to steam up with hot water. It is very important that the water temperature should not be 100 degrees, as is usually done, but 90. Other dishes are supplied frozen. It goes without saying that they require preliminary defrosting and heating in a microwave oven.

Note the !On the daily menu, on request, you can add tea, coffee and fruit( one sour and one sweet, such as apple and orange) for lunch or an afternoon snack. Of course, the choice must be stopped on one thing. For breakfast, you can choose from the monthly set any green bag, for lunch - any yellow one, and so on. The calorie content of these bags will be about the same.

Malysheva Diet - the composition of products and their approximate calorie content.

Breakfasts with a caloric content of about 300 kcal:

  • cereal oatmeal porridge( with different berries);
  • muesli 4 cereals( oatmeal, rye, wheat and barley flakes) with pumpkin seeds;
  • cereal with nuts, seeds and candied fruits;
  • fruit bar with cherries and cranberries;
  • buckwheat cereal( or rice, or millet) in the form of flakes with raisins and apples( pineapple, raspberries, etc.);
  • classic omelet with cauliflower or broccoli.

Lunches calorie 100-150 kcal:

  • turkey sauce with cauliflower and broccoli;
  • champignons with potatoes and sauce;
  • white saury fillet with mashed potatoes;
  • mushrooms with potatoes and onions;
  • chum fillet with steamed rice;
  • chicken fillet with boiled rice;
  • chicken meatball with rice in white mushroom sauce;
  • buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and onions;
  • meatballs with red buckwheat sauce;
  • meat zrazy stuffed with mushrooms, with buckwheat.

Desserts with a caloric content of about 300 kcal:

  • fruit bar with apricot( or apples, or nuts, or cranberries, or cherry);
  • almonds with raisins, papaya and pineapple;
  • a mixture of hazelnuts and almonds with dried fruit;
  • whole grain bar with apple( or cranberry);
  • souffle with blueberry juice( or lingonberry);
  • kozinaki with sesame and dried apricots.

Dinner calories about 100 kcal :

  • chicken noodle soup;
  • mushroom( or pumpkin, or green) cream soup( possible with crackers);
  • chicken breast in vegetable sauce with crumbly buckwheat;
  • fish bits with rice;
  • stuffed peppers with vegetables;
  • lazy cabbage rolls with vegetable sauce;
  • white cabbage stew with mushrooms;
  • pilaf with vegetables.

On fasting days:

4 times porridge made from rice or buckwheat flakes.

As you can see, the Malysheva diet includes dishes from the most ordinary products that you can easily cook at home in the kitchen. In fact, this is not even a classic diet, but a new system of healthy nutrition for people who are overweight. You just need to follow the advice on diet and the size of portions - and obesity will recede forever.

9 useful rules and advice for a while on the

  • diet The cycle must be sustained without disruption for cake / ice cream and other goodies. According to numerous reviews, during this time is achieved from five to ten kilograms of weight loss.

Tip: knowing the initially treasured number of kilograms you want to give up, weigh yourself every week. This will help you to charge a positive from the positive dynamics of weight loss. So it will be easier to lose weight.

  • One day a week - unloading. It is necessary. You can eat only rice or buckwheat, cooked in water without salt. These days are carried by the body harder than normal days.

Tip: spend fasting days when you are busy doing some work or homework because this reduces the feeling of hunger.

  • Meal should be at least 4-5 times a day. The interval between visits to the table - 2 or 3 hours. Here you can do without advice. Dinner must be no later than 19 o'clock.

Tip: is better not to neglect this item, but to look for ways to comply with it. Late dinner - fatties best friend.

  • The volume of Malysheva diet products at one time should not exceed 250 milliliters, which roughly corresponds to one cup.

Tip: Get yourself a plate in which it is simply impossible to put more. Gradually you will get used to such a portion, and this will become your norm.

  • If you bought the Elena Malysheva diet in the kit, then you will not have to count calories, since everything is already calculated and laid out, as they say, on shelves.

Tip: if you cook by yourself, then stock up on a calculator and a table of calorie foods. The daily rate of "legal" calories during the period of weight loss should be 800-1000 calories. And to keep the weight limit can be extended to 1200-1400 kcal.

  • In addition to a certain composition of the Malysheva Diet products, up to two liters of pure non-carbonated water should be included in the daily diet.

Tip: Start your morning with a glass of water on an empty stomach. Among other utilities, it will reduce the feeling of hunger.

  • Reduce to a minimum, and better eliminate from your diet the following products:
  1. salt;
  2. sugar and its containing products;
  3. animal and vegetable fats;
  4. baking, as well as beets, potatoes, carrots;
  5. alcoholic beverages.

No comment, just take it as an axiom! A garnish of cereal or porridge is better to cook as follows: in the evening, pour water over the cereal and leave to infuse for the whole night, and in the morning - just bring to a boil. At the same time all the vitamins and trace elements will remain in the porridge.

Useful video guide on the Malysheva diet

Now you know what is on the Malysheva diet, and if you decide to lose weight, following her recommendations, you can decide whether to buy a food package or prepare your own food. I wish you good health and slim figure!


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