Diet for type 1 diabetics: the rules of nutrition and the essence of bread units

January 21, 2019 01:15 | Diets

Diabetes is a great misfortune of our time, like a plague that enmeshes the planet with its insidious networks. Now this disease kills people more often than deadly AIDS.Why? The fact is that diabetes is skillfully "masked" for other diseases, and when it turns out what the true cause of ill health is, it is no longer possible to get rid of the disease. Nothing remains for the victims of the disease, how to diligently monitor the scourge, not allowing it to kill itself as long as possible. Fortunately, medicine does not stand still, developing new treatment regimens and life rules for sick people. For example, a meticulously observed diet for type 1 diabetics and timely injections of insulin can actually completely return suffering people to a full life. The main thing - to remember everything and diligently perform.

  • All about diabetes 1
  • type O insidious disease
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All about diabetes 1

type O insidious disease

disease develops rapidly, sometimes only a couple of months, or even weeks, to diabetes hoistedyou are “on the needle” - insulin injections, without which your existence will turn into torture.

How to determine that you are a victim of type 1 diabetes? First of all, with the help of tests that show that the concentration of glucose( sugar) in your blood is elevated. But how to understand that it is time to go to the testing room?"Listen" to yourself.

So, the "signals" indicate that it is necessary to urgently undergo research for diabetes:

  • you experience itchy skin;
  • you are thirsty almost all the time( including night), thirst doesn't actually disappear;
  • you often visit the bathroom for urination, getting up even during sleep, and the volume of discharge increases, sometimes reaching 10 liters of urine per day;
  • you are rapidly losing weight;
  • performance decreases with each working day;
  • you pursues weakness and drowsiness, the weekend passes without a trace, without eliminating fatigue;
  • appear bouts of nausea or even vomiting;
  • for the worse is changing the smell from the mouth;
  • observed impaired consciousness.

This is important to know! If you are over 40 years old, it is possible that none of these symptoms will appear, so the doctor will make a logical conclusion that you suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes and prescribe you the wrong course of treatment, which will further aggravate the situation. Now you understand why ailment is called insidious? !

So what causes this type of diabetes? Absolute insulin deficiency or, as they say, in a scientific way: the death of beta cells responsible for the coordinated work of the pancreas. Due to these changes, due to the lack of insulin, glucose from the blood cannot enter the cells of the body and “feed” them. There is a paradox: there is too much sugar in the blood, and the cells are “starving”.

Imagine being seated at a table full of food, sitting in a capsule of thick glass and metal that you cannot destroy on your own. Similarly, human cells die from hunger, surrounded by glucose, separated from them by an impregnable “wall”.Therefore, patients have to both insure the flow of insulin from the outside( by injections) and monitor the balance of sugar( which is now useless for the needs of the pancreas) in the blood.

Nutrition Basic Principles

If you have type 1 diabetes, the diet should be structured so that the body does not experience sudden surges in the blood glucose levels. And this means that the ban includes “belly festivals” with tables full of delicious dishes, as well as fasting or malnutrition, even in the name of beauty - for body shaping. The health of the victims of malignant illness comes out on top, in the end, an extra fold on the stomach can be “masked” with a skillfully selected dress, jacket, or removed with the help of active hobbies, rather than drastic dietary restrictions.

On the one hand, a diet with type 1 diabetes is not much different from a healthy diet. On the other hand, it depends entirely on the insulin dose that the body received. That is, you need to first think what exactly you will eat, then calculate how much insulin to inject, inject, and only then sit at the table.

Sometimes the victims of an illness first make an injection, and then make up the menu, you can, but this way is more troublesome, because you have to play a kind of “cell feeding” game, adjusting the contents of the meal to the dose of hormone, changing the dishes, as well as theirweight. Of course, over the years, even such complex manipulations will take you a minimum of time, but it is better to comprehend the science of dietology from easy "lessons".

Getting Started? What should I pay for when choosing food for the next meal? On the concentration of carbohydrates in food. As you know, foods are made from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. So, the victims of type 1 diabetes must accurately and scrupulously calculate the amount of carbohydrates consumed, which are responsible for the concentration in the blood of glucose so important for the well-being of patients.

It is worth noting that some products are so insignificantly low in carbohydrates that when calculating the victims of diabetes, they can be completely ignored. Such foods include

  • cabbage,
  • turnip,
  • zucchini,
  • pumpkin,
  • salad,
  • pepper,
  • radishes,
  • eggplants,
  • greens.

Worth paying attention! Not all vegetables are given the "green light" in the menu of diabetics. For example, potatoes, legumes, corn are abundant in carbohydrates, so it’s forbidden to consume them for 1 time more than 200 g.

What carbohydrate rich foods are on the list of foods that require special counting?

  • bread, other pastries;
  • cereals;
  • fruit;
  • pasta;
  • potatoes;
  • dairy products;
  • corn;
  • any sucrose-containing dishes.

As you understand, all foods rich in carbohydrates are not forbidden to eat, but the amount eaten of this type of food, firstly, must be carefully counted, secondly, to match the dose of insulin injected so that the glucose concentration in the blood does not exceed the allowable rate. For the calculation, a system of bread units is used, which you will learn about in detail below.

Rule of the

bread unit If you had to “get acquainted” with type 1 diabetes, you will have the rules of the bread unit, as they say, “hack into your nose”.The first time, of course, will be difficult, but after a few months you will accurately count how many HEs are contained in one or another meal, as well as masterfully composing a menu for the next meal, taking into account the amount of insulin administered.

XE is a conditional parameter, equal to about 12 g of carbohydrates, which, by being consumed, a diabetic increases his sugar level by 2.8 mmol / liter, which in turn( to maintain glucose balance and patient well-being) requires the introduction of 2 units of insulin.

What is each bread unit equal to? It all depends on what product the carbohydrates are in. HE cannot be measured in grams, spoons or glasses. The victims of diabetes simply have to memorize a special table of contents of HE in products by analogy, as in childhood multiplication table. There are no other ways, alas. Of course, if the patients only found out about their ailment and are in the hospital, nutritionists calculate their diet, but when they get home, diabetics will have to learn a new science - drawing up the menu of each meal, taking into account HE.

During the day, about 20 XE can be consumed for the victims of insidious disease, deviations of 5 units are permissible, more - no. Moreover, the rate can not be eaten in one sitting or two, you need to correctly distribute the permitted dose of XE for the whole day. Doctors recommend sticking with this scheme:

  • morning - 5;
  • snack - 2;
  • lunch - 5;
  • afternoon snack - 2;
  • dinner - 4-5.

How many bread units are present in certain products? It is better for every diabetic to have this information in the form of a table, a snapshot, and even better to memorize. For example, you can focus on such data.1 XE is:

  • slice( 25 g) of bread;
  • almost half a cup of finished buckwheat;
  • small potato;
  • medium apple;
  • 25 g potato chips;
  • half a blouse;
  • a pair of prunes.

Over time, any of the diabetics remembers how much HE is found in those dishes that he prefers and starts building his menu correctly, which helps to actually return to a full life.

With the right diet for type 1 diabetics, you can live long and feel great.


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