Wrinkle masks at home - the secrets of manufacturing and use

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Do you know that old age is younger? First of all, this refers to the appearance of the skin, which can hardly withstand the deterioration of the ecological situation, the abundance of all kinds of "chemistry", which is included in many formulations to maintain beauty, as well as the fascination with fast food and other unhealthy foods. Is it possible to resist such trends? How to deal with premature old age? It's simple: feed your skin with natural products. To do this, learn to make wrinkle masks at home, choosing the freshest products and repeating the procedure regularly. See that your skin comes to life again and will respond with gratitude - a flowering look.

  • General rules for the use of rejuvenating masks
  • Best recipes
  • Honey against wrinkles
  • Oil Mask
  • Aloe is the best doctor for skin
  • Vitamin Quartet against old age
  • Secret mask from Tibet
  • Video-recipe for antessoods of the counters of the counters in the fight against the fight agains
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    Before studying recipes for homemade wrinkles, you should be familiar with the main principles of this type of procedure. So, remember the fundamental rules:

    • formulations are applied to cleansed skin;
    • masks against mimic wrinkles at home are best done when the skin is in normal tone, avoiding periods of time one hour before sleep and after waking up;
    • to apply a rejuvenating mass on the skin should be delicate, smooth strokes( preferably with a cosmetic brush), you do not need to rub the funds actively;
    • cannot keep mixtures of this type for more than 20 minutes( as a rule, after such a time they turn into a crust), of course, if the recipe does not indicate the opposite;
    • should be applied according to massage lines - from the corners of the mouth to the ears, from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the middle of the chin at the ear lobes, from the nose bridge to the nostrils;
    • around the eyes standard anti-aging masks are not applied due to the delicate structure of the cover in these places( for such areas there are special recipes);
    • during the procedure it is necessary to relax as much as possible, not to talk, not to wrinkle, not to smile;
    • after the mask from wrinkles at home for at least 2 hours should refrain from applying makeup.

    This is important to know! Do homemade face masks for wrinkles are contraindications? There are only two of them - dilated vessels and excessive facial hair.

    The best recipes

    How to make masks against wrinkles at home? What recipes are in the top five? Let's start with the simplest and sweetest option - honey.

    Anti-Wrinkle Honey

    This gift of nature is not only an amazing delicacy, but also an excellent “remedy” for aging skin. Moreover, the honey mask is prepared very simply: mix a spoonful of solar nectar with fresh yolk, and the composition is ready. It remains only to move it to the face for a quarter of an hour, then remove the sweet mixture using a cotton pad moistened with milk or plain water.

    You are free to repeat this procedure every day until you achieve the desired result, however, as lovers of honey treatment claim, you will not have to wait for a long time. This mask is especially favorable for dry skin type owners.

    Oil Mask

    Skin mask - like water for the earth, the more often you spoil your face with useful oils, the later you will “get acquainted” with wrinkles. The best fighter in the fight with old age is olive oil - a regular guest of many kitchens, so you may not even have to go shopping to arrange a beauty parlor at home. You only need time and the "correct" recipe. On the last and talk. Olive masks for deep wrinkles at home are prepared very quickly.

    So, remember: take 1 soup spoon of fresh mashed potatoes or apples, or kiwi, add the same amount of olive oil to the fruit slurry, mix, wait until the mixture reaches room temperature. The composition is ready, apply it for 20 minutes. Then rinse with cool water and admire the result. A course of 10 sessions with an interval of 3 days will return your skin freshness, and you will have an amazing mood.

    Aloe is the best doctor for skin.

    This indoor plant is the most frequent decoration of window sills of people who came out of the Soviet and post-Soviet epochs. So if you do not find a few leaves of aloe in your home, visit the neighbors or relatives, well, or the market, where there are always grannies with the cherished pots of room "inhabitants."Your trips did not succeed? Then go to the pharmacy - for ampoules. By the way, it is worth the coveted juice mere "pennies".

    What, besides aloe, do you need? First, a glass container, gauze, a spoon( not aluminum) and a cosmetic brush, which can be found in a specialty store, as well as a hair bandage so that the hair does not interfere with rejuvenating procedures. Secondly, the recipe needs two more components, such as olive oil and cream( the most fat).

    And now the recipe. Crush several aloe leaves( on a grater, in a combine or mortar), squeeze the juice from the plant with the help of gauze. For the recipe you need a pair of soup spoons of healing liquid. To the juice, add the same spoon of cream and olive oil. Mix the composition with delicate brush strokes, apply with a brush on the face. Soak for half an hour and blot the cover several times with a paper napkin. After 3 days, repeat, and so 10 times, until the face shines again with youth and blush.

    Vitamin Quartet vs. Old Age

    One is not a warrior in the field, is he? Therefore, homegrown beauticians have invented a group method of fighting wrinkles, and, moreover, is universal, because at home this mask eliminates even nasolabial wrinkles and is suitable for any type of skin.

    What is such a wonderful recipe? You may be surprised, but the process begins with a cup of tea. Yes exactly. Brew this refreshing drink. One tablespoon is poured into a glass container or an ordinary plate, and you enjoy the rest for your pleasure. Charged with cheerfulness? So you can continue. Add to a spoonful of tea for the same portion of honey and oatmeal( in the form of flakes or flour) and twice as much milk. Stir the mass thoroughly and apply to the cover for about a quarter of an hour, it can take a little longer. Wash away the magic "quartet" barely warm water.

    Secret mask from Tibet

    Do you know that Tibet is a country of health, youth, spiritual harmony, wisdom and a central repository of ancestral knowledge? In the meantime, you do not have the opportunity to visit this marvelous land personally, read at least the Tibetan secret of the youth of the face.

    So prepare the following ingredients:

    • egg;
    • bay leaf;
    • olive oil;
    • burnt alum( look for this unusual herbal remedy at the pharmacy);
    • water.

    Prepare a decoction of laurel. In 100 ml of water, throw 3 leaves of laurel and languish on minimal heat until water remains at the bottom. Then cool infusion. In a separate bowl, beat the whites with a couple of small spoons of butter. Add there broth and a couple of grams of burnt alum. The method of applying this mask from mimic wrinkles is different from the traditional one. First, impregnate the fabric with a composition or gauze, in which you pre-cut the gaps for the mouth, nose and eyes. Then cover the face with the processed material and stay alone for 20 minutes. Flush the mixture according to the scenario of the previous recipe.

    The top five leaders - masks from wrinkles at home will protect you from old age and bad mood.

    Video anti-wrinkle mask prescription from


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