Diet 5 kg for 5 days: choose the menu according to the season

February 14, 2019 04:45 | Diets

How to lose weight without compromising health? First of all, one should take into account what time of the year it is, as it is silly, for example, to deprive the body of useful vitamins in the summer or sit on a pair of cabbage leaves in the winter - when a person needs a nutritious diet in order to comfortably endure cold weather. The result, which can be guaranteed by a seasonally chosen diet, is 5 kg in 5 days, regardless of the weather outside.

  • Winter Diet - Getting Ready for the New Yearso often you want something tasty, fatty foods, sweets? It's all about the laws of Mother Nature. When it is cold, the body needs more energy to fight the frost, so a small weight gain in the form of a pair of a kilo will not hurt anyone. However, in winter we celebrate the most cheerful, inspiring, a kind of magical holiday - the New Year.

    Of course, everyone wants to look dazzling this night, show off in a new outfit, get a lot of compliments, in the end, start the calendar year with perfe

    ct forms, it's not for nothing that the sign is still alive: how to celebrate the New Year - so you will spend it. Therefore, before such a holiday is to stretch and get rid of extra folds on the stomach. This should begin a week before the New Year's Eve.5 days of diet, then 2 days to return to the normal dietary system, so that there is no deterioration of health during such an important holiday period.

    So, the winter diet menu to look perfect for the New Year:

    • morning - a jar of yogurt( low in fat), an apple, a bar( 40 g) of cheese, tea;
    • snack - a couple of nuts or dried apricots;
    • lunch - a piece( 200 g) of fish / meat in boiled form;
    • afternoon tea - ginger tea, accelerating the process of burning fat;
    • evening - chicken breast and half a pack of cottage cheese, for dessert - orange;
    • before bedtime - a cup of nonfat kefir.

    Worth paying attention! Portions prescribed in the diet, do not saturate you? Use the tricky "trick".Before each meal( for 15 minutes) drink a glass of non-carbonated water, you will see that your appetite will stop rampant, provoking you to overeat.

    Drink enough during the winter diet to keep your metabolism working smoothly. The rate is at least 8 glasses of liquid( water, tea, decoction of herbs).

    We're losing weight in spring: the gifts of nature - yes

    In the spring, the body awakens from winter “hibernation”, it is very important to pamper it at such a moment with vegetable food, replete with vitamins and other substances that are useful for working in new weather conditions. On the one hand, it is impossible to drastically reduce the diet or starve, as some overweight victims practice, because after winter dizziness and weakness may begin. On the other hand, it is time to bring the figure in order, because soon the sun will beckon you to the street, shorten the skirts and strip your shoulders. Summer must be met in perfect shape so that last year's sundresses do not diverge at the seams, and favorite shorts buttoned up without effort. Do you agree? Then it's time to start!

    An example of a daytime spring diet menu to look dazzling:

    • Morning - low-fat cottage cheese( 125 g), a spoon of honey, a small whole grain bun or a pair of crackers( optional);
    • snack - vegetables( which appeared on the market) or a pair of fruits;
    • lunch - a plate of lenten first course( your choice), a piece of chicken or beef, a couple of spoons of green peas;
    • Snack - Fresh Vegetable Salad( Excluding Starchy Potatoes);
    • evening - yogurt and a handful of nuts or seasonal fruit( optional).

    If after dinner you are awake for a long time, and your stomach begins to “give concerts,” you can afford a cup of kefir, which does not exceed 1% in fat content. Among other things, it is recommended not to drink the allowed portion in one gulp, but slowly to eat it with a spoon.

    But with the salt in the spring you need to be careful. Reduce the dose of consumption of this product, replacing it with fresh greens, which appears with the first rays of the warm sun. Thus, you will not only burn the fat accumulated during the winter, but also remove excess fluid from the tissues, which also affects the weight in a positive direction.

    The duration of the spring diet is a week, during this period you will get at least 3 kilos lighter, and if you combine the power supply system with active pastime, you can lose a couple more kilos over the same period. Liked? You can take a break for a month and repeat.

    Summer diet - all on the beach

    Hot days drive all without exception to the water. It does not matter which beach you choose to relax, be it the luxurious Adriatic coast or the bank of the nearest river, everywhere you want to look perfect in a bathing suit, it’s seductive that the extra folds on the stomach and the “ears” hanging over the trunks do not make you blush andhide such “decorations” under the towel. Of course, for the beach rest figure should begin to prepare in the spring. But what to do if this moment is missed, and with such an appearance it is just a shame to walk in a bathing suit? There is a way out, however, it will be difficult, but you are ready to sacrifice something for the sake of beauty, aren't you?

    Any lady who wants to become the “queen of the beach” will help her to fulfill her dream with a useful watermelon diet for 5 days - 10 kg minus. Watermelon pulp is actually water, but enriched with valuable microelements and vitamins, therefore, losing weight on such a system, you will not only gain harmony, but also clean the intestines, kidneys, and also charge the internal energy “batteries”.

    Ready? Then go for the watermelon. Every day you can eat 3 kilos of watermelon delicacies. But that's all, there should be no more dishes on the menu; an exception is made only for non-carbonated and mineral-free water. And so you eat 5 days. It is advisable to carry out such a weight correction course during the holiday period, during holidays or weekends, since you will often visit the toilet and, perhaps, feel some weakness. Meanwhile, the air must be visited every day. Take a chaise lounge, a book, a watermelon and go to the nearest park to lose weight and rest.

    In order to not return the lost 10 kilos, it is important to get out of the watermelon diet correctly. It will also take 5 days. Reducing portions of watermelon, you need to gradually include light meals in the menu. On the first day - porridge, then - vegetable salads, then - fish. At the same time, nutritionists advise not to change the evening meal. A few days after the end of the diet for dinner, still enjoy the watermelon.

    It will be wonderful if you start practicing exercises for correcting the waist and buttocks at the same time, because not only weight but also shape is important. Active games on the air can make an alternative to boring monotonous complexes held in a stuffy gym. The main thing - move!

    Autumn slimming system - stocking up with vitamins

    In the fall, many are followed by spleen, because summer is gone, and ahead of the cold. However, it is impossible to harm beauty and health because of a bad mood. It is necessary to skillfully prepare the body for the winter, while not losing the forms modeled in the summer with such difficulty.

    The basic rules for eating in the fall to preserve the beauty of the figure:

    1. Do not choose a hard diet, in the run-up to winter, doing so is dangerous to health.
    2. To eat fractional( often, but modest portions).
    3. Diet should be thought out, enriched with all the necessary body substances, so the mono diet in the fall - not the best solution.
    4. Less than 800 calories per day is prohibited to consume, it is fraught with stress.
    5. Do not abuse fat, alcohol, sweet. Transfer these "pranks" to the winter, because then the body will be more difficult than in the fall.

    And now an example of the diet of the autumn diet:

    • morning - oatmeal with nuts / berries, a cup of milk;
    • snack - apple, dogrose decoction;
    • lunch - bran loaf, vegetable salad( or vinaigrette, if it is too tight with vegetables), a piece of boiled lean meat / fish, compote;
    • snack - yogurt or fruit( optional);
    • evening - vegetable stew, cottage cheese casserole;
    • before bedtime - a cup of low-fat yogurt.

    During the day during the autumn diet you should drink from 8 glasses of useful liquid, first of all - water. Duration - 5 days. Possible weight loss - up to 5 kg. Even if it becomes easiest to 3 kg, do not worry. Autumn is not a time for fasting, but you can repeat this course in a month.

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    Losing weight by 5 kg in 5 days with the help of a diet is realistic, the main thing is to do it right and in harmony with mother nature.


    Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

    Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, but going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode, there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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