Diet 7: Pevsner Nutrition Features for Jade

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Doctors have found out long ago that the nutrition of the patient largely influences the speed of recovery. Soviet scientist, general practitioner M. I. Pevzner developed a voluminous system of diets shown in the treatment of various diseases. Selection of a specific diet table allows to take into account the individual needs of the patient. Facilitate or stimulate the work of the necessary organs or systems. Thus, diet 7 is prescribed to patients for whom it is important to observe a salt-free diet.

  • Features of the diet table No. 7
  • Allowed products
  • Example of the menu of the diet No. 7 by Pevzner
  • What to limit or remove from the diet
  • Diet and treatment of kidney diseases

Features of the diet table No. 7

For a number of diseases, you need to ensure maximum discharge. Indications for treatment: acute nephritis in the stage of recovery or chronic in remission, with little pronounced changes in urine sediment, nephropathy in pregnant women, hypertension o

r other situations where no chronic effects of renal failure have been identified, but the intake of salt is minimized. Such patients may be assigned the main diet number 7 or its varieties( Tables No. 7a, No. 7b, No. 7c, No. 7g, No. 7p).

Medical nutrition has several features. In particular, in the diet reduced consumption of the protein component. The body receives only about 20 grams of protein in its pure form. Such a dose is considered low by the standards of modern science.

According to the energy value, the ration refers to high-calorific( 2200-2700 kcal).With a low protein content, the menu includes a lot of fat( 70-90 g) and carbohydrates( 350-400 g).There is a need to fractional, 6 times a day. The temperature of the food is normal. Free fluid is consumed in a volume of 0.9-1.1 liters.

The main table 7 is a diet, the menu of which can be quite varied. The main rule: all dishes are prepared unsalted. Salted already prepared food. For this, the patient is given a daily allowance of salt in an amount of up to 3-6 g.

Products should be boiled in water or steamed, you can lightly fry. In cooking, it is not recommended to use a lot of spices. For taste, it is allowed to add lemon juice to vegetable dishes, or to fill with vegetable oil. Of the total mass of fat, animals should contain at least 75%.

Permitted Products

The Pevsner Medicinal Diet 7 provides for a daily intake of up to 2 g of edible salt with foods. It is supposed to eat specially baked bread, unsalted. Baking on yeast dough( pancakes, pancakes) is also allowed.

Meat, poultry and fish are selected only diet( low-fat varieties, without veins).These products are boiled, and then can be baked or roasted without the formation of a coarse crust. Eggs can be in the form of omelets or boiled soft-boiled, and no more than 1-2 per day. Allowed cottage cheese, boiled fish and meat( piece or chopped) - 80-100 g daily. Patients with nephrotic syndrome, in whom renal function is preserved, diet table 7 can be prescribed too. But, for them, up to 140 g increase the protein content, vitamins( group B, C, P), lipotropic factors, polyunsaturated fatty acids are additionally introduced into the diet.

Vegetables can be almost any other than pickled, salted or canned with salt. Vegetable soups should be widely presented in the menu( but not in broth).Potatoes, pasta or cereals can be added to the lean broth. Allowed to eat different porridges. Make them bits, casseroles and the like, adding no more than 1 egg yolk per day. Dishes can be slightly flavored with fat sour cream, unsalted butter or ghee. But roasting is made on vegetable fat.

There are no restrictions on the use of berries and fruits. Both in fresh form, and juices, compotes, jelly, fruit drinks. You can make various fruit desserts with added sugar( jellies, mousses, marshmallow, mashed potatoes, soufflés, etc.).Honey is also allowed. Of the drinks, except for those already mentioned, fermented milk, milk, cream, weak coffee and tea, rosehip decoction are recommended.

Example of the diet menu number 7 by Pevsner

  • For the first breakfast: a portion of buckwheat cereal, 1 boiled soft-boiled egg, tea;
  • For a second breakfast: a baked apple with honey;
  • For lunch: vegetable soup, a piece of boiled meat, a portion of fried potatoes, fruit juice;
  • Snack: sweetened dogrose broth;
  • Dinner: bits of carrots and apples, cottage cheese casserole, compote.

What to limit or remove from the diet

Consumption of normal sources of high-grade protein is severely limited. It is impossible to eat meat and fish above the norm; broths from them are prohibited. Excluded are mushrooms, legumes, cheese, seeds, nuts. Soybean and any products based on it( milk, cheese, sour cream, yoghurts, sweets) are contraindicated.

Banned any foods high in sodium chloride. They contribute to fluid retention in the body and can cause puffiness. We will have to abandon the conservation, pickles, fish and meat delicacies, cheeses, caviar and similar foods. Mustard, horseradish and pepper, ketchup, spicy and fatty sauces are contraindicated.

Almost any pastry and confectionary products of industrial production are removed from the menu. Banned alcohol, chocolate. And drinks such as strong brewed coffee or black tea, cocoa.

Among the vegetables and greens excluded from the diet: radishes, radishes, garlic and onions, sorrel and spinach. They contain oxalic acid harmful for kidney diseases and essential substances.

Diet and treatment of kidney diseases

Nutrition on diet table number 7 should reduce hypertension and swelling. Compliance with the allowed ration activates the process of excretion of waste products of metabolism in the body.


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