Care for dry skin: tips on proper cleansing and nourishing face masks

February 14, 2019 11:00 | Face

If dry skin is observed since childhood, then it is necessary to constantly replenish the lacking grease and moisture. Before washing you should soften the skin with yogurt or vegetable oil, and after washing apply a thin layer of cream. To wash with boiled water or a decoction of herbs: chamomile, sage, mother and stepmothers, mint, etc. If the vessels are located close to the skin's surface, then it is better to prepare ice from the infusion of these herbs and clean them in the morning instead of washing them. In the evening before bedtime, dry skin can be cleaned with cosmetic milk, toilet water or liquid cream.

  • Medicinal Plants for Skin Nutrition
  • Steam Baths for Dry Face Skin
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Medicinal Plants for Skin Nutrition

Essential oils found in medicinal plants are suitable remedies for dry skin. Such plants are: lemon balm, mint, parsley, chamomile, thyme and others. It is desirable to combine these plants with others containing

mucous substances. The latter include, for example, marsh mallow, coltsfoot, flax. These plants, used in case of excessive dryness of the skin of the face, are pressed or ground and the resulting juice is filtered, and then used to lubricate or apply compresses and masks to dry skin of the face. It is recommended to carry out 10 procedures in the form of compresses 1 time a day.

When using medicinal herbs containing essential oils, steam baths for the face are also necessary, which gives good results. The technique of the procedure is very simple: the face is tilted over a vessel of boiling water containing medicinal herbs, so that the steam covers the skin of the face and neck. In this procedure, essential oils not only affect the skin, but also on the lungs and other organs when inhaled. The above plants are useful for treating dry skin when applied orally in the form of a salad, hot brew or decoction.

If the medicinal plants described above are present in dry form, they should be chopped finely enough. In this case, it is possible to recommend in general for all plants of this group 5 teaspoons of raw materials per cup of boiling water and insist for 10-15 minutes in a well-closed container. Strained and cooled infusion used for compresses, lotions, rubbing, lubrication, etc. The same liquid is recommended to use for face masks, mixing it with boiled flaxseed. The resulting still warm mush is placed on the face and held for about 15 minutes. Then the face is washed with boric or rose water and a thin layer of nourishing cream is applied to the skin. This care at home is available to any woman.

Steam baths for dry skin

For dry and easily irritated skin, a mixture of equal parts of lemon balm, dill, lavender, chamomile, calendula and coltsfoot is added to the water for these procedures. One tablespoon of this collection pour in a large vessel with water. When the water boils and begins to evaporate, tilt the face above the vessel without covering it with a towel. Head and hair should be wrapped in a towel. The procedure lasts 15 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water, apply lotion containing medicinal herbs on your skin, or make a mask of the same herbs.

This procedure is easy to perform and is recommended to be performed once a week. With this treatment, the face can quickly get rid of black and white eels. Dry skin can be refreshed and give it a better appearance by applying masks for dry skin and facial lotions, which include medicinal herbs.

Video-recipe of the

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