Diet on buckwheat 3 days: menu and expected result

February 15, 2019 10:45 | Diets

Buckwheat porridge is an invaluable source of trace elements and nutrients. It contains iron and calcium, phosphorus and zinc, boron and potassium, iodine and many other elements. Therefore, it is prescribed almost as a medicine for many ailments - hypertension, liver diseases. We will tell you about how a diet on buckwheat for 3 days allows you to get rid of extra pounds.

  • Benefits of the fast buckwheat diet
  • Two methods of weight loss on buckwheat
  • The menu for the classical diet on buckwheat for 3 days
  • Approximate diet for raw-food buckwheat diet
  • How to sprout buckwheat

to make your plan for a fast process for your fast-food buckwheat diet
  • You need to start with the nutritional value of cereals( in boiled form), which is 335 calories. This does not interfere with losing three pounds in three days without suffering painfully from hunger. After all, many women who are experiencing other diets, break down trite due to the fact that they have a stomach reduces
    from lack of nutrition. Buckwheat will give a feeling of satiety, without burdening overweight.

    The secret of the method's miracle effect lies in the fact that cereals contain a lot of vegetable protein. Therefore, if there is a desire to improve the shape, you can easily give up meat, fish and dairy dishes for three days, losing weight literally before your eyes.

    In addition to nutrients, this product has a large amount of fiber. Therefore, it can be compared with a kind of "whisk" for the body, which cleans out all slags from it.

    Finally, it is worth to highlight separately such an advantage of the diet, as its cheapness. Deciding to try a weight loss system, do not have to spend money on various delicacies. Buckwheat is a popular product and you probably have it in the kitchen.

    Two methods of weight loss on buckwheat

    Today, ladies have the opportunity to choose one of two options for a three-day buckwheat diet. The first one is called classic, and you probably know it well. We are talking about steaming boiling water of cereals, which in this, and not boiled, form is the main dish on the menu for three days.

    The second method is called raw food. It will need green buckwheat - that is, alive. Instead of steaming, it is germinated and eaten in that form. As experience shows, both options are quite effective. But since the germinated grain itself is of great value in terms of the content of substances necessary for the organism, many nutritionists consider the raw food method more useful.

    For example, in the germinated buckwheat, in addition to iron, calcium and other trace elements, vitamin C is present in large quantities. Some women claim that a raw food diet is different in that it does not only deplete the body, but gives it a supply of vitality. Such support is especially relevant in the spring, when many are pursued by lethargy and fatigue.

    Menu for a classic buckwheat diet for 3 days

    You can choose for yourself which way is more acceptable - classic or raw food. We will make an approximate menu for both the first and second options, so that you know what to make a start from.

    So, for those who decide to follow the classical path, first you need to steam a glass of buckwheat with boiling water in a thermos. This should be done in the evening. The next day, steamed buckwheat will form the basis of your diet.

    We will recommend dividing the product into 3-5 servings. In addition to it, you can add kefir to the menu, but no more than one glass per day, and you need to drink it before bedtime. Another allowed to eat a couple of fruits - green apples, pears, grapefruits, or a portion of green salad.

    This diet should be properly withdrawn: it is not recommended to use sugar for a week, and add salt only to one dish per day. Then you can add food a little more, but in general the amount should not exceed a teaspoon per day.

    There are contraindications to this method. It is not recommended by doctors for any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and serious sports loads.

    Approximate diet for raw food buckwheat diet

    For raw food, you will need to buy green buckwheat or live buckwheat. You can find it in a vegetarian store or a health food store. To germinate the product, lay a glass of cereal on a baking sheet with a thin layer and pour a glass of filtered water. As a result, the kernels should become wet, but not float in the liquid. Top you need to cover the baking sheet with gauze, occasionally sprinkling it with water to a wet state.

    After a day you can see that the germination process has passed. Then in the evening before starting a diet you need to prepare for it - drink a glass of kefir with prunes for the night. As an option, sour milk can be replaced with laxative tea.

    Every day diets from a glass of germinated cereals make a "porridge", slightly watering it with water. You can sprinkle it with lemon juice for taste. In addition, from three apples and two pears( choose soft fruits), as well as 300-400 g of any berries, we make cocktail smoothies. It needs to be drunk in the intervals between the main course meals. But the last time they drink the drink no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Before you go to bed, you need to drink a tablespoon of linseed oil.

    Coming out of a diet, no need to gang up on your favorite foods. We recommend to sit for a week on cereals, skimmed milk, vegetables and fruits, and only then add meat and other products.

    How to germinate buckwheat

    For this method there are contraindications: gastrointestinal diseases, stomatitis, gingivitis. But we advise you to consult with your doctor in any case before choosing any of the options of a fast buckwheat diet.

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