Diet favorite for 7 days: food options on delicious foods

February 15, 2019 20:45 | Diets

When your favorite sundress begins to press at the waist, you understand that it is time to "sew up your mouth."But to limit yourself to nutrition is quite difficult. Our brain is designed in such a way that it does not welcome any restriction of food and begins to give signals of fatigue, irritation, etc. The only way to deceive him is to go on a tasty diet, in which favorite( or almost favorite) foods remain in the diet. Perhaps that is why the “Beloved” diet appeared for 7 days, in which many delicious dishes are preserved.

  • Favorite Diet: Launches
  • Fat Self-Destruction Lose Weight Delicious: A Seven-Day Diet Option with Purely Female Products
  • Delicious Diet Option # 1: Chocolate

Favorite Diet: Launches the Fat Self-Destruction Mechanism.

Who first tried this food and gave it such an interesting name is unknown. After all, each person has his own taste preferences, and the same vegetarians absolutely do not accept meat, although “predators” cannot live without it. Th

erefore, in the “Favorite” diet, it is not a bet on any one type of food, but on a mono-meal, during which they eat products of the same group every day: protein, carbohydrate, etc.

The result is a seven-day chain of unloading daysseparate meals. The total amount of servings is quite large, and on some days without any restrictions. But losing weight happens all the same, as the body adjusts itself to the digestion of the same type of food and it does so much faster than when both fats and complex carbohydrates are mixed in the dishes. In addition, sugar, salt and, of course, alcoholic beverages are banned from food.

But still you shouldn’t sit on such a menu for more than a week, since mono-nutrition gives a significant load on the liver and kidneys, and the undermined health is not worth any figure. Especially since during this time your body will tune in to a “different wave” and, by inertia, will further destroy its own fats for energy. True, if you immediately pounce on high-calorie meals, you will negate the entire previous week of abstinence.

The distribution of food by day on the “Beloved” diet is as follows:

  • Three days( first, second sixth) - just drinking. You can make broths, squeeze juice from vegetables, drink natural yogurts and other dairy products, pamper yourself with green tea or natural coffee. But! With juices, fresh fruit should be careful. By caloric content, they are much higher than the fruits from which they are squeezed. Therefore, it is better to restrict pineapple and grapefruit, which are known for their fat burning properties, and even then use them, half diluted with water.
  • Tuesday is given to vegetables. Cook them, steam, bake, etc., in a word, cook without using fats( including vegetable fats) and eat 5 times a day. If you are making salads, then fill with lemon juice. It is advisable to stick to servings of no more than three hundred grams, but practice shows that not everyone eats even this amount. Clean water is added to vegetables in a volume of one and a half liters per day, but it is drunk an hour after the main food.
  • Thursday - fruit euphoria. This is where you can have a sweet meal. Pectin and fiber accelerate peristalsis, and even if you eat more than 3-4 kg, the body will not suffer from this. True, bananas and grapes were not included in this list. Too they are calories. Well, and if you are prone to food allergies, then strawberries and citrus fruits also have no place on your menu.
  • Friday is a favorite day of the “predators”, as there is only protein foods in the diet: cottage cheese, meat, fish, etc. But remember that there is a lot of fat in the same meat, so choose lean varieties( veal, rabbit, poultry withoutskin, etc.).Eat in any quantities, and additionally take water, as in the vegetable day.
  • Sunday is the most varied ration day. A sort of start to the transition to conventional food. The menu is a selection of all the foods you ate every day. This means: breakfast - vegetable, lunch - liquid, lunch - protein, lunch - liquid, dinner - fruit. And, of course, constant 1.5 liters of water!

Board !After the end of the “Beloved” diet for the first week, they try to stick to the Sunday diet in order to facilitate the transition to a normal diet.

Lose Weight Tasty: a seven-day diet option with purely female products

As a rule, women's taste tastes are associated with sweets, from which they get a lot of pleasure. And the most difficult thing in diets is to refuse a couple of chocolates or ice cream. But resourceful ladies learned to lose weight, almost without changing their favorite products. An example of such a diet is a tasty diet for 7 days.

Delicious diet version number 1: "Chocolate"

The love of chocolate in Europe has long passed into one of the rules of daily nutrition. There, dark chocolate practically never leaves the tables as a dessert. Russian people are still more drawn to buns, cakes and other pastry. The production of endorphins, stimulation of brain activity, antioxidant properties - all this is in a bitter chocolate bar, and you don’t need a single person to persuade him to eat.

So, if you choose chocolate as the main product for weight loss, then for 7 days you will need exactly 700 grams of this delicacy, and the percentage of cocoa beans in the composition should be at least 80%.Those.per day - 100 grams. Eat it with a cup of coffee with natural coffee. And on this list of dishes is over. Few? Well, after all we grow thin, but we do not gain weight! In the case of chocolate, 5 or more kilos are taken out in a week.

Option number 2: “Festive menu”

The second version of delicious food suggests a festive menu, i.e. You will eat those dishes that you usually cook on holidays: “Olivier”, salad “Crab sticks”, “Fur coat”, etc. A tempting offer! But will it give the result?

Diet Developers claim that in 7 days with such a tasty diet you will lose 2-3 kg, and you will not have to starve. Festive menu contributes to weight loss due to the fact that sugar, fats and bread are thrown out of the diet, as well as due to the use of the same dish all day. The rate per day - the liter of the finished product. In addition to it, you can drink water and teas.

So, the most important thing is the most delicious menu:

  • The first day - “Salad from crab sticks”.Ingredients: corn, crab sticks, boiled rice, eggs, fresh onions( optional) + filling with low-calorie mayonnaise.
  • The second day - "Fur".Soak herring better in advance to remove excess salt, and the rest - the usual salad, known to all since childhood.
  • The third day is Olivier. We remind you that in real Olivier not sausage is cut, but chicken or lean meat.
  • The fourth day - time to eat soup. Cook your favorite soup - borscht, sorrel, cabbage soup, etc., and stretch the pleasure for the whole day.
  • Fifth day - crumbly buckwheat. Eat, filled with finely grated carrot, without adding oil.
  • The sixth day - vegetable salads + chicken chops. Salads can be made from any fresh vegetables in unlimited quantities. Bitochkov - 7 pieces. Prepare without adding fat.
  • The seventh day is fruity. Any fruits are allowed. Volume - not limited.

If you like this food madly, you can repeat it in several cycles. The effect will be more powerful.

Secrets of cooking chicken broth

Each lady can create her own delicious menu with one condition: that you should eat no more than 1800 kcal a day. You will see that the body begins to lose weight even without much effort on your part.


Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, but going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacking time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode, there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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