Diet for 5 days: how to lose weight fast without starvation

February 16, 2019 03:00 | Diets

If you are in search of the fastest and most effective diet, so that everything that your body has accumulated over the years has flown over a couple of days, abandon the useless case. All doctors are trumpeting that you can not lose weight quickly, because you teach the body to accumulate fat in reserve. A short-term diet of 5 days or less is only a way out of a hopeless situation, when there is no time left for others.

  • Old England Diet: Bet on OatmealThere will be shooting in the film, video, etc., where you need perfect harmony. Either beloved ordered a last minute ticket to the Maldives or to Turkey, and departure in a week. In other situations, and especially before the wedding, you need to think about the adjustment of forms in advance, otherwise at the main event in life you risk looking tired, with unhealthy skin color and a hungry look of a predator.

    So, if you consider emergency weight loss as a lifeline, then you should choose the most gentle diet, from which the body r

    eceives the least stress and can quickly recover( in terms of health, not kilograms!).A diet for 5 days is very popular with ladies, so we chose several of its varieties with an uncomplicated menu and good reviews.

    Old England Diet: a bet on oatmeal

    If you recall the old English films, then all the women in them are thin, with perfect posture and lush hair. It turns out that such forms of women were kept due to the diet menu, which included only natural products. Today, many of them have become the hallmark of England. For example, oatmeal.

    The tradition of starting the morning with oatmeal is a great way to keep your weight normal, even if you are not on a diet. Cooked oats have enveloping properties, due to which it cleans from the walls of the stomach all that is settled on it and interferes with normal digestion. And the sooner the digestive process, the better the food is absorbed, and the less it stagnates in the intestine. People with healthy peristalsis gain weight rarely, because all the excess of them is derived in a timely manner.

    So, the main dish of the Old English diet is oatmeal. Consider what the locals combine it with and how often they eat it.

    Five-day English menu:

    • Breakfast all five days: porridge on the water + tea with milk( preferably black).
    • Lunches are offered variable. Distribute for yourself which day you will have each of the options:
    1. chicken broth + 50 gr.wheat bread( not loaf!) + tea;
    2. 2 soft-boiled chicken eggs + 50 gr.rye bread with a thin layer of butter + tea;
    3. baked or boiled chicken leg( up to 200 gr.) + Tea;
    4. traditional egg omelet( from 3 eggs);
    5. baked or boiled poultry breast + a glass of warm milk( or tea).
    • Lunches and afternoon tea - green tea.
    • Dinners
    1. 100 gr.boiled potatoes + tea;
    2. two large apples;
    3. two pears;
    4. 150 gr. Asparagus or regular beans( steamed or cooked);
    5. 100 gr.wheat bread with a thin layer of butter + tea.

    The British claim that 10 or more kilograms are easily consumed on such a diet. But here it is necessary to make a reservation: the closer your weight is to normal, the more difficult the body will part with its “good”.Obese people, over 100 kg, really, will throw off decently, and for those whose excess mass is small, they will actually “eat” about 3-4 kg.

    Gourmet Slimming: Enjoying


    A very effective diet for 5 days - wine. If you appreciate good wines, know how to use them, then five days with a white dry drink will fly by. This diet is based on the fact that white wines accelerate the breakdown of fats, and therefore help burn calories. But, naturally, they are drunk not in liters, but in glasses, seizing delicious foods. This food is praised for the fact that wine drowns out the feeling of hunger, and even with a meager diet, there is no strong desire to eat.

    And yet think before you choose this version of losing weight, whether you have to drive for five days or work hard. Alcohol in any doses is prohibited for drivers, and during mental activity interferes with the normal concentration of thoughts.

    If you are on vacation - this is the best option. Easy euphoria and relaxation during the week you are provided.

    Before starting a diet, you will have to go to the store and purchase the following products:

    • a bottle of good dry white wine;
    • half a kilo of hard cheese with low fat content;
    • kilogram of low-fat cottage cheese;
    • half a kilo of apples, cucumbers, tomatoes;
    • ten eggs;
    • greens - in unlimited quantities( salads, broccoli, parsley, spinach, leeks, etc.).

    This is your five-day diet. Divide each purchased product into 5 daily servings, and the menu can be your own. How you combine the ingredients is up to you. The main thing is to consume 100 grams of wine per day, 100 grams of cheese, etc.

    Greens should be the basis of your diet, since this product is rich in fiber and at the same time has a very low calorie content. You can eat 2 kg of lettuce in one sitting and at the same time get only 240 kcal. But the stomach will be filled to the brim and there will be no feeling of hunger.

    According to those who have already tried this food on themselves, in five days it usually takes 4-5 kg.

    Eating without counting calories: “5 minus 5” diet

    Most women consider that the easiest and laxest five-day diet for weight loss is “5 minus 5”.The hint in the title itself: 5 kg will “melt” in five days. Of course, the numbers are very conditional, but you will definitely lose three kilograms. Next - how your body decides.

    The ease of this food option - in a large volume of servings. You can eat as much as you want, but only a certain group of products. In nutritionists, there is a special name for a similar diet - mono-diet. It is based on the principles of separate nutrition, which have long been approved by doctors. It has been proven that by consuming products of similar composition, the body copes more easily with the digestion of food and does not seek to postpone anything. Moreover, in order to take the energy he lacks, he begins to actively expend subcutaneous fatty tissue, which, in fact, is required by people who want to lose weight.

    So, five days are given to the following product groups:

    • Monday is a protein food. It is advisable to eat proteins only of animal origin or only plant, without mixing. For example, “predators” recommended meat, fish, eggs. Vegetarians - beans, cottage cheese, tofu, etc. Prepare products without the addition of fats and salt.
    • Tuesday - vegetables. Their entire vegetable family is undesirable to lean on potatoes and carrots, as they give a feeling of satiety for a very short time.
    • Wednesday - cereals and nuts. Kashi pick the most favorite. Nuts go as an additional additive, but not the main product, so their number should be limited to 150 grams.
    • Thursday - fruit. Do not substitute fresh oranges or apples with juice, as its caloric content is several times higher. Moreover, in the juices there is no useful fiber.
    • Friday - fermented milk. Eat cottage cheese, drink kefir or yogurt and be glad that this is the last day of abstinence.

    Recipe for cooking asparagus beans

    Any 5 day diet for weight loss should not be repeated a couple of cycles in a row. It is too tiring for the body. Try to limit yourself to high-calorie foods, but eat a variety of foods. It is better to maintain a stable weight than the alternation of hard fasting and eating sweets.


    Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

    Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, but going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode, there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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