Svetlana Fus diet: 1 week of healthy food from a professional nutritionist

February 16, 2019 06:45 | Diets

"One skillful healer is worth hundreds of warriors" - Homer's wise phrase, which eventually turned into a proverb. And this is true, and applicable to all areas of life. Take, diets, which is replete with the Network. Tips from losing weight, methods from the stars, folk secrets, power systems of models and so on. What to choose, because the eyes run from such an abundance of proven methods of losing weight? Your business, meanwhile, doctors recommend to adjust the weight only according to approved medicine technology, when not only the speed of burning fat is taken into account, but also the safety of the system for the body. One of these well-thought-out methods is the diet of Svetlana Fus, 1 week of which can change your food culture in general.

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Relationship Svetlana

Foos For many victims of overweight Svetlana became an authoritythanks to the fascinating show Zvazheni ta shchaslivi - a project to which participants come in “koloboks” with a body weight sometimes under 200 kg, and after a few months they return home beautiful, slim, slimself-contained and happy people, sometimes becoming easier 2 times. Obesity patients achieve such results due to the skill of the project team, consisting of experienced trainers, a born psychologist and a talented nutritionist - the author of the methodology, which you will see below.

But first, about Svetlana Fus herself, her baggage of knowledge and experience. Behind this person is higher medical education, more than 15 years of medical practice and successful results in the fight against obesity - the scourge of our century. After graduating from a medical university, Fus worked for some time as a gastroenterologist, which allowed her, after retraining as a nutritionist, to teach people to become beautiful without harming their health.

For the past 15 years, Svetlana has been working as a nutritionist, rescuing people's figures from the captivity of fat, increasing beauty and making her patients happy, believing in their own strength and the miraculous power of proper nutrition. Now consumers, when choosing something, are paying great attention to reviews and recommendations from users who have tried a thing or service on themselves.

So, in the case of Svetlana Fus, it is not necessary to “wool” the Network all day long; all you have to do is open the video of one of the programs of the “Zvazheni ta shchasli” project. The results will amaze you, as they say, nothing so convincingly acts as seen with your own eyes. See, "shake your mustache", get acquainted with the technique and lose weight correctly!

How to preserve beauty without harm to healthBut I parted with them safely and forever thanks to my professionalism. It is necessary to pay tribute to the creativity of Svetlana, because in her work she applies her knowledge and experience, but at the same time, without using standard techniques, sometimes outdated or insufficiently effective. Not every nutritionist is eager to invest part of his time in the development of new food systems, using those tested by time and practice. But Svetlana Fus was not afraid and invented her own method, perhaps that is why she became famous? !

So, what does the famous nutritionist propose to change in the diet?

Main diet rules:

  1. Hunger - no. Without food, a person cannot, like a car without fuel. To live an active, work, learn, enjoy every moment, you need strength. And they appear when a person eats properly. Overeating, by the way, acts as destructive as fasting. The daily rate of calories for a person leading an office lifestyle with average height and weight parameters is, according to Foos, around 1.5–2 thousand.
  2. “Right” products - yes. What Svetlana refers to the "right" food? All those simple and healthy products to which we are accustomed to in childhood, and not their miserable and stuffed with "chemistry", are abundantly presented on the shelves in colorful packages of "fake".Include only natural provisions in the diet, focusing on plant foods, fresh meat / fish, low-fat milk products and healthy cereals. The simpler the food, the better.
  3. Water - the main drink. You need to drink it from two liters during the day, and if you have to eat dry, then that's all 3. Naturally, natural coffee and tea can also be moderately consumed, just not on an empty stomach or with a meal, and a little later.

    This is important to know! Sometimes hunger is a mask. It seems to man that he is brutally hungry, but in fact the body does not need food, but water. If you do not want to become a victim of excess weight, before each of the meals, drink water or unsweetened green tea, and sit at the table after a quarter of an hour. You will be surprised, the appetite significantly reduced.

  4. Fractional nutrition - the key to a slim figure. The famous nutritionist insists that a person who wants to be healthy and beautiful, you need to sit at the table 5 times during the day. At the same time, Fus does not advise eating at night, as well as skipping breakfast. However, the first meal in the morning should take place when you feel hungry, that is, you should not force your body to take food if it has not “woken up” yet. Portions should be moderate( about 300 grams of food per meal), an excess of food leads to drowsiness and obesity, is this gastronomic game worth the candle? !
  5. Fasting days - the wrong way. Svetlana is sure that if a person eats properly, then his body will not need any fasting days. On the contrary, they harm the mood and metabolism.
  6. It is important not only what we eat, but how it is cooked. Fus strongly recommends cooking dishes in healthy ways, avoiding frying, adding fat and sauces containing it, for example, beloved by many, but disastrous for the mayonnaise figure. When cooking, give preference to stewing or steaming. Also useful are products cooked in the oven with the help of foil or in modern fashioned “devices”, for example, a double boiler, a slow cooker.

Worth paying attention! Regarding what kind of water should be drunk, Svetlana has a special opinion. The nutritionist does not welcome the consumption of mineral water, if you have not been prescribed by the attending doctor. Such "experiments" can harm health. For example, excess calcium in the body can disrupt the process of iron absorption and so on. Drink plain clean water, then you will feel great.

In addition, Svetlana Fus advises to move actively( your daily norm is 25,000 steps), to have fascinating hobbies, more often to be on the air, just enough to rest, sleep at least 8 hours a day and be less nervous. After all, sometimes the cause of overeating lies not in hunger, but inside us, due to stress or fatigue.

Sample menu from Svetlana Fus

So, an example of the daily diet of Svetlana Fus diet is 1 week of struggle with fat:

  • morning is healthy porridge, which can be added a few dried fruits, a little low-fat cottage cheese;
  • snack - favorite coffee with a cheese bar or yogurt with berries / fruits;
  • lunch - steamed piece of fish / meat with vegetables and salad with seasonal ingredients;
  • afternoon snack - sour milk drink or cottage cheese casserole, a handful of nuts;
  • evening - buckwheat without fat, vegetable stew or baked vegetables.

Worth paying attention! Not found in the sale of fresh vegetables? Do not worry, according to Svetlana Fus, you can include in the diet and frozen gifts of nature. It is still more useful than eating flour or fat.

Despite the fact that Svetlana offers a choice regarding lunch, it should be remembered that fruits should be in your diet every day. If the menu of the first snack does not contain them, then enjoy the gifts of nature during the second snack. In between meals, you can pamper yourself with tea, but, naturally, without sweets, to which many are accustomed. As you understand, star nutritionist against the consumption of sugar and all products containing it. Not able to abruptly abandon this kind of treats? Then at least eat them in the morning, and not as many do, in the evening in front of the TV, or even at night - in bed.

Typical mistakes in the diet

Now you know the wisdom of the diet of Svetlana Fus, it means that you are on the way to fulfill your cherished desire - to be slim, beautiful and happy.


Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, but going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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