Parsley face masks - express rejuvenation at home

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Parsley is widely used not only in cooking, but also in medicine, as well as in cosmetology. As an integral component, it is included in various tonics, lotions, creams. Deserves the attention and parsley face mask, which can be easily prepared in the usual home environment.

to get ready for the day.of vitamins( C, B1, B6, B2, B5, B3, B9, A, K) and minerals, it is able to maintain not only the body as a whole in excellent condition, but also the skin of the face in particular.

The advantages of the product include the following:

  • relieves puffiness;
  • whitens the skin, lightening the pigment spots, freckles;
  • minimizes the number of acne;
  • fights against inflammatory processes;
  • refreshing;
  • suspends aging;
  • improves cell elasticity;
  • restores the epidermis;
  • removes excess shine caused by oily skin.

There are no special precautions for using parsley, except for people who are allergic to components of the product.

How to make a mask

In order to make a mask at home

, you must purchase all the necessary ingredients in advance. First of all, you need fresh parsley. When choosing a product, it is important to pay special attention to the leaves and their elasticity. You should not give money for already withering tufts with yellowed or dying edges of sheet plates. Under close observation should be cut stems. If they show signs of mucus or rotting, you should not buy such a product.

Acquired greens should be rinsed well under running water, and then dried, after disassembling the beam and breaking the top.

To prepare a parsley face mask, both fresh and frozen leaves will be suitable( the temperature is below-zero and its beneficial properties are preserved).Most often for the preparation of a cosmetic product requires 15-30 grams of product( 1 h. Spoon - 1 tbsp. Spoon, respectively).

Besides parsley, other natural ingredients will be required for the masks. The main thing is to select products that are not only fresh, but also not provoking allergic reactions.

Compositions against greasy shine

  • Universal recipe

Chopped greens from one bundle are poured with one cup of boiling water and infused until well cooled. After that, the resulting mixture is carefully rubbed through a fine sieve and applied to previously cleaned cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose and decollete. Such a face mask with parsley is kept for a standard period of time( 20-25 minutes) and washed off with cool water.

This recipe is universal, it is suitable for any skin type.

  • With yogurt

1st.a spoon of chopped green mass is mixed with 60 grams of yogurt( you can also use kefir) and applied to the skin. After 15 minutes, the mask is washed off with pleasant body water.

  • Oatmeal

Another cooking method is to mix 30 grams of parsley and 30 grams of oatmeal.15 grams of lemon juice and a small amount of mineral water are poured into the thick. It is important that the mask resemble mush.

  • Multicomponent Mask

Finely chopped parsley( 1 tbsp) is combined with 2 tbsp.spoons of kefir, 15 grams of bran and the same amount of starch. Mask thick consistency applied a good layer on the skin and aged 15 minutes. Skin is cleaned with room temperature water.

  • Milk

Pre-cooked oatmeal( milk is taken as a liquid basis).It takes only 60 grams of the finished product. Porridge mixed with the same amount of green parsley, diluted with 30 grams of butter and only then applied to problem areas of the face. After 10 minutes of exposure, rinse with warm water.

Recipes for dry skin

If the skin is excessively dried out and flakes noticeably, you can use the following parsley face masks.

  • With sour cream

In equal proportions, only two components are taken - parsley and fat sour cream. It will take 30 grams of each product. The mask is aged 15 minutes and washed off only with warm water. If the skin is too dry, you can use a heavy cream.

  • Egg mask

The mask is made from finely chopped green and one egg yolk. You can add 15 grams of olive oil.

  • Curd remedy

Green mass mixed with curd( 30 grams).The mixture is applied to the surface of the face and remains on the skin until the expiration of 15 minutes.

Facial masks, which include parsley, fight against fading skin and wrinkles, which means they prolong youth. In addition, they minimize acne, relieve inflammation, saturate skin cells, thereby stimulating their active natural activity. Due to the high percentage of vitamin C, such cosmetic means brighten the skin and strengthen the blood vessels.

Just a few minutes a day - and after a month, self-care will give the desired results. The former elasticity will return to the skin, the contours will be pulled up, pigment spots, freckles and crow's feet of wrinkles will become less noticeable.

Video-recipe of parsley and cucumber mask

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