The diet of Elena Malysheva for weight loss using the express method

February 16, 2019 09:15 | Diets

Elena Malysheva, doctor, TV presenter, head of the programs “Live healthy!”, “Health”, professor, doctor of medical sciences, pays special attention to the issues of weight loss and proper nutrition. The famous diet of Elena Malysheva will gradually reduce the weight and consolidate the result.

  • Basic principles of weight loss
  • Why you need to reduce the content of salt and fatto choose a diet for a short period of time, but also to establish a competent diet for a long time. To lose weight, it is best to lose weight gradually, because the slower the weight is lost, the easier it is not to gain unsightly kilograms again.

    During the diet of Elena Malysheva, the main focus is on reducing calorie foods and a balanced diet, so as not to experience feelings of hunger and health problems.

    Doctor has developed a system that takes into account all the needs of the body, the psychology of obese people. The presenter Elena Malysheva bases her diet on weight loss on three postulates: re

    ducing the amount of salt, the percentage of fat, and the absence of hunger.

    Why do I need to reduce the salt and fat content

    Under this condition, there will be no edema and fluid retention. It is because of the reduction in salt levels that the system is suitable for hypertensive patients, since the removal of excess fluid is the way to normalize blood pressure.

    Of course, it is very difficult to stop salting food right away, as a person is accustomed to certain taste sensations. But a gradual decrease in the daily norm allows you to get used to the new taste without any pain. People who for a long time with the minimum amount of salt, no longer want to put it in food in large quantities.

    In products selected in the Elena Malysheva diet for weight loss, the percentage of fat content is reduced. This allows you to reduce the caloric content of each individual meal, and hence the risk of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke in general.

    Nobody wants to starve

    Why is Dr. Malysheva's diet good for the average average fat man? The offered products will create a feeling of fullness for a long time. A person does not need to suffer from hunger or desire to eat something tasty. Even banned sweets in most cases are allowed in certain quantities. Indeed, without glucose( without sweet), the brain cannot live and function. When he does not get glucose, the person is hungry. With proper nutrition discomfort should not be.

    . Three weight loss rules.

    • . To lose weight, you need to eat. It is there that most calories are burned. Therefore, often, but gradually eating, a person spends calories.

      Food at intervals of 2–3 hours does not allow a keen sense of hunger or “brutal appetite.”Therefore, according to Malysheva, the diet allows you to not lose hungry pounds without starving. Taste receptors get a lot of sensations, appetite decreases, there is a feeling of satisfaction and satiety.

      • The secret of one glass

      The amount of food at each reception should not exceed 250 grams - the volume of an ordinary glass. This is an important principle, since the stomach has a fold structure. Therefore, Malysheva's diet is for weight loss and sets before full people the task of reducing the stomach and folding its folds.

      • Water is more important than food

      Every day you need to drink 2 liters or 10 glasses of non-carbonated savory water. And it is water, and not just liquids. Dr. Malysheva in the diet for losing weight makes it imperative that you consume plenty of fluids every day.

      The aquatic environment ensures that all biochemical processes associated with weight loss, the normal functioning of the body. It is water that promotes the passage of the food lump, providing a normal stool. Very often a person takes the feeling of thirst for the feeling of strong hunger.

      Menu for healthy express weight loss

      For those who want to quickly lose those extra pounds, there is an express Malysheva diet. The menu was developed by the nutritionist of the program “Dump the excess” by N. Grigorieva and includes in the diet foods with a total caloric content not exceeding 1200 kcal per day.

      First day:

      • Breakfast: buckwheat porridge - 200 g, boiled egg - 1, carrot salad - 100 g with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, one apple.
      • Second breakfast: cottage cheese casserole made from nonfat cottage cheese without sugar 150 g( with semolina instead of flour), a tablespoon of 10% sour cream, dried fruits( dried apricots, prunes), tea without sugar.
      • Dinner: 120 g steamed beef soufflé, boiled cauliflower 250 g, 1 cup of rosehip broth.
      • Snack: one grapefruit.
      • Dinner: stewed cabbage with zucchini - 200 g, baked apple with cinnamon.
      • Overnight: 1 cup of one percent kefir.

      Second day:

      • Breakfast: oatmeal porridge - 200 g, fresh-frozen berries - 1 tbsp.spoon, 1 cup of milk 0.5% fat.
      • Second breakfast: a salad of prunes with beets - 200 g with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, two rye bread and bran.
      • Lunch: 100 g of tomato salad with cabbage and greens with one spoon of vegetable oil, chicken breast pilaf with vegetables( rice - 150 g, chicken fillet - 70 g).One glass of broth hips, but only after half an hour.
      • Snack: 100 g of zero fat cottage cheese, 125 g of bio yoghurt.
      • Dinner: 150 g of cod stewed soufflé( egg white, fish fillet, no bread), 200 g of boiled green beans.
      • Overnight: 1 cup of one percent kefir.

      Third day:

      • Breakfast: steam omelette from two proteins, one yolk with milk( 1 tablespoon), apple and carrot salad( 100 g plus one spoonful of olive oil).

        By the way, , many recipes of Elena Malysheva's diet with photos of ready-made dishes and a step-by-step description of the cooking process can be easily found on the Web.

      • The second breakfast: a big apple.
      • Lunch: 150 g of vegetable soup, 100 g of boiled chicken and 100 g of green beans or asparagus.
      • Snack: 200 g cabbage stew with apple and carrot plus 1 spoonful of vegetable oil.
      • Dinner: 150 g of zero-fat cottage cheese( you can pour a spoonful of yogurt).
      • Overnight: 1 cup of one percent kefir.

      The fourth day:

      On the subject of the Elena Malysheva diet, a video was shot with a detailed description of each meal, and the menu of the last four days of the system is especially popular with viewers.

      • Breakfast: 50 g boiled beef, 100 g green peas, two small loafs.
      • Second breakfast: 150 g vinaigrette in olive oil, 2 loaves of bran.
      • Lunch: 150 g of braised cabbage with carrots, 100 g of boiled fish( hake, cod), a glass of rosehip broth without sugar.
      • Snack: 30 g of walnuts( 6 pieces), green apple.
      • Dinner: 200 g of cottage cheese casseroles with carrots( with added protein, sugar-free, do not pour oil into the mold), you can smear with a spoon of sour cream with low-fat.
      • Overnight: 1 cup of one percent kefir.

      Fifth day:

      • Breakfast: four tablespoons of oatmeal flakes with dried fruit( 30 g) and milk( 100 g).
      • Second breakfast: 200 g of mashed eggplant and zucchini.
      • Lunch: 100 g of boiled fish( cod, haddock, hake), 200 g of stewed vegetables with butter, dogrose decoction after 30 minutes( not more than a glass).
      • Snack: vegetable pilaf( rice - 70 g, vegetables - 100 g).
      • Dinner: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese.
      • Overnight: 1 cup of one percent kefir.

      Sixth day:

      • Breakfast: hard-boiled egg, 30 g of hard cheese, 50 g of green peas or asparagus.
      • Second breakfast: one baked potato, 100 g of sauerkraut salad and onion with butter( no more than a teaspoon).
      • Lunch: 150 g of pea soup, 100 g of boiled chicken fillet, 150 g of zucchini stewed with carrots, two loaves of bran.
      • Snack: vegetable salad( 200 g) with 10% sour cream( 1 spoon).
      • Dinner: 250 g of baked cauliflower, 50 g of zero-fat cottage cheese.
      • Overnight: 1 cup of one percent kefir.

      Seventh day:

      • Breakfast: 200 g of barley porridge on water, 50 g of carrot stew with apple.
      • The second breakfast: a large orange.
      • Lunch: 200 g stewed with cabbage meat, 70 g lean beef, green apple.
      • Snack: 100 g of zero-fat cottage cheese with greens.
      • Dinner: 150 g of fish souffle( with egg whites, but without flour), 150 g of boiled green beans.
      • Overnight: 1 cup of one percent kefir.

      Elena Malysheva about errors in food

      If you follow all the rules, the result does not take long, the Malysheva diet does not present anything difficult with your own hands. And for those who are too lazy or have no time to cook these dishes for themselves, ready-made sets for weight loss are sold.


      Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

      Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacking time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode, there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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