Eyebrow tattoo: benefits and contraindications for the procedure

February 16, 2019 11:45 | Face

A rare woman finds her eyebrows perfect. Some people draw a necessary length with a pencil, others diligently pull out their eyebrows to give the desired shape. Meanwhile, there is an alternative. This tattoo eyebrow - a temporary tattoo that is applied with a special paint.

  • Video of permanent eyebrow makeup procedure
  • What is eyebrow tattooing?
  • How long-term make-up is performed
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Eyebrow tattoo in questions and answers

Video of the procedure of permanent eyebrow makeup

Many women have already appreciated the benefits of permanent makeup. The tattoo of eyebrows, lips, “arrows on the eyes”, which are made beautifully, make it possible to save time on daily makeup. But, despite the obvious advantages, few decide on this procedure. Women are alarmed by the sad experience of familiar and unfamiliar women with unsuccessfully made permanent makeup, as well as the lack of information about the procedure itself, con

traindications and possible side effects.

What is eyebrow tattoo?

Tattoo is called permanent( permanent makeup).Although it would be correct to call it semi-permanent. After all, this makeup remains permanent only for several years. The dyes used for such make up do not stain the skin tissue. These are microimplants of natural origin. After 2-3 years, they begin to turn pale due to cell regeneration, and then disappear altogether.

Many people ask the question: why not make an “eternal” makeup by dyeing skin tissue? It is enough to find a good master who will surely make eyebrows beautiful, and not disfigure his face, and do makeup once and for all. Should not be doing that. First, no one is immune from mistakes. Secondly, the dyes that dye the skin tissue( they are used for permanent tattoos) eventually become greenish. Why do you need green eyebrows?

Some unscrupulous craftsmen, trying to save on paint, make permanent makeup using tattoo rather than tattoo inks. Some make the client not notice. Only a few years later he begins to suspect this when his eyebrows become greenish or reddish. Red eyebrows are due to the fact that the master, deciding to save on the paint, did not buy brown eyebrow tattoo color. He got it by mixing red paint for tattooing his lips with black paint for arrows and tattoos. And this can not be done, since the particles of pigments of different colors have different structures and different sizes, so the paint comes off unevenly.

There have been cases that the masters themselves recommended clients to do an “eternal” makeup. Why, they say, every 2-3 years to redo tattoo eyebrow? Let's do it permanently, this is money saving. So says the master trusting client. Just does not specify whose money saving. It turns out his master money. After all, paint for tattoo is much more expensive than paint for permanent tattoos.

How is the “long-term” make-up of

performed? Before starting the procedure, the face is thoroughly cleaned of cosmetics and impurities. Use antibacterial soap and antiseptic agents. Then begins the most crucial stage. This is the selection of the shape of the eyebrows. Hair necessarily gather back, the neck opens. This is done so that the master can see the oval of the face. The selection of the form is a crucial stage, which predetermines the result of all the work. Therefore, it is very important that the master not only knows the make-up technique, but also was a make-up artist.

Do not pull out a pencil from the master and draw the shape of eyebrows on your own. If this is a professional, he will make the form he considers necessary, and you will like this form. Do not like it - will correct. Directly to impale begin only after the shape of the eyebrows will be approved by you. If you do not like the form that the master offers, it is probably better to look for another specialist. Master tattoo just have to be a make-up artist.

Usually eyebrow tattooing is done in stages. First, the color is not intense, then a little bit of a tone is added. This allows you not to overdo it and not to make your eyebrows too black. It is very important that they harmonize in tone with the color of skin and hair. Since the skin is injured during the tattoo, at the completion of the chipped areas are disinfected, a thick layer of thick wound-healing cream is applied to the eyebrows. It protects the wound from dust.

Most of the eyebrow tattoo is done in two installs. After the crust comes down, you will again have to meet with the master in order to correct the eyebrows. It is impossible to guess the exact depth of the puncture, since different people have different skin structures, different immunity and metabolism.

Contraindications for the

procedure Contraindications for the procedure are diseases or conditions of the body in which blood clotting is reduced. You can not do tattooing eyebrows, lips, eyes, people suffering from diabetes. Reception on the eve of alcohol causes a decrease in blood clotting. Some drugs have the same effect( for example, analgesics, aspirin).

Does the procedure coincide with the course of medications? Be sure to consult your doctor about the possibility of tattooing. Blood coagulation decreases during menstruation. Another feature of the body, in which tattooing is contraindicated is the tendency to form keloid scars. If you notice that a protruding scar is formed after a small scratch, you should not have a permanent make-up.

This also leads to complications that are possible after the procedure of tattooing eyebrows. Prolonged healing of injured places. Other complications with proper procedure and proper care of tattooed places will not arise. All parts of the tattoo machine that are in contact with the skin must be disposable. Feel free to ask the master to print out the needle with you.

Eyebrow Tattoo in Questions and Answers

  • Does it Hurt? The client herself decides on the use of anesthesia. Tattooing, of course, the procedure is painful, but tolerable. There are many anesthetics that do not feel the pain.
  • Do you need to shave or completely pluck the eyebrows before the procedure? Not. Destroy eyebrows are not worth it. They are adjusted with tweezers in those places where the growth of hairs does not coincide with the new correct shape.
  • Does tattoo affect hair growth? No, it does not. The dye is applied to the stratum corneum, the mechanical effects are only on the epidermis and the stratum corneum, and the hair follicles are much deeper.
  • How long does the tattoo hold? Depending on the type of skin and metabolic rate, the makeup lasts from 2 to 5 years.
  • When can I take a shower or wash my face after tattooing? Two hours after the procedure. But as long as the wound heals, it should be done carefully. The thin crust that forms in the tattooed area must be kept clean. It can not be scratched. Do not allow the crust to dry, you need to use special creams. But gentle rinsing does not hurt. Important!!!Until the crust does not come down, you can not sunbathe to walk in the solarium or sauna, swim in the pool or open water.
  • When the crust comes down? After tattooing the eyebrows the crust disappears in 4-10 days. On the eyebrows, it is almost invisible.
  • How to care for the crust? Care is the application of antiseptic and moisturizing creams. The "Rescuer"( not the "Savior", namely the "Rescuer") will do. Nivea cream is suitable for moisturizing. Scratching crusts is strictly prohibited.
  • How many days does the puffiness go after tattoo? Eyebrow tattoo does not cause swelling, and slight redness disappears in two hours.

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