Diet table 5: Pevzner recipes for gastritis patients

February 16, 2019 16:45 | Diets

The main purpose of diet 5, first of all, is therapeutic. It is used in acute and chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis and gallstones. Diet table 5 offers recipes for dishes that most sparing the digestive organs. With all the advantages of this method, there are drawbacks: this way of feeding is contraindicated for persons with bowel pathologies. In all other cases, it is a great addition to medical treatment.

  • Basic Principles Excluded and Recommended Dishes
  • The Role of Nutrition in Combined Therapy
  • Table Diet Recipes Number 5
  • Use of the 5th Slimming Diet
  • Video: Cooking Vegetable Soup for

Diet Adhere to these rules. Fortunately, a variety of recipes for diet 5 can make the food tasty and varied.

The basic principles of

Goal 5 diets - to maintain the normal ratio of proteins and carbohydrates with a minimum load on the liver and stimulate the proper operation of the biliary tract. This is achieved by eliminating refractory fats and frie

d foods, minimizing the amount of salt, and using the optimal amount of water, pectins and fiber. Also, diet 5 prohibits foods rich in purines, essential oils, oxalic acid and cholesterol. The main cooking method is boiling, stewing without pre-frying and roasting.

Attention is also paid to reducing the mechanical effects on the digestive tract, so stringy meat and vegetables rich in fiber should be cleaned. In addition, diet 5 suggests the elimination of too cold and too hot food. It should be in small portions, at least 5 times a day. Supplement food with abundant drink, the total amount of fluid should be at least 7-8 glasses per day.

Excluded and recommended dishes

The diet menu, table number 5, is made according to the following dietary guidelines.

  • It is forbidden to use fresh bread, as well as products from butter, puff and fried dough. Yesterday's pastry bread, dry biscuits, lean products with different fillings are allowed.
  • Soups should be cooked on vegetable broth or dairy, and the flour and vegetables for filling these dishes should not be fried, and dried. Soups in mushroom, fish and meat broths, as well as green cabbage soup are excluded.
  • Meat and fish for cooking is chosen without fat and tendons, skin is removed from the bird. Products made from minced meat and fish are widely used, and you can also eat milk sausages. Fatty meat and poultry, smoked meats, sausages, salted fish, canned food and most by-products are strictly prohibited.
  • Diet Table 5 assumes the use of dairy products, of which preference is given to low-fat and low-fat. Salty cheeses, 6% milk, fat sour cream and cottage cheese are strongly limited or excluded.
  • Eggs are preferably consumed in the form of an omelet or as part of dishes, no more than 1-2 per day, boiled and fried are prohibited.
  • Recipes diet table 5 include a variety of meals from cereals, preferring buckwheat and oatmeal, as well as pasta. Vegetables are allowed in any form, except for pickled and fried: boiled, stewed, raw. All legumes, radishes, radish, sorrel and spinach, garlic, green onions are completely excluded. Onions before drinking must be boiled or poured with boiling water.
  • Of fruits and berries, it is necessary to limit the most acidic, as well as fatty and containing cocoa. For dessert, you can prepare mousses, jelly, marmalade, jam, replacing them with ice cream, products with cream and chocolate.
  • The sauces from vegetables, fruits and dairy products will help to diversify the diet table 5, but pepper, horseradish and mustard should be excluded.
  • Cocoa and black coffee, as well as alcohol are prohibited from drinks.
  • Butter and natural vegetable oils are used as a source of fat. Refractory fats of animal origin are completely excluded.

The role of nutrition in the complex therapy of

The range of diseases in the treatment of which such rules of nutrition are capable of helping is quite wide. In addition to cholecystitis and liver diseases, you can use the diet table 5 for gastritis. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the consistency of the food, grinding it to a pasty state, feeding it warm and taking it in frequent small portions.

You can also use table 5 as a diet for gastroduodenitis, in which case white cabbage and cucumbers are also excluded, since these foods can cause fermentation.

Recipes diet table number 5

A variety of products that allow the diet table 5 for the liver, provides ample opportunities for the manifestation of culinary talents. The abundance of vegetables, cereals and varieties of meat allows you to cook delicious main dishes, and make original sauces from dairy products. Balanced nutrition makes it possible to use the diet table 5 for children.

In this case, it will not be difficult to observe the diet, since many recipes of the diet table number 5 can be taken from books on children's cooking. After all, the basic principle of nutrition in both cases is the same - supplying the body with all the necessary substances in combination with a minimum load on the liver. Vegetable puree and stew, meatballs, steam cakes and stuffed zucchini, omelets and puddings, homemade biscuits, souffles and mousses - all these well-known caring mothers dishes can be included in the menu diet 5 table.

. Application of the 5th slimming diet.

. Although this diet is primarily a part of complex therapy, it can also be used by those who do not have diseases of the digestive system. It is a great way to lose weight, but to achieve an impressive result in a few days will not work. But you can use it for months and years, during which the work of the internal organs will gradually improve, the metabolism will improve, and the shape will take on attractive outlines. In that case, if diet 5 is used for weight loss, it reduces the number of calories, while maintaining the original balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and salt.

One of the most important results of the use of diet 5 is a general cleansing of the body. It has a very positive effect on the state of the liver, as a result of which blood purification improves, which means that the process of removing toxins and slags. With this diet you can solve the problems of skin health, for example, get rid of acne.

Diet table number 5 is balanced, so it can be followed indefinitely, and in the case of chronic hepatitis, and life. Practice shows that it is quite easy to comply with these nutritional rules, and in a few weeks the general condition of the body improves, vivacity appears, and the desire to return to harmful products no longer appears.

Video: cooking vegetable soup-puree for the diet

Diet 5 table - it is rather a food culture, it does not make sense to sit down for a short time, unless, of course, we are not talking about an acute illness. But the power of these rules for a couple of months can give tangible results.

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