Simple diet for 7 days for express weight loss

February 17, 2019 11:30 | Diets

You can not stand the difficulty, like to travel and want to lose weight? How can these three aspirations be related? You will be surprised, but an exciting diet, or rather, one of them, which will satisfy all your requests. Yes, a simple diet for 7 days can turn into a fascinating gastronomic journey leading to the fulfillment of your innermost dream - finding the perfect figure. Do not believe? Prepare a foreign passport during the period of weight loss, because it will certainly come in handy for you to visit the homeland of a diet that will help you regain the beauty of your body. But first you need to make a choice. ..

  • American diet - there is no place for
  • you guess that Americans are a nation that loves itself, looking for easy and quick ways to solve any problems. Do you consider yourself to be fans of the same lifestyle? What prevents you from losing weight on the American system? Is that - her ignorance, but now you fill this gap.

    So, the unloading diet for 7 days in a

    n American way. Its main "trick" - the lack of dinner. Yes, it is difficult, but it gives an excellent effect, sometimes reaching minus 1 kg per day. The second most important "highlight" of the American diet - the ability to use it without restriction, until you reach the cherished mark on the scales. However, doctors are advised to first make "reconnaissance in force", trying to change the power system for a week. Who knows, maybe this period will be enough to make your figure perfect. If you need to burn a lot of fat, then after a 7-day period, take stock, take a short break and go back to the American diet until you return perfect forms.

    What are the rules for the American-style weight loss system, besides the fact that dinner should be excluded?

    • lunch or last snack should be strictly to 17.00;
    • should drink at least 2 liters of water per day, mostly in the morning;
    • to limit the consumption of sweets, fatty and flour dishes( at least 2 times);
    • will certainly include in the diet of vegetable foods( vegetables, berries, fruits, legumes), fish, lean meat;
    • forget about sweet soda and cocktails;
    • walk in the fresh air or have a hobby that will increase physical activity( dancing, tennis, rock climbing, swimming).

    Love America, want to visit it? Then start with a diet, because it's nice to travel without extra folds on the stomach, is not it?

    Eastern food - a delicate matter

    Favor the East and dream of a vacation there? But summer things are cracking at the seams, and the mood is completely at zero? Take for a start a trip to the world of the eastern food system, who knows, maybe after that everything will work out, and you, having become slim, rush to pack your bags in China? This method of weight correction, on the one hand, is stricter than the American one, since it has been calculated in detail for its caloric content, on the other hand, you have the right to sit at the table 5 times a day.

    You can lose weight on the Eastern diet for a week, a maximum of 10 days. If you stick to the menu and do not violate the regime, you will become at least 5 kg lighter, although some users of the method can get rid of a good ten kilos of ballast fat. Of course, the result also depends on the starting weight, the more his indicator is, the faster you lose weight.

    So, a light diet for 7 days orientally is an example of a menu:

    • morning - a drink of your choice( tea, cocoa, coffee), adding sugar is permissible;
    • snack - hard boiled egg, about 8 large plums / plums;
    • lunch - cabbage salad( 100 g), lean meat in boiled form( 200 g), dessert - apple;
    • afternoon snack - orange, bar( 30 g) of cheese;
    • dinner - yogurt( glass).

    Drink during the Eastern diet should be abundant, you can consume not only water, but also decoctions of herbs, tea, coffee drinks. However, sugar can be added to them only once a day - in the morning. The daily rate of useful fluid is one and a half liters.

    Eastern diet can be repeated after a month and a half. It is well tolerated, because it is balanced and enriched with vitamins.

    Dairy beaches in French

    Dream France, can't live without dairy dishes, like exquisite cuisine and refined manners? Then you will be helped to get back into shape, light diets for 7 days from the most romantic country, where all ladies are elegant, fragile and touching, and gentlemen are seductively courageous, slim as cypress trees. France is the abode of long youth, style, romance and a trendsetter, the owner of one of the healthiest food cultures. Who does not dream to visit this amazing country? But let's start with a small - French diet that will make your forms so elegant that you will have to update your wardrobe before the trip. For a week of this power system, you can miss 5-7 kilos. A wonderful result, isn't it?

    The seven-day menu, where the figure corresponds to the day of the diet in a row, looks like this:

    • The morning starts deliciously, you are free to treat yourself to a familiar drink( albeit without sugar), a jar of yogurt and a hard-boiled egg. Lunch - vegetable. Make yourself an unusual stew( beets, carrots, prunes) and a salad of healthy vegetables. Wash down with vegetable food allowed apple juice. In the evening - proteins. Eat a bar( 50 g) of cheese, a piece( 100 g) of boiled chicken meat. Dessert - a cup of yogurt.
    • The second day's breakfast consists of a loaf of bran, favorite tea and an orange. During the day you can indulge yourself with shrimp( 100 g), the same volume of beef and a serving of yogurt. For dinner - favorite potatoes( 1 big stuff, cooked in the uniform), cauliflower( 150 g), seasoned with soy sauce, black bread and tea.
    • The third day will start nourishing, since ham is allowed, cottage cheese is 100 g each, and your favorite drink( admittedly savory).In the afternoon, you can again eat boiled potato by adding to it stewed cabbage and some mushrooms. You can make a complex salad from these products. Dessert - a pair of kiwi. Dinner consists of fish( 100 g), however, boiled, a cup of fermented milk product to choose from.
    • Muesli and banana, a savory drink( optional) rely on breakfast. During the day you can fry the fish with onions( 200 g).In the evening, French nutritionists advise tasting beans with a vegetable salad and bran bread. You can also eat a small potato, but only boiled.
    • The morning of the fifth day is rich in proteins. Yogurt and egg are your breakfast. Lunch consists of rice( 100 g), flavored with soy sauce, beet salad( 100 g) and a cup of fresh tomato juice. In the evening, treat yourself to cottage cheese, yogurt and milk, but in moderation.
    • The day begins with cereal with milk and coffee. For lunch you can eat 150 g of liver( but not fried), egg and yogurt. In the evening - the gifts of nature. Prepare a cabbage salad with parsley and olive oil, which can be eaten with black bread. Dessert - a pair of kiwi.
    • The final morning is a protein, consisting of yogurt, cheese, eggs and a favorite( savory) drink. During the day you can indulge yourself with fried champignons( 100 g), salad( carrots, cabbage, lemon juice), rice( 100 g).Wash down the meal allowed orange fresh juice. Dinner consists of beef liver( 150 g), crab sticks( 50 g), a cup of milk.

    This is important to know! Snacking French doctors allow themselves to be pampered with either a cup of broth( ideally chicken), or fresh fruit, or herbal tea.

    Diet is allowed to use at least every month, because its diet is rich in proteins, and carbohydrates, and vitamins. Do not forget to drink plain water, because it is an excellent “fat burner”.In the period of losing weight, you can safely play sports or get yourself active hobbies( dancing, swimming and more).

    Tibetan secrets on guard of harmony

    Is it important for you not only to become slimmer, but to rejuvenate your body? Do you like Tibetan secrets and ancient knowledge? Then give preference to the Tibetan diet, which will return you a perfect figure, remove wrinkles, improve skin and make it healthier. The basis of this healing food - plant food. Meat and eggs will have to be forgotten, but fish in moderation is not prohibited. You'd be surprised, but the way you eat is just as important as the food on the table.

    So, the basic principles of nutrition from Tibetan geniuses in the field of weight loss and health recovery:

    • never hurry, sitting at the table, the food should be thoroughly ground by teeth( at least 20 chewing movements), and the situation around you is calm, so snacking on the gowith ingestion of food are excluded;
    • is harmful to eat before going to sleep; the last meal of the day should be at least 2 hours before the night’s rest;
    • drink enough daily( from 2 liters), because sometimes the thirst "disguises" under the feeling of hunger, so you tend to overeat;
    • forget about snacks that interfere with the smooth work of the digestive system;
    • more often be in the arms of nature, breathe the air, which is an amazing anti-aging remedy.

    The term of the Tibetan method is a week, after which you can forget about 4 kg of fat deposits.

    It's time to get acquainted with the menu miracle techniques.


    • morning - 200 ml of milk, crackers;
    • lunch - 200 g of lettuce( tomatoes, peppers, onions), beans, and an apple;
    • evening - cabbage salad( 250 g), fruit( 150 g).


    • morning - apple and mineral water;
    • lunch - boiled fish( 200 g), fruit salad( 300 g);
    • Dinner - Zucchini and Tomato Stew( 400 g), Rye Bread, A Cup of Tomato Juice.


    • morning - rusk, milk;
    • lunch - 200 g of beans and salad( cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, butter);
    • evening - beet salad( 200 g) with black bread( piece), a couple of oranges, tomato juice( cup).


    • morning - bun and mineral water;
    • lunch - boiled fish( 250 g), vegetable salad( 200 g), apple juice( 200 ml);
    • Evening - carrot salad with garlic, butter( 200 g), stewed asparagus( 200 g), black bread( slice).


    • morning - on the Thursday menu;
    • lunch - salad( 200 g) of red cabbage, a couple of apples, a jar of yogurt;
    • evening - 200 g of eggplants( can be fried) and fish( ideally boiled), whole grain cereal loaf.


    • morning - orange, apple fresh;
    • lunch - 200 g of carrot and vegetable salad, mineral water;
    • evening - crackers, cheese( 150 g), milk, yogurt( in a cup), strawberries( 100 g).

    Final day:

    • morning - milk, bread( stale);
    • lunch - 250 g cabbage salad and fish( boiled), herbal tea;
    • evening - 250 g of beans, fruits, cheese( 100 g), apple fresh( cup).

    Of course, in the process of losing weight you need to drink water - from one and a half liters per day. Tibetan diet can be repeated every month.

    Food to reduce appetite

    With the world on a string - perfect fit men. Choose your gastronomic journey and go to the world of happy people!


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