Lymphatic drainage massage of the face Tsogan: video and description of the technique

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Circles under the eyes, puffy face, fine wrinkles, deep nasolabial folds - from all these troubles can save lymphatic drainage facial massage. But first you need to figure out how it differs from the usual classic, what is the technique of this procedure, when it can be performed, and in what cases it is impossible.

  • What does “lymphatic drainage” mean?
  • Differences from classic massage
  • Massage Togan
  • Technique ExecutionBut it is explained quite simply. Lymph is a clear fluid in the tissues that creates pressure in them and thereby provides elasticity. Lymph does not flow like blood through vessels and capillaries, it is not pushed by the motor-heart. Slowly, and sometimes too slowly, lymph circulates in the body, mainly due to muscle work and breathing process. And if the circulation is not active enough and the lymph stagnates, then swelling and swelling are formed.

    In the mornings, many of us face swell up precisely because at night breathing is slow, and the muscl

    es do not work. The task of lymphatic drainage massage is to ensure the outflow of lymph from the external tissues, to accelerate its movement and thereby “wash out” the tissues and muscles from the inside.

    Differences from the classic massage.

    The technique of lymphatic drainage facial massage consists of the same movements, but vibrations and pats are used very limitedly, rubbing and stroking, whose purpose is to force the lymph to move away from the surface, is dominant. There are also differences in the pace and strength of pressing. Simple techniques and simple technique make it possible to do lymphatic drainage massage of the face on your own, at home, just by looking at the sequence of movements on a high-quality video clip. Experts recommend doing this massage once a week, it will reduce the second chin, remove bags under the eyes, restore the structure of the subcutaneous tissue, give the skin elasticity, make facial features more expressive.

    Lightly steam the skin, apply massage cream on your fingers and proceed. The whole procedure takes 10-15 minutes. Accurately follow the indicated lines and use only the recommended directions for finger movements - this is important for lymph drainage. After the procedure, drink plenty of water. If it is difficult for you to independently choose the force with which to press, you can start with a few sessions in a beauty salon. The usual cost of this procedure is 500-800 rubles. Some salons offer a service such as lymphatic drainage massage apparatus. For the price, it is no different from manual, but judging by the reviews, the hardware one is more comfortable and painless.

    Massage Tsogan

    Like everything else, lymphatic drainage facial massage develops and changes. A novelty in this area is the Zogan or Asahi massage, invented by the Japanese woman-cosmetologist Yukuko Tanaki. Do it daily, for 5-10 minutes. Reviews of lymphatic drainage facial massage can be found both positive and negative, but reviews that would say that the massage Togan harm, no. To some, he simply did not help, or helped to the extent that he had hoped for.

    The massage itself is simple; it is easy to study the technique of lymphatic drainage massage of the face. The author of the method, Yukuko Tanaki, promises that her massage will allow you to “lose” 10 years due to the fact that it speeds up the elimination of toxins and improves the nutrition of the skin. Muscles, vessels and facial skin come to tone, wrinkles( especially nasolabial) become less noticeable.

    Often a perfectly fair comment is often made about the differences in the structure of Asian and European types of persons. In the Asian face, deep nasolabial folds are rare, most often they are not pronounced. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to speak about the positive influence of Tsogan on this area of ​​the face - this is how the opponents of this type of massage believe. But if you do not focus only on this one area of ​​the face, then a massage from Yu. Tanaka can be useful to those who would like to get rid of the second chin, excessively thick cheeks, as well as those who want to have a more pronounced facial and easternsharply defined cheekbones.

    Execution Technique

    The procedure is done in the morning, after washing. It is not massage oil that is used, but a non-greasy cream - it is plentifully applied on the face, so that the fingers slide, and proceed. The face is immediately massaged with three fingers - the index, middle and ring fingers, and not just pads - they work with all fingers. The pressure should be strong, but not painful. Each movement is repeated three times, exercises near the nostrils - 5 times. The skin on the eyelids is not touched, and the exercises around the eyes are performed with only one finger.

    At first it is necessary, using a schematic pattern, to find the lymph nodes. They are located in front and behind the ears, in the cavity behind the ears, on the sides of the neck and above the collarbone.

    Note .Lymph nodes are peculiar barriers that filter the lymph and secrete lymphocytes — cells that move freely throughout the body, killing bacteria where they enter the body. In the case of an infectious lesion( for example, a bad cold), the lymph nodes swell up, then they can be easily felt.

    All movements to Tsogan end in front of the ear lymph nodes, then go down to the clavicular and jugular.

    Lymphatic drainage massage session on

    video Basic massage movements Tzogan

    They do it this way: at the same time, with three fingers, you can easily press in front of the ears for 2 seconds, then run along the face contour, along the cervical lymph nodes, descend to the clavicular and end movement. Always executed three times in a row. This is how the session begins, and this is how each exercise ends.

    A session consists of 11 exercises or steps:

    • Smooth out wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

    Place the fingers of both hands flat on the center of the forehead for 2 sec..Do not forget that all exercises are done three times and each is completed with the main movement.

    • We remove bags under the eyes and swelling near the eyes.

    With light pressure we hold the pads of the middle fingers under the eye from external corners to internal, then under eyebrows - again to external ones. We put our fingers at the inner corners and very easily carry out under the eyes, do a two-second pressing at the outer corners of the eyes and in front of the ears, near which we complete the movement.

    • Getting rid of wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.

    With the pads of the fingers of both hands, we move from the center of the chin to the nose, driving past the corners of the mouth. Under the nostrils - a two-second press.

    • Smooth the bridge of the nose, remove the nasolabial folds

    With the tips of the middle fingers make three movements up and down around the wings of the nose. Then stroke the nose three times from top to bottom and spread your hands to the temples.

    • We make lifting the cheeks

    Place the fingers of both hands in the center of the chin and at the same time hold them up the line running through the corners of the lips, the wings of the nose and the nose bridge to the inner corners of the eye. There, press for 2 seconds and move under the eyes to the temples. Finish the main movement.

    • Correcting the oval of the face

    With the palm of one hand you need to support the lateral part of the lower jaw. The palm of the second hand we lead from the other side of the lower jaw to the inner corner of the eye. We stop there, do pressure and move to the temple. We complete the movement with a basic exercise. Repeat on the other side.

    • We remove the swelling near the nose.

    Three fingers of each hand simultaneously with the force from the nose under the eyes to the temples and complete the basic exercise. Repeat.

    • Making the lifting of the middle and lower face

    Slightly lower the face. The bases of the thumbs press to the area between the wings of the nose and cheekbones, hold to the temples, finish the basic exercise. Then press the bases of the thumbs to the corners of the mouth and hold the oblique to the cheekbones, finish the basic exercise.

    • Adjust the chin

    Exercise allows you to get rid of the second chin. Hold the base of the palm under the chin to the ear, holding a thumb for it. Finish the basic exercise. Repeat three times, then do the exercise on the other side of the face, using the other hand.

    • Increase overall tone

    . Index fingers on open palms, press firmly against the nose, with thumbs, clasp the area under the chin. With a force run your hand from the nose to the temples, complete the basic exercise. Repeat, as usual, 3 times.

    • Warn transverse wrinkles

    The fingers of the leading hand should be massaged with a zigzag forehead - from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Pass so from the end to the end of the forehead three times. Then with both hands hold from the center of the forehead to the temples and complete all the basic exercises.

    In conclusion, it must be said that any type of lymphatic drainage massage has the same contraindications as the classic massage - these are inflammatory processes in the skin, abscesses, wounds, acne, herpes, ENT diseases, hemophilia and diseases of the lymphatic system.

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