Aspirin face mask: the best recipes for acne with aspirin and honey

February 17, 2019 21:30 | Face

Aspirin face mask is constantly gaining new fans. She equally well solves the problems of both young and mature skin. Especially effective these pills for headaches and fever "work" in compositions designed for problem skin. After them, the inflamed areas calm down, wounds and acne dry out faster, the remaining spots disappear, and the face becomes smooth, as after a high-quality peeling. Learn about the intricacies of using acetylsalicylic acid in homemade cosmetic blends.

  • How to use aspirin for the face
  • Acne cosmetic formulations
  • Eliminating traces of acne
  • Aspirin mask with honey

How to use aspirin for the face

Aspirin is the main active ingredient of any home mask. To it you need to choose the basis that would be most suitable for your skin. Clay, yogurt, honey, oil, oil solutions of vitamins, etc. can be used in this capacity.

When using such formulations, pay attention to the following tips and cautions:

  • Use only simple aspirin for cosmetic purpo
    ses and not expensive options in the formeffervescent water-soluble tablets.
  • This drug easily penetrates the skin layers and may even be harmful to health. That is why before starting the procedures you need to consult with the doctors. They will help determine the composition of the mask and the frequency of its use. In any case, it can not be done every day. It is not excluded that it may not give any result, except for itching and redness of the skin.
  • Considering that aspirin face packs may not be suitable for you, choose for the first time the most gentle composition with the minimum concentration of the active substance. For example, honey and yogurt act very gently and soothingly on the skin.
  • During the first sessions, do not process the entire face. Lubricate first the most problematic places, applying the composition gently and pointwise. Bypass those areas where there is damage and where the skin is too dry. Do not forget that you are dealing with acid, even if weak, but capable of causing harm.
  • Bear in mind that miraculous methods in cosmetics simply do not exist. In this case, you can count on the removal of edema and inflammation. With a one-time use of masks from aspirin, the effect may occur 3-4 hours after it is washed off. Significant changes occur, according to reviews, after 4-8 procedures( their frequency should not exceed two times during the week).

After reviewing the recommendations, you can choose a mask recipe that will help you solve a sore problem and improve your appearance.

Cosmetic formulations for acne

  • Based on yogurt

Crush 2 aspirin tablets, add to them natural yogurt( 1 tablespoon) and a few drops of mineral water. The mixture is gently applied to the skin, and after 20-25 minutes it is washed off with water. After the procedure, you can use a moisturizer.

  • With lemon juice

This aspirin acne mask is recommended for very oily skin. Make a powder of 8 tablets and add 1 drop of lemon juice to it. The resulting gruel can not be kept on the face for more than 5-7 minutes. Prepare a soda solution in advance at the rate of 1 tsp.1 glass of water and wash them off the mask. It is very aggressive and therefore not suitable for dry skin, and is also contraindicated in the presence of wounds, scratches, cuts and recently squeezed acne. After the procedure, you can moderately moisturize the face with a cream.

  • On the basis of clay

Take 1 tbsp.lblack clay and gently dilute it with mineral water to make a gruel. Mix it with a powder of acetylsalicylic acid tablets( at the rate of 1 tablespoon. Clay - 1 tablet), and then apply on the face and neck. After 20 minutes, wash the clay with cold water.

  • With ground coffee

Make a mixture of white clay( 2 tablespoons) and finely ground coffee( 1 tsp.).Add to it a powder of 4 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and make a slurry( use mineral water as an additional liquid).Apply it on the face with light massage movements, bypassing the area around the eyes, and leave for 15-20 minutes. This aspirin mask is washed off with cold water, and you can use ice cubes to treat zones of inflammation and large acne.

Elimination of Acne Traces

  • An aspirin honey mask is made from 4 crushed tablets that need to be sprayed with 4-5 drops of water. The resulting gruel is mixed with natural honey in any proportion so that the resulting mass was pleasant to apply on the face. Too liquid composition is better not to do, and if it turns out thick, but apply it along the massage lines. Pay special attention to places with black dots and pores. After 10 minutes, the honey is washed off with warm water, and the face, if necessary, moisturized.
  • Apple pulp( 2 tbsp. L.) Is mixed with natural yogurt( 1 tbsp. L.) And 2 shredded aspirin tablets. Add an oil solution of vitamins A and E to the mixture( 2 drops each).Yogurt can be added to result in a paste that is comfortably applied to the skin of the face. It is held for 20 minutes and then washed off with cold water.

Perhaps some of the composition you liked the most. Then as soon as possible try to get rid of the mood-spoiling acne and blackheads. We wish you good health!

Video-aspirin mask with honey

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