Diet Mukhina without earrings: is it possible to lose weight without a miracle accessory

February 18, 2019 23:45 | Diets

Diet Mukhina without earrings is an effective way to lose weight only by changing the diet. And the "golden needle", which is used to reduce appetite, in this case is not used. Opinions on this auxiliary decoration diverge. Many believe that you can lose those extra pounds simply by following a strict diet.

  • Slimming according to the method of Dr. Mukhina
  • What you should not eat for breakfast: how to come up with the advice of your blog?specialist who deals with obesity. Her weight loss method is based on a balanced diet and wearing a special earring, which helps to cope with increased appetite by acting on special points.

    Reviews of people who have tried this technique say that this small piece plays an important role in this process. Along with this, there is the opposite opinion that this merit is not a “golden needle”, but simply a self-suggestion. Perhaps, it is necessary to figure out how effective the Mukhina diet without earrings.

    The author of the methodology believ

    es that obesity is a rather serious disease that provokes a number of other diseases. For example, hypertension, diabetes, sore joints. Therefore, only timely treatment can prevent the worst effects and solve health problems.

    What not to eat for breakfast: video tips from Dr. Mukhina

    Nutrition Tips and Tips

    The menu for this diet must be selected individually. The amount of proteins and fats consumed is determined by a specialist taking into account the sex, age and energy consumption of the patient. Also greatly reduced the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

    It is important to know which products are under a complete ban, and which are recommended to use. So, let's start with those that not only can, but also definitely need to eat.

    Products containing:

    • proteins - lean meat, fish, liver, soy;
    • fats - vegetable and butter, sour cream, olives.

    Vegetables and fruits should be eaten fresh or boiled. You can also make them fresh juice. Well, if the house has a slow cooker and juicer.

    Eat more zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, green beans, greens. From fruits, apples, pears, apricots, persimmon, kiwi, pineapples, citrus fruits are preferable.

    Allowed to eat 2 eggs and 100 g of cheese per week. And every day you can eat 2 jars of low-fat yogurt. Do not forget to use other dairy products.

    It is important to completely eliminate sugar, in rare cases, you can use a sugar substitute.

    Now we list the products that should be forgotten:

    • sausages;
    • meat semi-finished products;
    • crab sticks;
    • processed cheese;
    • bread and pasta;
    • pastry;
    • rice, buckwheat, oats;
    • corn, potatoes;
    • chocolate;
    • chips;
    • grapes and bananas;
    • dried fruits and nuts;
    • pickles and smoked meats;
    • carbonated drinks.

    Basic rules of the

    diet In order for the diet to produce the desired result, you need to follow certain rules:

    • eat according to schedule: have breakfast before 10:00 am, have lunch from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm;have dinner until 18:00;
    • completely eliminate snacking;
    • have breakfast, lunch and dinner in complete silence;
    • Diet Mukhina does not allow watching TV, reading books and talking while eating;Eat
    • in small pieces, while chewing food thoroughly;
    • using a vitamin-mineral complex to support your body during a diet;
    • drink 2 liters of fluid per day;
    • do not drink alcoholic beverages;
    • exercise in addition to the diet;
    • to maintain skin tone, we recommend to undergo a course of cosmetic procedures( massage, wrapping).

    Possible options for the

    menu If you yourself are hard to distribute the permissible food for the day, use the approximate menu of this diet.

    Option 1:

    • In the morning: meat( 50 g) and fresh vegetable salad with sour cream, a cup of tea or coffee.
    • During the day: a portion of vegetable soup with lean meat, a piece of steamed fish( 150 g), baked vegetables( 200 g).
    • In the evening: vegetables or fruits( 200 g).For example, braised zucchini or apple salad and orange. Mix vegetables and fruits can not.
    • Before bedtime, you can drink a glass of low-fat milk, kefir or drinking yogurt.

    Option 2:

    • Morning: seafood or liver( 50 g) with vegetables( 200 g), tea or coffee with a sweetener.
    • By day: plate of vegetarian soup, boiled chicken( 150 g), vegetable salad with vegetable oil( 200 g).
    • In the evening: vegetables or fruits( 200 g), a glass of kefir.

    Option 3:

    • In the morning: cottage cheese( 100 g), fruit salad( 200 g), tea or coffee.
    • By day: baked fish( 200 g), steamed vegetables( 200 g), a cup of tea.
    • In the evening: fruits or vegetables( 200 g) to choose from, a glass of skimmed warm milk.
    • Cottage cheese, you can eat 2 times a week during breakfast or lunch.

    There may be more menu options, the main thing is not to forget about the products that this diet does not allow.

    Recipes for the Fly

    diet The menu for the Fly includes vegetable and fruit salads. We offer several simple recipes:

    • Bean and Cabbage Salad

    Take 50 g of beans, boiled in salted water and cabbage, chopped into strips. Combine both ingredients and fill with 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise or sour cream. Optionally, you can add chopped greens.

    • Fresh vegetables and cheese salad

    Wash and peel carrots, cucumbers and cabbage. Cut into strips, salt a little, stir and shift into a plate. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

    • Fruit Salad

    Peel an apple, orange and pear. Cut everything into cubes and mix. Fill with low-fat drinking yogurt( not more than 100 g).

    When choosing recipes for the Fly's diet, you need to pay attention to some nuances:

    • beets and carrots should be used only fresh;
    • garlic and onions must be subjected to heat treatment;
    • potatoes generally remove from their diet;
    • does not eat vegetables and fruits that increase appetite.

    The described slimming system will help lose 8-10 kg. But remember that for a month of the Mukhina diet without an earring the result may differ significantly. Someone will get rid of 8 kg, and someone will be able to say goodbye and with a lot of excess weight. Everything will depend on how much weight you begin to lose weight and how seriously you will be treated to all the above rules and recommendations.


    Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

    Anguish diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacking time? It is understandable, in the mode of home-work-home just do not have enough nerves and strength to diet and grueling workouts

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