Weekly slimming diets: popular 7-day slimming diets

February 19, 2019 08:30 | Diets

Overweight? But one does not want to go on a diet, because the process is complex, nervous, involving counting calories, bouts of hunger. And you are sinful by such thoughts? In vain, after all, talented nutritionists are still a little bit psychologists, and therefore come up with new, creative and cheerful diets for losing weight in a week, thanks to which you not only restore beauty, but also improve your mood by connecting to the game “fat end”.Women are known to love playing with color, so why not use this addiction in the name of body beauty? So, losing weight on a diet of your favorite color. Look for your own!

  • With a clean slate - white diet
  • beautiful form - the green light: cucumber diet
  • red and white - romantic cowberry diet
  • Brown classic - buckwheat diet
  • cherry flavor - slimming on berries
  • Orange mood - orange diet
  • How to lose weight in a week- say nutritionists

From a clean slate - white diet

White is the main, main, perso

nifying the beginning of life, purity and joy. Do you like this symbol of light? Choose a white diet and let your color help you lose weight.

Why white? It's all about the shades of products that are allowed to consume people who lose weight by this method. The list includes dairy products, eggs, oatmeal and fruit. Moreover, the latter are recommended to be added to yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, therefore, even if you choose bright gifts of nature, white will still lead.

It is worth noting that weekly weight loss diets, based on this product set, not only contribute to weight loss, but also relieve acne and slags that have accumulated over the years in the intestines. Interesting? Then get acquainted with the example menu:

  • morning - a cup of yogurt( homemade, without sugar) in which it is permissible to add berries and honey;
  • snack - half a pack of cottage cheese, a plate of oatmeal cooked in skimmed milk;
  • lunch - complex salad( tomatoes, eggs, cucumbers, onions), cottage cheese( 100 g);
  • afternoon snack - a cup of ryazhenka;
  • evening - yogurt with fruit / berries( optional).

This is important to know! The white diet is not recommended for individuals suffering from a gastric ulcer or gastritis. First overcome the disease, then lose weight.

Dairy products for the white diet is better to buy low-fat( up to 1%), and to exclude from the list of fruits abundant glucose grapes and high-calorie bananas.

For a week, you have excellent chances of not losing weight on the scales of 5 kg. White color works wonders, is not it?

Beautiful light green light: cucumber diet

Are you a fan of green that brings you closer to nature and pacifies you? Without thinking, choose a cucumber diet - one of the most effective methods of weight correction, able to save you from 7 kilos of hated fat.

If you want to lose weight as much as possible in a week, a diet on cucumbers is one of the best solutions. First, this vegetable tops the list of the lowest calorie foods. Secondly, the technique actually belongs to the power supply system of the “mono” type, therefore it contributes to the rapid weight loss. Thirdly, cucumbers are a kind of “medicine”, because their consumption stimulates the intestines, releases from edema, improves metabolism, leads to normal indicators of water-salt balance. Fourthly, the “green” food system does not limit users to the amount of cucumbers eaten per day - eat at least with basins.

So, an example of a daily ration for a cucumber diet:

  • morning - a favorite hot drink, in which it is permissible to add a spoonful of sugar / fructose / honey;
  • Snack - Cucumber Salad with a small( 50 g) slice of bread made from bran and rye flour;
  • lunch - according to the menu of the previous meal, but you can increase the portion of the salad;
  • evening - repeats a set of lunch menu dishes, with the only difference being that it is allowed to add healthy olive oil to the salad;
  • for the night( if there is a feeling of hunger) - a cup of yogurt, either an apple or an orange, not exceeding 100 g in weight.

Worth noting! If the stomach rumbles frequently, demanding familiar foods, then take a few microcrystalline cellulose tablets with water( a couple of glasses).This mass in the stomach will swell, and you will have a feeling of satiety.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water, because water is your ally in the "battle of the fight" with fat. Cucumber diet is designed for 7 days, you are free to arrange a second course in a month and a half.

Red on white - romantic cranberry diet

Do you like to combine shades? Do you breathe unevenly in relation to red or are you an incorrigible romantic? Do you greet treatment not with “chemistry”, but with the gifts of nature? It offers lingonberry diet - one of the most healing, sweet and fun. For 7 days of feeding these miracle berries, you will become slimmer by at least 5 pounds, improve your body, charge it with energy. After all, lingonberry is a storehouse of such valuable substances for the body as ascorbic acid, pectins, iron, manganese and benzoic acid, which is responsible for the destruction of microbes and slowing the aging process.

Stock up on healing berries and follow the menu:

  • morning - a glass of fresh lingonberries and low-fat kefir( up to 1%), you can mix everything together and add some honey;
  • lunch - a portion of kefir is doubled, and the volume of lingonberries corresponds to the morning one; besides, you can afford several crackers and a couple of nuts;
  • evening - kefir can be a glass, and lingonberries - two.

Worth paying attention! As a drink, you can also consume lingonberry juice - from a liter per day. However, the berries can not be subjected to boiling. Grind the lingonberries, adding boiled water and, if desired, a couple of sugar substitute tablets. Morse is ready!

If you get very hungry between meals, then eat a handful of lingonberries, and at night you can pamper yourself with another 100 ml of kefir.

Nutritionists advise losing weight on this food system during the ripening season of lingonberries, because frozen berries lose some of their healing qualities. Due to a sharp reduction in calorie content and the possible occurrence of dizziness, experienced cranberry diet fans advise to lose weight according to the rules of this technique during the holiday period.

Brown classics - buckwheat diet

Prefer classics, both in shades and on the table? Take on the "weapon" diet brown - buckwheat, which is incredibly useful and satisfying. However, be prepared for the uniformity of the menu, since all you can do is buckwheat. Is that as an exception at night, or when it is completely unbearable, you can drink a cup of low-fat fresh yogurt, but that's all.

Eat only buckwheat all day long, and cooked in a special way - without gas, adding spices, fat and even salt. But every day you will lose at least a kilogram of fatty ballast, and in a week you will be transformed so that you will want to dance in front of a mirror. In addition, you will become healthier, clean the intestines, acne will go away, the skin will rejuvenate, and your eyes will begin to play with a bright glow. Why? All because of the beneficial properties of buckwheat, because its composition is just a storehouse of useful substances, among which are:

  • iron;,
  • fiber,
  • sodium,
  • zinc.

Buckwheat perfectly saturates and is slowly digested, which means that after a meal you will be full. Now you understand that this porridge is not only an effective “fat burner”, but also a kind of “medicine”, it’s not for nothing that doctors of many patients include this wonder-croup in the menu.

And what is the special way to make porridge? It's all pretty simple. Prepare a daily portion the night before. Take the cereal, as usual, sort out, rinse. Move to a closing container, pour boiling water, based on the ratio of 1: 2.Wrap the dishes securely and wrap up with a blanket( you can also use a towel).For breakfast, get ready, still warm dish. You can add nothing, as you understand, even the traditional salt. The first days you will certainly be difficult, but already, starting from the third day, you will realize that you have discovered a completely new taste of buckwheat, which was previously “drowned out” by seasoning, fat and salt.

During the period of weight loss on porridge should be abundantly drink, with an emphasis on clean water, tea, herbal infusions, drinks from chicory. Also, nutritionists recommend more often to be on the air, which helps to speed up the metabolism, resulting in fat being burned faster.

Competently quitting a “brown” diet is as important as sustaining it. You should not pounce on food, as if a week spent in the desert, starving. Such steps are fraught with the immediate return of fat to the chosen places. Daily add to the porridge, to which the body has become accustomed for the week, new products. On the first day - dairy, then - soup, on the third day - a piece of lean meat and salad. And so, step by step, return to a normal diet, of course, preferably not the harmful, which you previously had in honor. After all, diet and the return of a chiseled figure are your motivation and chance to change the culture of food in general, and, therefore, to insure your forms from repeated “occupation” with fat.

Cherry flavor - slimming berries

Love muted tones and sweet dishes? Why don't you try losing weight with fragrant cherries? Moreover, this berry is very useful, abundant in vitamins and other components beneficially affecting the body. A week-long meal with cherries will not only make you 4 pounds lighter, but also make you healthier, because the bright berry is an excellent remedy for cleansing the digestive tract, liver, lymph and kidneys, improving immunity.

In addition, cherries are an excellent diuretic "medicine", thanks to the consumption of dishes from this product, you save tissue from excess fluid, which also has a positive effect on weighing procedures. Some fans of the technique are getting lighter and on all 7 kilos - everything is in your responsible hands!

The basic rules of the cherry diet:

  1. Consume the berry or juice from it half an hour before other( listed in the menu) products.
  2. Do not snack between meals.
  3. Dairy products to buy low-fat.
  4. Do not add sugar to cherry juice.
  5. Limit salt intake, which leads to edema.
  6. Do not drink coffee while losing weight.
  7. Dinner arrange at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

Studied the principles of the methodology? It's time to move on to the example of the daily ration:

  • morning - homemade cherry juice( mug), scrambled eggs( steamed);
  • lunch - chicken( boiled, without skin), a pair of jacket potatoes or vegetable stew( optional), cherry juice( mug);
  • evening - boiled fish, a glass of berries and kefir.

Meat, fish, you are free to replace the cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, eggs and other protein products. But dishes can not be fried, cook, adding fat, as well as smoke. Prefer dietary food processing methods, and you will lose every day at least a pound of disfiguring fat figure.

Worth paying attention! Have you eaten a cherry, but do you have stalks on your plate? Do not rush to throw away these green processes, because, according to folk herbalists, they are an amazing means to accelerate fat burning. Prepare from the stems collected the day, decoction and drink the next day before each meal - 15 minutes before you sit at the table.

Orange mood - orange diet

Sun, oranges and orange shades - isn't it a wonderful company to fight against fat? Moreover, citrus fruits are not only tasty and healthy, but also speed up the metabolism. What to say about the bright color of these fruits, energizing, positive and optimistic. Not practiced losing weight on oranges? The time has come to try. In a week, you will lose about 5 kilos, and if you combine the power system with physical activity, then to all 7.

Meet the approximate sample of the daily diet:

  • morning - orange, oatmeal, cottage cheese or egg( optional);
  • lunch - orange, piece of fish / meat( 150 g), grilled, salad( tomatoes, lettuce);
  • dinner - orange, chicken liver( 100 g), cabbage salad;
  • before bedtime - a cup of yogurt / yogurt( without sugar).

Drinking regime during the orange diet is strict. Every day, users should drink at least a two-liter bottle of non-carbonated water, which can be alternated with herbal infusions, green tea, dogrose decoction.

Oranges, by the way, can be replaced with tangerines or grapefruit. Do not like to eat the flesh? Prepare the juice, but do not add sugar harmful to the figure to the drink.

Repeat the course of the "orange" diet is allowed after a month, because the power system is nourishing and is balanced.

How to lose weight in a week - say nutritionists

Decided which of the diets for weight loss for the week suits you in color? So, it's time to start the "reconstruction" of the figure and restore beauty.


Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, but going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode, there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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