Diet 7 days 10 kg as a fast and sure way to lose weight

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In any dietary program that aims to lose weight, the main rule should be: “to get less calories than to spend”.Most nutritional systems on this and built, and among them a diet of 7 days 10 kg is no exception. The result is surprising by the relationship between short periods and significant mass loss. Nevertheless, the result is quite predictable and it is really possible to achieve such an effect. Such "fast" diets usually have several options.

  • The fastest project “7 days minus 10 Kilo”7 days minus 10 kilos »

    The menu is not difficult, but the limitations in the products and the rigidity are obvious. Of course, this test will not work for everyone. Those who decide on such “infringements” will have to listen very carefully to the slightest changes in the body - in order to respond in time at the slightest hint of a dangerous complication. What exactly to do to those who do not have obvious medical contraindications to the seven-day diet with the prospect of "care" of 10 kg, is de

    tailed below.

    • Monday: non-carbonated mineral water( 1 liter) is divided into 4-6 receptions. There is no serious food.
    • Tuesday: in the same way, i.e.on 4-6 approaches, "divided" 800 ml of skimmed milk. This is all the "food".
    • Wednesday: 2-liter bottle of mineral water without gas is distributed over the day.
    • Thursday: the day “salad”, where among the vegetables are carrot-cabbage-onion cucumber. Plus dill with parsley and a spoon of olive oil. Liquid - water without gas + green tea.
    • Friday: a milk ration similar to what was on Tuesday.
    • Saturday: vegetables( salad) + tea with water( at least a liter).
    • Sunday: gradually returning to the usual regulations, but without abundant dishes, fat and fried.

    Note: such a “fast-paced” 7-day diet is often accompanied by a feeling of weakness due to hunger. Head may spin. For diabetics and those with serious gastrointestinal problems, as well as for pregnant and lactating women, such a brutal regimen is unacceptable. The rest should consult with the doctors before taking the risk to “immerse” in a similar project.

    Dietplan of the “favorite” seven-day session

    Recommendations for losing weight

    This version of the program of accelerated parting with unwanted kilograms is much “softer” than the previous one, but it is not suitable for everyone. Those who are prone to constipation, it is desirable to pre-clean the insides, taking at night, before the "entrance" to the diet process, laxative. Wash the remaining slags - this is the task of the first diet. Well, fruit and vegetable days will make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals and prevent toxins from poisoning the body.

    We warn you: not a single seven-day diet of 10 kg will relieve you of fat deposits for long, if, after stepping out of it, you do not set a goal - to switch to a regular healthy diet. This is done both to secure the success of the “shock” short diet, and to continue the struggle for “long and reliable” harmony. By itself, the "starter" diet of seven days can be made much nicer if you approach the schedule wisely. For example, on a drinking day, do not limit yourself to drinking broth, but take kefir-yoghurt cocktails from fruits and vegetables.

    A little vegetable oil can be added to vegetable salads, and vegetables can be taken boiled and baked - especially if the intestine is weak and “sins” disorders. As for fruits, here the best choice would not be sweet, but sour “individuals” with a minimum of fiber. That is, bananas and grapes - the least useful group for dietepopei. And in general to stop on not too tasty fruit and berry components - the most reasonable way to make a dietary experience effective. You can extend the ration of the last day for a day or two at the exit of the "seven days" - success is guaranteed.

    Staying away from sweet water and juices on practically hungry “liquid” days is a good prerequisite for a successful final. Broth is quite acceptable( 2-3 times), but sweet - no. As undesirable, the presence of sour cream-mayonnaise in dishes with vegetables, greens. The strictest taboos are imposed on salt, sugar, alcohol, but at the protein stage you are entitled to replenish the diet with something you love. Whether it will be egg whites, a boiled piece of chicken( without skin), fish, seafood, beans, peas or low-fat cottage cheese - you better know.

    Actually the “favorite” menu of

    • Day 1, drinking: we drink what we want, and best of all - broths alternating with kefir-tea-water.
    • Day 2, vegetable: “press” on salads( the leader among them is the fat-burning cabbage).
    • 3rd day, drinking: repeats the first.
    • Day 4th, fruit: we eat berries and fruits( grapefruit leads in this line - as a fat burner).
    • Day 5, protein: eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, yogurt.
    • Day 6, drinking: duplicates the first and third.
    • The seventh day, “leading out” from the diet. For breakfast - 2 soft-boiled eggs plus green gulls. Lunch - fruit. Lunch - broth or light soup with cereal. Snack fruit. Dinner - light salad, slightly seasoned with vegetable oil.

    Deprive in 7 days 5 kilograms of

    In this case, everything is much simpler. Tips for those who choose a diet of 7 days 5 kg "fit" in 6 general points.

    1. Minimize the intake of fatty foods. If you refuse it at all - you plus. Vegetables, meat, do not fry, and stew, steam-boil - to your taste. Substitute mayonnaise in salads with low-fat sour cream or a spoonful of vegetable oil.
    2. Flour, cereals, potatoes, eat in the morning. The second "fill" the vegetables, seafood, sour-milk( fat-free).Meat is better to consume with vegetables, and not with potato-noodles-porridge.
    3. Replace sweet orange-grapefruit-apple-pear-berries. A couple of chocolate cubes can also be eaten, but only bitter( where cocoa is 80 percent).
    4. Drink plenty of regular unsweetened water - it significantly speeds up metabolism.
    5. Eat often and in small portions. Do not eat shortly before bedtime.
    6. Try to spend this week in active movement. Avoid the escalator and walk up the stairs. Arrange a workout yourself, if you work in the office. Try at least part of the way to work "cover" without the help of transport. Arrange evening jogging.

    How to eat to be healthy

    Take these settings for a long time - and soon you will not have to think about changing the weight category. Life will come without dietary restrictions, but with good nutrition and healthy habits.

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