The 90-Day Separate Diet: Basic Rules with Diet and Menu

February 20, 2019 02:00 | Diets

Who has never heard of a split power system? Probably, there is already no such person, and in particular, a woman who would like to improve her health( and most importantly - lose weight) with the help of this system.“Separate food again!” - you will say, - “So much has already been said and read about him, fed up! I want something new! ”Please! Today we will talk about the recently emerged diet, which you need to “sit” on for at least three months and which gives a stunning effect. It was invented a 90-day diet of separate nutrition by dietitians from Slovenia, Breda Krobat and Moyca Poljanskek, then it was formulated into special postulates and even published from a separate book, which has already been translated into many languages. What is its incredible popularity? Without exhausting fasting, eating only certain foods, in ninety days, it turns out, you can easily lose more than twenty kilograms!

  • 90-day slimming marathon and its advantages
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  • blocks Basic rules of the diet for 90 days
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Let's take a look at this unusual diet and see what its efficacy and application features are. Stay with us, and our tips will help you lose weight and get the desired shape.

90-day slimming marathon and its advantages

Who among us does not dream of achieving perfect forms? Moreover, as life shows, for us women, ideality often does not consist in achieving the notorious "ninety-sixty-ninety", but in that our weight finally reaches the desired figure.“The main thing is to lose weight, and we will create a shape later!” - so many women and girls say and. .. starve. The result - an unhealthy, pale-sallow complexion, sagging skin, weakness and fatigue, and complete, all-consuming depression.

We will not go this way, why wear yourself out by refusing to use all sorts of goodies? Moreover, the new 90 day diet does not call for them to give up!

What is this diet? The basic principle of separate nutrition, of course, is preserved - certain foods should be eaten only with certain, combined foods. But the Slovenes went further and invented a method by which all products were divided into special groups and arranged for four days, alternating which, you can eat only proteins, starchy foods, vitamins and carbohydrates. From the point of view of nutritionists, it is this alternation that most effectively causes the body to expend “fatty” reserves and lose weight not at the expense of muscle mass, as, say, it happens after starvation, and precisely as a result of getting rid of unnecessary “deposits”.

Short-term diets, reducing weight in record time, very quickly return lost kilograms to their place, often with a couple or three of new “fellow travelers”.A diet for 90 days will gradually, without harm to health, reduce weight, normalize the metabolism and maintain the achieved results for a long time.

The correct entry into the new diet

Tell yourself firmly: "I want to lose weight and at the same time improve my health!" If your weight is much higher than the permissible norms, then it is the 90-day diet of separate food - your right choice. After all, it is possible that such an excess of extra kilograms is a consequence of a violation of the metabolic processes in your body, and with the help of this diet you will bring them back to normal and be able to live a full life, and most importantly, look at yourself in the mirror with pleasure! Reducing the calorie content of food in combination with the proven effectiveness of separate feeding will provide you with a sustainable effect in securing the achieved result.

  • Without a doubt, at first you will not do without a supply of patience. Like any diet, the 90-day option requires careful compliance with all recommendations and strict compliance of your diet with all requirements. Do not adjust yourself to the fact that after a month of dieting the desired result will be achieved and it will be possible to stop the diet. The course is designed for 90 days! Keep this in mind and do not forget that otherwise the result of weight loss will not be fixed, and all the dropped kilograms will return to their places.
  • Deciding to begin to fulfill the requirements of the 90-day diet, write down your “starting” weight and volume - chest grip, waist and hip. Be sure to follow their changes - so, seeing the progress achieved, you will get an additional incentive to not stop the diet and follow it until the end of the period.
  • Do not deviate from the recommendations and strictly follow all the rules! This is a pledge that the diet will not only have a visible effect of losing weight, but also bring health benefits.
  • Try to maintain a mobile lifestyle - walk more often, exercise at the gym, be sure to do exercises in the morning.

Division into four-day blocks.

. The basis of the diet is four-day blocks, and only certain foods can be eaten during a certain day.

  1. "Day of Proteins"

On protein days, you can eat foods that contain a large amount of proteins - these are meat and meat products, fish, eggs. On this day, you can also eat vegetables, combined with proteins( they should not be starch).

  1. "Day of Starch"

Bread made from flour containing whole grains, porridge, potatoes and vegetables containing starch - this is the list of products allowed on this day. Beans and first courses in vegetable broth are also allowed.

  1. “Carbohydrate Day”

On this day, you can eat bread, cereal and vegetable dishes. All kinds of pastry dough( without yeast, eggs and milk), cookies and pasta are allowed. In the evening, some real bitter chocolate is allowed, and even a favorite dessert.

  1. “Vitamin Day”

You can safely eat all the fruits your soul desires on this day. In addition, eight dried fruits are allowed( to normalize the bowels), some nuts and seeds( provided they are not salty).An excellent addition to the vitamin day will be fresh juices - any.

Now the hardest. Every 29 day you have to eat only mineral water - this will be a kind of cleansing and more complete absorption of the products of all the previous days. You will have to spend it only three times, and only after a vitamin day.

Basic rules of a diet for 90 days

  • Breakfast should consist only of fruit.
  • Dine no earlier than twelve hours. If you feel hunger before this time, you can eat fruit.
  • After lunch, it should be at least three hours before you eat dinner. If we are talking about the "day of proteins", then this break should be four hours.
  • Vitamin day involves frequent snacks( literally every two to three hours) with fruits, and if their amount is large at first, do not worry, then your appetite will decrease.
  • You can not eat anything after twenty hours.
  • The lunch portion should be large enough, but the portion of the dinner should be calculated on the basis of the rule: lunch, reduced by half.
  • Try to buy only natural, fresh products for your diet. Avoid chemical additives and excess carbohydrates.
  • Salads, which you will prepare from vegetables, can be filled with vegetable oil - a small amount.
  • It is better to exclude fried and baked dishes at the time of the diet, and cook only steamed or in the form of stewed products.
  • While cooking, do not add salt, just add a little salt to the dish that has already been cooked and laid out on the plate. Condiments and greens will also help you reduce the amount of salt.
  • Do not forget to drink at least two liters of water per day.
  • Ensure that your calorie content is not too high. Counting calories for the first time will help you a lot to control this.
  • Once again we recall the benefits of physical activity, they will help you to spend the calories received with maximum benefit.

Menu for those who want to lose weight 90 days

  • "Day of Proteins"

For breakfast - only fruit, two pieces, not more. It can be apples, pears or one glass of any berries.

For lunch - meat, which should be lean, as well as cooked in boiled or stewed form, as an alternative, both fish and eggs are allowed( you can eat two pieces).As an option for the lunch menu, you can consider cottage cheese, cheese, and broth, - as you can see, all these products are distinguished by a high protein content. It is possible to cook for lunch broth, salad from those vegetables that do not contain starch. Sprinkle ready meals can be greens, and you can eat a slice of bread.

For dinner - foods that are allowed to eat for lunch, are quite suitable for dinner, just need to exclude broth and bread.

You can drink tea, skimmed milk and, of course, water all day long, if you are not able to withstand the diet.

  • "Day of Starch"

For breakfast - all the same two fruit things.

For lunch - boil potatoes, rice or beans. In addition to dinner, make a vegetable salad, you can also make vegetable broth. A small bread slice is also allowed.

For dinner - it will be about half of what you cooked for lunch, but without bread.

  • "Carbohydrate Day"

This day will probably be the most enjoyable for those who are on this diet.

For breakfast - the traditional two fruits.

For lunch - you can boil pasta, vermicelli, spaghetti or any other pasta, you can cook boiled vegetables in tomato sauce, you can bake pancakes( only they should not contain milk and eggs).It is also allowed to eat buckwheat, barley or other porridge.

For dinner - stock up on dark chocolate and eat three pieces. You can also eat three pastry tricks, three small cakes or 50 grams of ice cream.

  • "Vitamin Day"

For this day, the recommendations are only such - you can only eat fruit all day, raw, cooked or baked. A small amount of vegetables, as well as juices and compotes, both vegetable and fruit, are acceptable.

What will happen in life after the end of the

diet? First, you will be able to significantly reduce your weight; in fact, this 90-day diet is intended for this.

Secondly, this reduction will occur so in a balanced and harmonious form for health that weight gain will not happen again. Of course, those extra pounds will not go back only if you try to follow the requirements of the theory of separate power supply. However, for three months of this diet, you will become so accustomed to the fact that certain foods can only be eaten with your “brethren”, otherwise you will immediately feel that discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract is assured.

Thirdly, you will be able to adjust the metabolism and significantly strengthen the immune system, and this, you see, is very important, and even worthy of putting in place "first"!

Nutritionists on the separate consumption of proteins and carbohydrates

secret Have you ever tried to lose weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

Exhausting diets did not bring the desired result, but going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It is understandable, in the home-work-home mode there simply is not enough nerves and energy to follow the diet and exhausting workouts.

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