Dyukan's diet: simple and tasty recipes and workshops

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"I sit on three good diets at once, because I don’t eat enough of one."Have you heard such a joke? It is ridiculous, but vital, for, true, some methods of losing weight limit users in portions and dishes so much that they sometimes, exhausted from hunger, generally pledge themselves: never sit on diets, because this is unbearable torture. So weight gain is a verdict? Not at all, just you are not yet familiar with the Dukan diet, the recipes of which allow you to eat full and lose weight. What is this miracle technique?

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  • They moved from Algeria to Paris, so we can say that he is a true Parisian, who became in some sense a “savior” for many people suffering
    from overweight and lack of beauty, as well as health.

    All dishes according to the Dukan diet are exquisite and tasty dishes, and they are made from simple, not very expensive, but healthy products, most of which are rich in proteins. You probably already heard that protein diets are very effective? This is true, as well as the fact that they do not last very long - after returning to normal nutrition, the fat folds again take up their former places.

    However, the French nutritionist managed to combine several methods that change each other and smoothly bring Pierre’s fans to the change of food culture. As it turned out, he is a doctor of a broad focus, including a born psychologist, as well as an excellent teacher and a talented writer, because more than one book came out of his pen that helps people get rid of fat competently, forever, without stress and fasting. He even wrote a kind of culinary encyclopedia - "350 recipes for the Dukan diet."

    In addition, Pierre created not just a diet, but rather a whole technology of dumping and maintaining an ideal weight that lasts a lifetime. In the form of a bonus for your efforts and discipline, you will have a perfect figure, excellent health and a delightful mood, and, forever.

    It is worth noting that the recipes for the Dukan diet with each stage become richer, and, as the assortment and composition. However, it all starts with eating only proteins, which lasts up to 10 days and is called Attack. If at this stage you are on a Dukan diet, recipes for alternation, also called Cruise, will delight you with the presence of vegetables, greens, and mushrooms in them. The term of this phase is calculated individually - depending on the excess fat, but in most cases lasts several months - until you almost reach the ideal weight for you.

    The following sparing steps follow: Consolidation and Stabilization, when the recipes of the Pierre Ducan diet are based rather on the basics of proper preparation and composition of dishes.

    Attack -

    protein paradise. The first stage is a real "feast of the stomach" for fans of meat dishes, fish and dairy products, meanwhile nothing is impossible. Unless the Dukan bran oat bran does not prohibit it( 1.5 tbsp daily), which allows cooking pancakes, casseroles and even baking bread, although all these dishes have a special taste, but still delight the victims of extra pounds losing weight in Frenchsystem. You can also moderately add lemon juice, onions, mustard, tomato paste, vinegar, sugar substitute, vanillin, soy sauce and herbs spices to food.

    Want to get acquainted with the intricacies of cooking at the stage of Attack?

    Let's start with the first - soup "Hearty"


    • medium-sized chicken breast;
    • canned fish( without oil);
    • a pair of crab sticks;
    • bulb( small);
    • pair of eggs;
    • water;
    • kefir( optional).

    Ingredients are ground, placed in water and cooked for about a quarter of an hour. Then kefir, a little water and eggs are mixed and poured into the mixture.5 more minutes and the soup is ready!

    Does the Dukan diet provide for multicooker recipes? Even more, you can actually cook, as you are used to, only without adding fat and from the list of permitted provisions.

    Recipe for multicooker

    cutlets Ingredients:

    • Turkey mince( 300 g);
    • egg;
    • modest-sized onion;
    • tomato paste( 10 g);
    • greens( seasoning);
    • water;
    • salt.

    Mix the minced meat with spices, eggs and chopped onions. SaltForm the patties that can be fried in a special( non-stick) pan. In a slow cooker, make a mixture of onion, tomato paste and water. Move the cutlets to the gravy and cook yummy-hour in fire mode.

    Video Recipe for Chicken Kebabs for the Attack

    Cruise - Return of Vegetables

    The second stage is characterized by an expanded list of permitted provisions - Pierre's proteins allow you to add vegetables, pumpkin, greens and even mushrooms, as well as one spoonful of cornstarch and butter, though vegetable. Still allows the Dukan bran diet, and their volume increases by half a spoon, which means that you are more allowed to bake on the Dukan diet, for example, bread, cookies.

    Worth paying attention! The doctor strongly recommends eating carrots and beets moderately due to the fact that these vegetables are rich in glucose, an excess of which leads to weight gain.

    Cruise Meal is the alternation of dishes from the Attack and the new meal, which includes some of the 28 items added to the list of allowed items.

    Does the Dukan diet allow cheesecakes? In the first stage, only steam or roasted in a dry frying pan, with the addition of bran. But Cruise allows you to cook this dish almost traditionally.

    Ducanu cheesecakes


    • curd( half a pack);
    • corn starch( permissible spoon);
    • egg;
    • sugar substitute;
    • some cooking oil.

    Mix everything. Lubricate the pan( not abundantly) with oil. Spread the mixture with a spoon. Fry one side of the delicacy without a lid, and cover the other side with a frying pan.

    The Dukan curd casserole is prepared in a similar way. Just the mixture is poured into the form and baked in the oven.

    Mixed Cruise days are especially good, because during this period you can combine meat with vegetables, but this is very tasty, isn't it? !On the stew, casseroles, stewed vegetables and grilled meat, perhaps, needless to say, because you already know perfectly well how to cook it all. But the recipe for a salad from Pierre from this menu may be interesting for you.

    "Useful" salad from a French nutritionist - get acquainted!


    • cabbage( half a cut of medium);
    • poultry fillet in boiled form( pound);
    • low-fat cheese( half circle);
    • yogurt( to taste);
    • salt( preferably sea).

    Chop cabbage, add salt and mash slightly. Chop the fillet into cubes. Add dairy ingredients, optionally seasoning. Try it, you will discover a new world of healthy salads.

    Master Class - Chicken Drumstick with Vegetables

    Consolidation - Long Live Yummy

    The third stage, which is a phase for fixing the result, when you are almost not losing weight, but do not suffer from the return of burned fat, as unfortunately happens with fans of alternative methods. During the consolidation, regular products smoothly return to the menu. For example, cheese, bread, starchy food( pasta, cereals, potatoes), fruit. The latter are particularly encouraging, because now delicious desserts on the Dukan Diet are available to users. Yes, you will be surprised, but Pierre will teach you to make cakes, pies, sweets, cookies, and from healthy products only.

    For example, in the third phase you can enjoy the famous Charlotte.

    Charlotte Recipe Essential provisions:

    • apple;
    • several spoons of bran;
    • 4 eggs;
    • sugar substitute;
    • a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch;
    • vanillin.

    Apple cut, mix with sugar substitute. Proteins shake up to increase in volume by 2 times. Mix the yolks with the other components and proteins. Apple slices put in a small form, pour "dough."Bake for half an hour, adhering to a temperature of about 200 degrees. On top of the charlotte you are free to decorate, for example, with berries.

    Meatloaf in Ducanu

    Love meat and vegetables, but the usual dishes from these products become boring? Prepare the roll recommended by Pierre.


    • pound of minced meat;
    • 300 g cauliflower;
    • several vegetables( optional)
    • 2 eggs;
    • yogurt( some);
    • salt, spices.

    Chop cabbage in a combine. Mix with meat, salt. On the film( food) put the stuffing in the form of a square. Put your favorite vegetables on the surface( for example, carrots, peppers).Roll up the mass of the roll, steam for half an hour( right in the film).Then move the dish to the oven, coat with yogurt and bake until golden( about 15 minutes).You can consume and warm and cooled.

    Video recipe of making candies according to Dyukan

    Agree, Dukan's recipes are not only dietary, but also tasty? !


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