Diet 9 for diabetes - table and rules of nutrition

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For the victims of diabetes, nutrition is not only a “tool” for weight correction, but also a “medicine”, and of paramount importance. Not only the condition of the patient and his state of health, but also the severity of the disease depends on the diet. If you eat not by the rules, the disease will begin to progress rapidly, shortening life. Therefore, diet 9 in diabetes mellitus is one of the highest priority components of the treatment course.

  • Indications and purpose of the diet: nutrition - as a medicine
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  • doctor9, the table of which is based on a moderate-calorie menu, primarily due to a decrease in the amount of easily digestible carbohydrates consumed, for some patients - “medication No. 1”.

    So, who should “make friends” with this power system?

    1. People who have recently “met” diabetes.
    2. for victims of type 2 diabetes moderate.
    3. Patients with an insulin-independent form of the disease.
    4. Those who manage a small
      ( about 25 units) dose of insulin( as prescribed by the doctor).
    5. Patients undergoing the carbohydrate endurance phase.
    6. Diabetes victims during the selection of the optimal dose of insulin.
    7. People with diseases of the joints( on the advice of a doctor).
    8. Some sufferers of allergic diseases, bronchial asthma( by decision of the attending doctor).

    If you have these problems, first of all, of course, diabetes, diet 9 is your “wand” to return to a full life. What is its value? What is the purpose of the appointment? It's simple: the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, as well as the prevention of possible disorders of fat metabolism.

    Video: nutrition for diabetes - says the doctor

    The essence and principles of clinical nutrition

    The medical diet 9 for diabetics and victims of other diseases, which the doctor recommended to adhere to this diet, is based on a diet with reduced caloric content by limiting the consumption of unhealthy easily digestible carbohydrates, as well as animal fats. At the same time, the share in the menu of proteins should correspond to physiological norms, their deficiency can negatively affect the well-being of victims of the insidious disease.

    So, the diet for diabetics is table 9 and the basic rules:

    • to sit at the table at least 5 times a day;
    • eat in small portions;
    • not to starve, but not to overeat;
    • , instead of sugar, consume doctor-appointed substitutes;
    • to monitor the level of GI products included in the menu.

    It is important not only to choose the right products, but also to prepare them correctly, because the wrong way of processing food can cross out all the work. Nutritionists strongly recommend their patients to give preference to such type of cooking as stewing, steaming, or using an oven and modern kitchen appliances such as a steamer or a slow cooker. About fried, smoked, spicy, cooked in fat, canned food, alas, you will need to forget, of course, if you want to feel good. The temperature of dishes on the table is no different from the norm of a healthy person.

    And now for the caloric and chemical composition of clinical nutrition No. 9. On a day, it is possible to consume about 2500 calories, which should include:

    • about 80 g of fat( one third of which is vegetable);
    • about 100 g of proteins( slightly more than half of the proteins must be of animal origin);
    • third kilogram of carbohydrates( mostly - polysaccharides);
    • sodium chloride - not more than 12 g;
    • liquid( without sugar, of course) - about one and a half liters.

    Food Revision

    What does diabetes mellitus mean - diet 9: a list of permitted foods and a list of forbidden foods.

    First, about the provisions that are prohibited for diabetes victims:

    • alcohol;
    • sugar;
    • Muffin;
    • semolina;
    • rice( white);
    • fatty broth;
    • salinity;
    • pasta;
    • cookies and other sweets;
    • sausage;
    • suet;
    • fatty meat;
    • canned food;
    • pickled dishes;
    • legumes;
    • fatty fish;
    • store juices;
    • drinks with sugar;
    • jam;
    • candy;
    • some fruits( figs, bananas, dates, grapes);
    • cream;
    • pastries;
    • sweet curds;
    • butter( salted);
    • caviar;
    • salted cheese;
    • ice cream;
    • raisins;
    • spicy sauces;
    • cooking oil.

    Worth paying attention! Despite the fact that eggs do not fall on the forbidden list, diabetic patients with yolks should be careful.

    And what is allowed to include in the diet of those who adhere to diet 9?

    • lean meat;
    • healthy cereals( barley, oatmeal, buckwheat);
    • vegetable soups;
    • lean ear;
    • mushroom powder;
    • bran bread, rye and baked from the second grade flour;
    • low fat milk products;
    • eggs( mainly - proteins);
    • Seafood;
    • lean fish cooked in a dietary manner;
    • vegetables / greens( considering that potato consumption is limited);
    • ghee and unsalted butter;
    • olive oil( moderately);
    • fruit( excluding those listed in the prohibited list);
    • decoctions of herbs( especially - from wild rose);
    • fruit homemade juices( preferably made from sour fruits);
    • tea;
    • jelly and sweets on sorbitol.

    This is important to know! For people eating the rules of therapeutic diet No. 9, it is important to include foods rich in ascorbic acid and B vitamins, as well as abundant in lipotropic substances, as they help the body burn fat. These include cottage cheese, cheese, fish, oatmeal.

    Diet menu 9 for a week

    So, now you know the basic principles of clinical nutrition, as well as the composition of the food basket. It's time to go directly to the consideration of the diet.

    So, diet 9: table, weekly menu:

    1. Monday. In the morning, you can enjoy a packet of cottage cheese( of course, a low-fat variety of this product), to which you can add a handful of berries. A snack is recommended mug kefir. For lunch on the table should be a vegetable soup, as well as lean meat( 150 g) with vegetable stew( 100 g).Tea time is vegetable, which means that you can eat about 100 lettuce prepared from vegetables permitted by the diet. For dinner, you are free to cook a piece( 200 g) of fish with your favorite vegetables( 100 g).
    2. Tuesday. Breakfast consists of a plate of buckwheat porridge, cooked with the addition of milk. As a snack, a pair of apples is permitted. For lunch, treat yourself to borscht and a slice( 150 g) of veal. At lunch you can afford berry jelly on sorbitol. Dinner repeats the menu of the previous day.
    3. Wednesday. Morning begins with cottage cheese casserole( up to 150 g) and favorite tea. Snack consists of hard boiled eggs. During the day, soup, vegetable stew and fish meatballs are waiting for you. As a snack serves a pair of apples. For dinner, you can afford a portion( 200 g) of stewed cabbage and a couple of chicken cutlets( naturally prepared in a wholesome way).
    4. Thursday. The day begins with an omelet in which you are free to add some vegetables from the permitted group, as well as a modest slice of black bread. As a snack - yogurt. The lunch meal is a cream soup and a serving( 200 g) of stuffed pepper( rice for cooking choose brown varieties, unpeeled).At the snack relies cottage cheese casserole. But in the evening - a holiday, because the shish kebab( of course, lean) and vegetables, roasted on the grill.
    5. Friday. After waking up, please indulge yourself with a portion of one of the healthy cereals, to which you can add applesauce. As a second breakfast, a couple of citrus fruits( optional).In the afternoon on your table there will be an ear, 100 g of barley and goulash. In the evening it is allowed to eat a plate of buckwheat and a couple of pieces of chicken roll.
    6. Saturday. Be pampered in the morning with cottage cheese with berries and a loaf of bran, and for a second breakfast - an egg. The Saturday lunch menu is a stew with meat, the composition of which you are free to adjust to your liking, however, without deviating from the list of permitted provisions. Healthy salad from seasonal vegetables - this is the ration of an afternoon snack. At dinner, allowed a couple of fish cutlets with steamed vegetables( 100 g).
    7. Sunday. In the morning oatmeal with fruit awaits you, and for the second breakfast - cottage cheese casserole with your favorite tea. Vegetable soup, a piece of lamb and vegetables, baked in foil - this is the menu of your Sunday lunch. In the form of a snack, eat a glass of berries( their freezers will also work).For dinner, treat yourself to seafood( 200 g) and green beans( 100 g).

    Owning the wisdom of diet 9 in diabetes, you can live long and high quality, not much different from healthy people.


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