Face mask from gelatin at home: user's guide and popular recipes

May 06, 2018 05:15 | Face

Skin starts to age from 30 years. This statement, how cruel it would seem, will be confirmed to you by every cosmetologist. If you have exchanged the fourth dozen, and you have not found a single wrinkle on your face, this one does not say anything, because the tissues grow old from the inside, and from the outside we can only see the result of the bad changes that have taken place. Delay the meeting with old age, give clean skin and regain confidence will help face mask of gelatin - a simple and budgetary technique, the effectiveness giving odds to some hardware technologies to maintain beauty. Will we get to know this procedure more closely?

  • How it works
  • About the product
  • Action on the skin
  • User's manual
  • Video instruction for preparing the gelatin mask film
  • The book of recipes

How everything works

Did you know that gelatin is not only the basis for delicious desserts, but alsoa medicine for a skin? !Is it any wonder, because powder is a pure collagen

of natural origin, extracted from animal tissues.


How is it produced? You all probably remember the process of making a cold, when the legs, meat and other ingredients are put in a container and cook for a very, very long time, until the products have the same gelatin as we buy in packs. Simply the latter is produced by a more refined, factory technology, which takes much less time. So do not think that when you buy a bag, you bring home some kind of "chemistry".No, it's also pure collagen, just extracted by a more modern way.

Naturally, we will take gelatin for masks from such packages. Just pay attention to the label with the expiration date and the place where you buy the product.

Worth paying attention! Did you know that useful gelatin molecules are absorbed by the skin better than the new-fashioned collagen mixtures in beautiful jars. So why, as they say, pay more, do not you? !

Action on the skin

You can ask any doctor: what is the protein responsible for? You will be answered: for updating the cells. As you understand, not only is the internal "replacement of spare parts" - dead cells, but external, especially for women, because beauty is one of the most valuable women's assets. So, "feeding" the skin from the outside, you prolong her youth, and herself an excellent mood.

But we will talk about all the "bonuses" that are waiting for you after the course of gelatin face masks:

  • elimination / reduction of wrinkles;
  • disposal of "black spots";
  • effect of suspenders;
  • return of a natural shade of face and blush;
  • elimination of wrinkles, creases of the skin;
  • whitening effect( moderately pronounced);
  • return the clarity of the face oval;
  • improved elasticity;
  • appearance of pleasant velvety.

Instruction manual

It is important not only to learn how to make facial masks with gelatin, but also to observe other - no less significant rules.

Firstly, gelatin in the face mask works at full strength only on the cleansed skin, so it is very important before the procedure to release the cover from anything superfluous. Some women believe that once there is no makeup on the face, it is clean. This is not true. On the skin there is always enough of your own "garbage", for example, dead cells, excess fat, dirt and so on. To ensure that the cover is perfectly clean, you can use a scrub or steam your face.

Secondly, facial masks based on gelatin should be fresh. A good composition and useless to use are separated in a matter of seconds. The mass simply freezes, and you can not process her face.

Third, remember: face masks on gelatin should be carried out by the course, otherwise the effect of manipulation will be small. Repeat sessions every 3 days for a month, only this cycle guarantees the desired result.

Worth paying attention! Try to buy gelatin for masks instant gelatin, so as not to bother with making mixtures for a long time.

Video instruction for preparing a gelatin mask-film

Book of recipes

Well, you can go to the final part - practical lessons.

  • Basic recipe

The general principle of preparation of the formulations is: pour the powder with water, which, as a rule, should be several times larger. Leave mass for half an hour for swelling( at this time you can clean the cover).Then the mixture is transferred to a water bath( but a microwave oven is also suitable), warm up a little, stirring. Handle the skin. Everything, mask-film for a face of gelatin you mastered. It remains only to remove it from the face after full hardening.

  • Nutrition and hydration

Do you have dry, fading skin? Meet your savior - a face mask with gelatin and milk. This recipe is similar to the basic version, with the only difference being that milk is used instead of water. And to the mixture before its use, you need to add a spoonful of honey or melted, quality butter.

  • Cleansing procedure

Activated charcoal is an excellent absorbent, and, in the popular language, this product works by the type of vacuum cleaner, freeing the skin of all debris, including hateful "black dots".So, is preparing a face mask of gelatin and coal? Nothing complicated. Follow the recommendations of the basic recipe, but at the very beginning add 1 tablet of coal( previously crushed into powder).

As you can see, gelatin masks for the face are not so complicated in the implementation, as you thought, really? !So, it's time to run to the store for a miracle bag and prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

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