Potato face mask: starch rejuvenation at home

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The tubers of the plant of the Solanaceae family( popularly - potatoes) are an ingredient of numerous dishes of our cuisine. However, this product can be used not only in cooking. Familiar and so familiar to many root crops copes well with colds, stabilizes the work of the heart, relieves pain with burns, but the most surprising thing is that it can also be used as a cosmetic remedy. So, the potato face mask has long been considered the most effective in the fight against wrinkles, swelling and pigmentation spots.

  • Potatoes - home cosmetologist
  • Potatoes - home cosmetologist
  • Secrets of "second bread"
  • Contraindications and indications for use
  • Recipes of useful masks
  • Potato-chestnut
  • Potato-cucumber
  • Potato-lemon with the addition of beer
  • Potato-carrot
  • Video recipe for potato mask for the regionaround the eyes

Potatoes - home cosmetologist

The advantages of this product, given to us by nature, is that it is not so expensive and is alway

s at hand, since practicallydaily used in cooking. Only one small root can have a significant effect on the structure of the face, restoring its elasticity, smartness and healthy appearance.

Secrets of "second bread"

The potato contains a huge amount of useful substances, some of which do not disappear even under heat treatment conditions. Due to the fact that it contains about 75% water, facial masks from the potato give the skin additional moisturizing, rejuvenation and nutrition. And starch whitens and cleans well.

Rich potatoes and micro minerals, vitamins( B, PP, E, K, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, lutein), which stimulate the proper functioning of cells, regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, activate the production of elastin and collagen at the cellular level.

Face mask from potato has the following advantages:

  • prevents the appearance of age-related pigment spots;
  • heals small cracks and wounds;
  • gives elasticity and firm elasticity to the cells of facial zones;
  • protects the face from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays;
  • removes black dots;
  • struggles with acne and inflamed pimples;
  • promotes the formation of immunity of the cells of the face and décolleté zone.

In addition, the potato mask is universal, that is, it can be applied to any skin type. Hence, you can not be afraid of the occurrence of any allergic reaction.

The only caveats apply to the temperature of the applied mask( the mashed potatoes should not be too hot, as one can not only get burns, inflame cells, but also cause excessive dryness, peeling) and mixing intensity( you can not mix ingredients for a long time).

Contraindications and indications for use

Before you start a therapeutic cosmetology course using potato face masks, you need to know both the indications and possible risks.

So, such a tool is shown to all types of skin, without exception, as prevention of wilting and aging. In addition, it can be used for inflammation, acne, noticeable black spots.

However, it is strictly forbidden to use a mask from potatoes in the following cases:

  • if allergic reactions to any constituent components are possible;
  • for deep skin lesions;
  • during exacerbation of herpes;
  • with pronounced couperose and rosacea. When preparing masks from potatoes, you should know that you can use both raw( for normal and oily skin) and boiled( for dry skin) root crop.


    Only one root and two chestnuts are cooked to their full capacity. The starchy product is pounded in puree. Chestnuts are twisted in a meat grinder.

    Both ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. In the resulting mass is added one spoon of olive oil.

    The finished mixture is neatly distributed over the surface of the face and aged for about 10 minutes. At the end of time, you should wash with warm water, apply a thin layer of nourishing cream.

    As a result, the integuments of the skin are obtained, thereby restoring and toning.

    The mask can be used no more than three times a week.

    Potato-berry cucumber

    One medium root vegetable with pre-peeled skin is boiled in one glass of milk. After draining the liquid is kneaded to a loose state. In the cooled mass is added one tablespoon of fresh cucumber juice.

    A ready-made face mask made from potatoes and cucumber juice is applied to the forehead, chin and cheekbones. After 15 minutes, the cosmetic remedy is removed with the help of warm water.

    Only two procedures a week - and the skin noticeably brightens, and wrinkles become less noticeable.

    Potato-lemon with the addition of beer

    This face mask from raw potatoes narrows the pores, removes inflammation, whitens and moisturizes well. And it is prepared very simply.

    A raw peeled tuber is rubbed on a grater, one egg, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of milk powder, a pinch of salt and a few spoons of regular beer are added to it. The consistency of the mask should resemble a thick cream.

    The product is applied to the face, but you can pay attention to the neck and décolleté zone. It's only 10 minutes on one of the days of the week to clean up yourself.


    Pullet from grated potatoes( 1pc.) Is combined with grated carrots( 1pc.) In equal proportions. For the density, one tablespoon of wheat flour is used. If the face mask made of potato is too thick, it can be diluted with a small amount of ordinary boiled water. On the face skin mixture should be no more than 15 minutes, washed with water at room temperature.

    Frequency of use - 3 times a week. As a result - cleansing, skin tone, narrowing of pores.

    Tubers of the Solanaceae family with competent and rational use are able to work wonders. If you need to put in order not only the face, but also the hair, then it's worth emphasizing the potato mask for the hair. At a small cost of money and time, but a great desire, you can still achieve stunning results and look beautiful at any age.

    Video recipe for potato mask for the eye area

    By the secret of

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