Mask for hair from dairy whey and useful compositions for the face

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Milk whey is a by-product of the production of cottage cheese and cheese. Despite this, it contains calcium, lactose, vitamins and minerals. And it is useful not only as a drink, but also as an excellent cosmetic. Mask for hair from milk whey normalizes the fat content of the skin, adds extra volume and shine to the curls.

  • Video-educational program: about the benefits of serum
  • The effect of serum on the body
  • Cosmetic properties
  • How to make the serum
  • Simple hair products
  • Face masks from the serum

Video-educational program: about the benefits of serum

The effect of serum on the body

It is known,that 94% of the serum is water, 6% is amino acids, B vitamins, nicotinic acid, vitamins C, E and A, choline, biotin, calcium, magnesium and probiotics.

Whey proteins have high bioavailability( they are digested better than dietary chicken protein).Due to these substances there is a synthesis of liver proteins and blood cells. Milk fat makes the work of enzyme

s more effective. Prostokvasha stimulates the work of the intestines. Lactic acid bacteria, getting into the body, destroy the pathogenic flora, leveling putrefactive processes.

Cosmetic properties

  • According to research in sour-milk products, there are low-molecular proteins that trigger the processes of cell renewal and growth.
  • Milk whey is an antioxidant that does not allow the skin to grow old before time.
  • Lactic acid carefully removes "black dots", relieves inflammation, makes the skin more light and moisturized.

How to make the serum

  • Buy 2 liters of milk( preferably home).
  • Leave it on the kitchen table at room temperature, a day or two the milk will turn sour.
  • Pour it into an enamel pot and put it on the weakest fire. Milk should not be stirred with a spoon, the contents of the pan should not boil.
  • When you see the curd buns, set the saucepan off the stove. Allow the brew to cool under a closed lid. Then separate the cottage cheese from the whey by means of a colander or gauze.

Simple hair remedies

Whey whey gives the hair volume, shine and softness. With frequent use, it eliminates dandruff and increased greasiness of the skin.

  • Twice a week before washing hair, rub the serum( or kefir) into the scalp.
  • From three tablespoons of dry leaves of mug make a decoction. Connect it to serum( 1: 1).The mixture helps with increased hair loss.
  • Two tablespoons of clay and a third of a glass of whey, mix, add one teaspoon of linseed or burdock oil.

Face Masks from Serum

  • Pea

Grind the dry grains of green peas to a flour state. Add the milk whey to a dry powder mixture( the mass should be thick).The nourishing mask is ready.

  • Coffee

To improve the complexion, combine coffee( three teaspoons ground) with curdled milk or whey( one tablespoon).

  • Egg

Yolk and one tablespoon of curdled milk, combine, add 20 g of pressed yeast. Keep the mask for about 20 minutes.

To narrow the expanded pores, combine the whipped protein with curdled milk( two tablespoons) and lemon juice( one teaspoon).If the consistency of the product is too liquid, add a little flour. Apply on face, wash off after drying.

  • Curd

To soften the skin, rub a half tablespoon of cottage cheese and two - whey, use the mixture as a mask.

  • Vegetable

Carrots make the color of the skin more even and matte. Half of the root vegetables rub on a grater, mix with whey( 2 items of a spoon).The time of exposure to the mask is a quarter of an hour.

Serum can be mixed with berry puree or with vegetable mashed potatoes( raw potatoes, pumpkin, cucumber).

  • Oatmeal

Mix oatmeal with curdled milk( 1: 2), apply the compound on a damp face. After a while, wash yourself.

  • Scrub mask

3 tablespoons of whey( kefir, curdled milk) and one teaspoon of salt of medium grind stir. Gently massage the skin with a mixture for about a minute, wash with water.

Face mask from whey helps to make the face more fresh if you undergo a course of procedures. The hair mask on the serum will make them fluffy and bulky( with regular application).Do not forget that sour-milk products, used inward, have a positive effect on the skin condition. Every day, drink 1-2 glasses of this drink. Complex impact( both outside and inside) will bring a much more tangible result.

If the organs and systems work without failures, the complexion is natural and even. If the body has a problem, caused by illness, hormonal disorders or malnutrition, inflammation develops on the face, the color and skin properties deteriorate. The skin is a barometer showing the state of health.

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