Mask around the eyes: how to get rid of bags and goose paws at home

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Each time, staying alone with the mirror, we primarily pay attention to the eyes - they convey the mood and can say a lot about our age, health, character. Often the picture is corrupted by small swelling, swelling, fine wrinkles, dark circles, the causes of which lie in age-related changes and in diseases. Completely get rid of cosmetic defects alone is quite difficult, but the mask around the eyes at home can refresh the appearance and improve the skin condition of the eyelids.


How to slow down the aging process
  • How to slow down the aging process
  • Fight with goose paws
  • Reduce bags under the eyes
  • Get rid of dark circles
  • Recipes for rejuvenating masks
  • Oil mask on video
  • How to slow down the aging process

    Wrestle with "crow's feet"

    Wrinkles appear in the veryweak places - where the skin is tender and thin, for example, around the eyes. A sudden change in temperature, dry air, strong wind cause peeling and coarsening, and the sun's rays cause squinti

    ng, which causes additional wrinkles - "crow's feet".

    Disadvantages arise not only through the fault of natural factors, often in their appearance we are to blame. Here are some reasons for the premature appearance of wrinkles:

    • substandard( allergenic, overdue) cosmetics;
    • irregular or unbalanced food;
    • insufficient time for sleep or rest;
    • state of stress and negative emotions;
    • hard work at the computer;
    • bad habits( alcohol and smoking).

    Suspending the aging of the skin will help the eye mask on the eyes on an oil base. Instead of a special expensive cream, you need to use any oil that does not cause allergies - almond, nut, olive, coconut. With light movements, using only the pads of the fingers, drive the oil in the area of ​​appearance of wrinkles. At the end of the procedure, remove the excess with a damp cloth. Remember that the mask from the goose paws around the eyes are effective only with regular use, that is, it is necessary to apply oil daily, preferably at night.

    We reduce bags under the eyes

    Perhaps the most complex cosmetic drawback is bags under the eyes that appear either in connection with a sharp deterioration in health, or have a chronic character. If the cause of the appearance of puffiness is the internal causes, for example, kidney or heart disease, the mask around the eyes from the bags under the eyes will be useless. But if it arose from lack of sleep or a lot of water drunk the day before, a light morning procedure will help to bring the person in order.

    Try one of the proven ways to get rid of puffiness:

    • Compresses based on herbal infusion. Sage, calendula, oak, string, linden color should be poured with boiling water and let stand for 20 minutes. Warm compresses will help to eliminate small swelling.
    • Refreshing lotions. Leaves peppermint or lemon balm insist in warm water, mix with white bread and in the form of gauze tampons put on the eyes.
    • Ice cubes. For their preparation is suitable for ordinary clean water, vegetable juices or herbal infusions.
    • Nourishing masks. The basis is natural ingredients - sour cream, honey or olive oil.

    The mask is relevant as in the early morning, immediately after lifting and washing, so in the evening, before going to bed.

    Get rid of dark circles

    Circles under the eyes - markers of possible diseases. Skin color specialists can determine the nature of the occurrence of strange pigmentation. A blue or purple hue appears due to circulatory disorders, yellow - along with liver problems, reddish - from improper kidney function. From this it follows that, for starters, it is necessary to eliminate the internal cause of the appearance of dark circles, that is, to cleanse the organism as a whole: to perform purification procedures, to sit on a light diet, to abandon bad habits, to build the regime of the day.

    But as an additional tool is just appropriate mask from dark circles around the eyes. To make it, take the potatoes we love. Here are a few options for using it:

    • circles of a potato welded in a uniform over closed eyelids;
    • gruel from raw grated potatoes with honey or cottage cheese;
    • raw potatoes with olive oil.

    A quarter of an hour is enough - and the remedy can be removed with a fleece dipped in hard-boiled black or green tea.

    Recipes for rejuvenating masks

    Rejuvenating masks around the eyes are beneficial to the face, since they return the skin elasticity, elasticity and healthy appearance. Plus home remedies in naturalness and low cost of all ingredients.

    • Honey for cleansing

    Perfectly removes slag and cleans pores. Honey is mixed with flour and egg whites, we apply a thin layer around the eyes. Regular anti-aging masks around the eyes at home using honey are especially good for beautiful ladies who spend a lot of time outdoors.

    • Yolks for feeding

    Egg yolks slightly beat up with cream or olive oil and distribute in the area around the eyes. The mask is great for dry skin. Remains of fat is best not to wash off, but simply remove with a cotton swab.

    • Banana for saturation with vitamins

    For women of a more mature age, eye masks after 30, which are high in micronutrients and vitamins, are suitable. One of the options - puree from the pulp of a banana with aloe juice. Blend the mixture and drive into the skin with light movements, then leave for 15 minutes.

    Suggested masks are not a panacea for mimic wrinkles and other unpleasant manifestations around the eyes, but any of these remedies with regular use will necessarily yield positive results.

    Oil mask on video

    In secret

    Our reader has recommended a remedy that cures wrinkles better than any "people's" mask and does not concede on the effectiveness of salon procedures: it nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effect, according to her, is noticeable alreadyafter the 3rd application.

    We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result that we managed to achieve without bottex and surgeries - the face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful to you. Read more & gt; & gt;

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